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Edinburgh Film Festival Line Up Revealed

7th May 2009

The line up for this year's Edinburgh Film Festival has been officially unveiled.Organisers had already revealed that the event will open with the new movie from SAM MENDES, road-trip flick AWAY WE GO. It has...

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Fascinating Fact 7275

2nd May 2009

ANTHRAX star DAN SPITZ's 23-month-old twins, Brendan & Jaden, are to make their movie debut in SAM MENDES' new film AWAY WE GO. The tots will double up as the baby of Maggie Gyllenhaal's character...

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Mendes Cancels Opera Debut

30th April 2009

SAM MENDES has pulled out of directing his first opera at the 2010 Glyndebourne Festival in England. The acclaimed theatre director was due to helm a production of Mozart's Don Giovanni for his highly-anticipated opera debut...

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Sam Mendes To Open Edinburgh Film Festival

15th April 2009

SAM MENDES is set to open the Edinburgh International Film Festival with his latest picture, it has been revealed. The director will show his new road-trip comedy AWAY WE GO as the curtain raiser for...

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Cabaret Stars' Tributes To Richardson

19th March 2009

Tragic actress NATASHA RICHARDSON has been honoured by director SAM MENDES and actor ALAN CUMMING, who worked with her during her Tony-winning Broadway run in CABARET. Cumming and Richardson scooped respective Tony Awards for Lead Actor...

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Natasha Richardson Dies Aged 45

19th March 2009

British actress Natasha Richardson has died as a result of head injuries sustained during a skiing accident in Canada.The 45-year-old fell during a lesson on a beginners' slope at the luxury Mont Trembland resort on...

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The Things They Say 11460

28th February 2009

"The Oscar's going in the loo, next to Sam's." KATE WINSLET plans to keep her Academy Award trophy in the bathroom, alongside her husband SAM MENDES' statuette....

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Kate Winslet Beats Self To Claim Best Actress

9th February 2009

British actress Kate Winslet was named best actress at the Bafta film awards on Sunday, having been nominated twice for the prize.The 33-year-old Golden Globe winner took the accolade for her turn in The Reader,...

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Hanks Sparked Winslet's Hunt For Mendes Collaboration

30th January 2009

KATE WINSLET was desperate to work with her husband SAM MENDES on a movie project after TOM HANKS lavished praise on the filmmaker. Hanks worked with the director on 2002 drama Road To Perdition and was...

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Mendes Taps August For Preacher Script

27th January 2009

Director SAM MENDES is working with screenwriter JOHN AUGUST to turn his dream of making a movie version of graphic novel PREACHER into a reality. The American Beauty filmmaker has been desperate to turn the cult...

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Winslet And Mendes Fly Separately For Kids

26th January 2009

KATE WINSLET and her husband SAM MENDES avoid flying on the same airplane - because they are terrified it will crash and leave their young children orphaned. The couple, who are raising their son Joe...

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Mendes Slammed In Broadway Legend's Memoir

21st January 2009

KATE WINSLET's director husband SAM MENDES has been hit with scathing criticism in a new tell-all book by a Broadway legend - slamming his theatre work. Tony-winning playwright Arthur Laurents hits out at Mendes for...

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The Things They Say 10823

19th January 2009

"He feels more like my husband than my real husband." KATE WINSLET sometimes feels closer to her friend and REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO than her husband, director SAM MENDES....

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Perfectionist Winslet Bugged Mendes About Film Over Dinner

14th January 2009

Actress KATE WINSLET refused to let her director husband SAM MENDES rest after a day at work together on the set of REVOLUTIONARY ROAD because she was so pre-occupied with perfecting her scenes. The 33-year-old,...

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The Things They Say 10752

12th January 2009

"Had I not known Kate at all, she would still have been my choice for the part. She was perfect for it." REVOLUTIONARY ROAD director SAM MENDES insists he was not biased in casting his...

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Winslet, Slumdog Lead British Charge At Golden Globes

12th January 2009

Kate Winslet has scooped both main acting awards at the Golden Globes on a night when Slumdog Millionaire was honoured four times.As the Hollywood awards season got underway in earnest, Winslet, 33, made it sixth...

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Stars Prepare For Golden Globe Awards

11th January 2009

The Hollywood award season kicks into gear today as stars prepare to attend the Golden Globe awards.Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench, Kirstin Scott Thomas and Hugh Laurie are all in the running for top...

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The Things They Say 10694

8th January 2009

"I believe I'm gonna be going with KATE (WINSLET)... I'm sure he (director husband SAM MENDES) is fine (about that). I've known her for way longer anyway." LEONARDO DiCAPRIO plans on taking his Revolutionary Road...

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Winslet Plans Two Dates A Week With Husband

4th January 2009

KATE WINSLET keeps the romance alive in her marriage by arranging two dates a week with her film director husband SAM MENDES. The busy British couple married in 2003 and, with parenting and film work,...

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Winslet Knew She Would Marry Mendes

2nd January 2009

Hollywood actress KATE WINSLET experienced love at first sight the day she set eyes on husband SAM MENDES. The Heavenly Creatures star met Mendes in 2001, shortly after the break-up of her first marriage to...

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The Things They Say 10617

27th December 2008

"I don't really talk to anybody apart from Leo about what I am thinking of doing. Including Sam sometimes, actually." KATE WINSLET prefers to take career advice from her TITANIC co-star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO rather than...

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Movie Reviews Revolutionary Road

26th December 2008

In an addition to five wide releases opening over the holiday weekend, three other films are opening in limited release in order to qualify for Oscar nominations. The three are Revolutionary Road, Last Chance Harvey,...

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The Things They Say 10601

24th December 2008

"I don’t really talk to anybody apart from Leo about what I am thinking of doing. Including Sam sometimes, actually.” KATE WINSLET prefers to take career advice from her TITANIC co-star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO rather than...

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Winslet Feared Rows On Revolutionary Road

19th December 2008

KATE WINSLET was nervous before shooting new movie REVOLUTIONARY ROAD - because the film was directed by her husband SAM MENDES. The actress insists she was "impatient" to work with her filmmaker husband of five...

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The Things They Say 10547

12th December 2008

''I think they'll go on doing a movie together only once every 10 years.'' SAM MENDES on actress wife KATE WINSLET and her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, who she starred with in the hit...

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Dicaprio And Winslet's On-screen Relationship Encouraged By Mendes

4th December 2008

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and KATE WINSLET's love scenes in forthcoming movie REVOLUTIONARY ROAD had to be sexed up - by the actress' director husband SAM MENDES. The Hollywood stars play a couple in the film and...

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Mendes Hunting For Script For Preacher Movie

7th November 2008

Director SAM MENDES is desperate to turn cult comic book PREACHER into a movie - if only he could find the perfect script. The American Beauty filmmaker was rumoured to be working on bringing the...

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Sam Mendes 'Needs Script' To Make Preacher Film

7th November 2008

Sam Mendes has explained that his recently-announced adaptation of the controversial comic book series Preacher is at the very earliest stages of development.It was announced last week that the American Beauty director and Columbia Pictures...

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Sam Mendes To Take Legendary Comic Preacher To Screen

30th October 2008

Sam Mendes has been named as the man to take Preacher, one of the most acclaimed comic book series ever, to the big screen.The 75-issue series, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon,...

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Godfather Number One In Film Fans' All-time Top 500

24th September 2008

The Godfather has been voted the best film ever made after a poll of moviemakers, film critics and magazine readers.The 1972 mafia picture, an adaptation of Mario Puzo's novel, topped Empire magazine's list of the...

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