A judge has agreed to cut actor Sam Jones Iii's probation period, so he can return to the set of Tv series Blue Mountain State in Canada.

The actor was sentenced to a year in jail in 2011 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 Oxycodone painkiller pills as part of a major Los Angeles drug ring. Jones was released in 2012 after serving 10 months behind bars and placed on probation.

He was recently invited to return to the set of the series, in which he played Craig Shilo until his arrest, but feared he would be unable to accept the role because filming takes place in Canada - and under the terms of his probation deal he couldn't leave the U.S.

In a letter appealing for leniency, he wrote, "I really need this freedom to practice my craft again. It's been a rough road, coming back. But I'm almost there... I need to work as an actor again."

The judge overseeing the case has obliged and commended Jones for his work with young people and the homeless, according to Tmz.com.