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Fascinating Fact 8963

16th March 2010

Health-conscious actress SALMA HAYEK has launched her own range of organic juices designed to cleanse the body. The Frida star has been a fan of cleansing beverages for years and she's now released her own...

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The Things They Say 15702

11th March 2010

"No big deal. Like when you have to get into something with somebody you're not attracted to. Like they have bad breath and you have to pretend you're in love. You just do it." Actress...

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Fascinating Fact 8904

4th March 2010

Actress SALMA HAYEK gave up some of her free time on Tuesday (02Mar10) to treat children in California to a special book reading. The Frida star, who is mum to two-year-old daughter Valentina, entertained a...

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Hayek Slows Down Faster

1st February 2010

SALMA HAYEK has reportedly thrown new movie FASTER into turmoil by dropping out of the project just a week before filming was due to start.The Mexican actress was scheduled to team up with Dwayne 'The...

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Zoe Saldana's Gender Confusion

9th January 2010

Zoe Saldana thinks she should have been born a man. The 'Avatar' actress believes the simple way she dresses and her strong personality are not attributes traditionally associated with women.She said: "I have a very...

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Penelope Cruz Set For December Wedding

25th November 2009

Penelope Cruz is rumoured to be getting married in December.The Spanish actress is reportedly planning her wedding to long-term boyfriend Javier Bardem for next month and is shopping for a dress.A source said: "They will...

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The Things They Say 13972

2nd November 2009

"I was so busy last Christmas, and I needed a dress for the Golden Globes. He just completely took over the whole thing." SALMA HAYEK loves being married to fashion executive FRANCOIS-HENRI PINAULT.

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The Things They Say 13945

30th October 2009

"I'm a simple girl who enjoys cooking, reading and entertaining... My only vices are Cuban cigars and margaritas... I also like kissing." SALMA HAYEK lists a few of her favourite things.

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Hairy Hayek Hates Her Frida Moustache

30th October 2009

SALMA HAYEK regrets the moustache she grew to play FRIDA KAHLO in FRIDA - because now she has to keep waxing her top lip.The Mexican beauty feared she wouldn't be able to pull off the...

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Salma Hayek Ditches Turkey For Husband

26th October 2009

Salma Hayek has ditched traditional Christmas food for her husband. The 'Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant' actress, who married French businessman Francois-Henry Pinault earlier this year, was shocked to discover her spouse feasts on...

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Salma Hayek Dislikes Body

26th October 2009

Salma Hayek doesn't think she has a sexy body.The actress - widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood - doesn't like her curves and says people only think she's got a...

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Hayek Turned Party Planner When Assistant Quit

22nd October 2009

SALMA HAYEK turned last-minute party planner when the woman she hired to turn daughter VALENTINA's recent second birthday celebration into a bash to remember quit two days before the big event.The actress hit the streets...

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Hayek Despises Paparazzi 'Freaks'

20th October 2009

SALMA HAYEK is sick of the paparazzi following her every move, branding them "freaks" for tailing her and taking photographs.The Frida star is constantly harassed by snappers while she carries out everyday tasks with her...

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Hairy Hayek Bummed About Beard

8th October 2009

SALMA HAYEK has JOHN C. REILLY to thank for making her feel great on the set of new film CIRQUE DU FREAK: THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT - because he thought the Mexican star looked beautiful behind...

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Cruz And Hayek Triumph At Alma Awards

18th September 2009

PENELOPE CRUZ and SALMA HAYEK were among the big winners at the American Latino Media Arts Awards on Thursday (17Sep09).The Vicky Cristina Barcelona star picked up the award for best film actress at the ceremony,...

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Hayek Restaurant Reports 'Not True'

4th September 2009

Hollywood actress SALMA HAYEK has blasted reports she threw a tantrum at an exclusive Hollywood restaurant when she was denied a table for failing to make a reservation.The Frida star was alleged to have lost...

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Hayek & Montalban To Be Honoured At Alma Awards

25th August 2009

SALMA HAYEK, boxer/singer OSCAR DE LA HOYA and late star RICARDO MONTALBAN are to be honoured at the upcoming ALMA Awards, which celebrate Latin culture.Frida star Hayek will be presented with the Anthony Quinn Award...

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Rodriguez Shot Short With Hayek To Help Her Land Hollywood Break

9th July 2009

Moviemaker ROBERT RODRIGUEZ had to shoot a short film with SALMA HAYEK before he could convince studio bosses to hire the Mexican actress for DESPERADO - because they weren't sure her English was good enough...

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Hayek: 'I Was Never Peters' Mistress'

25th June 2009

SALMA HAYEK has fired back at reports she once romanced BARBRA STREISAND's alleged ex JON PETERS, releasing a statement to deny all links to the producer.Peters has reportedly listed the lovely Latina among his conquests...

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Dreamworks Animation To Release 8 Films Over 3 1/2 Years

29th May 2009

On the eve of the opening of Disney/Pixar's Up , which many critics have predicted will establish a new benchmark for animated fare, Jeffrey Katzenberg -- who himself was once one of Disney's most lionized...

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The Things They Say 12286

19th May 2009

All you see is Salma and a sea of ties, and shes leading. A woman who is in control, who commands the ship and knows what shes doing, is what I want to be. ZOE...

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Hayek & Pinault Take Off To The Seychelles For A Romantic Break

6th May 2009

SALMA HAYEK and her new husband FRANCOIS-HENRI PINAULT have finally found time for a romantic honeymoon - almost three months after they wed on St. Valentine's Day (14Feb09). The newlyweds jetted off to a remote Seychelles...

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The Things They Say 12062

28th April 2009

"I'm really happy for them and they're just a beautiful couple. We're really good friends, and it was really a celebration of love - that's what it was really about. Everything was gorgeous." CHARLIZE THERON...

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Hayek Joins Bono For Wedding Sing-a-long

27th April 2009

SALMA HAYEK celebrated her Italian nuptials to FRANCOIS-HENRI PINAULT by joining actor pals CHARLIZE THERON and WOODY HARRELSON for a special collaboration with rocker BONO at her weekend (25Apr09) wedding reception. The Frida star renewed her...

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Hayek Marries Again

26th April 2009

Actress SALMA HAYEK and her husband FRANCOIS-HENRI PINAULT have renewed their vows in a star-studded ceremony in Venice, Italy. The couple wed for the first time with intimate nuptials in Paris, France on Valentine's Day (14Feb09)...

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Stars Join Hayek For Venice Wedding

25th April 2009

SALMA HAYEK and husband FRANCOIS-HENRI PINAULT have welcomed a host of A-list stars to help them celebrate their second wedding in Venice, Italy this weekend. Woody Harrelson, David Blaine, Antonio Banderas, Charlize Theron and Hayek's ex-boyfriend...

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Hayek To Remarry In Venice This Weekend?

22nd April 2009

Actress SALMA HAYEK is reportedly making plans to remarry new husband FRANCOIS-HENRI PINAULT in Italy this weekend (25Apr09). The Frida star and the French businessman wed on St. Valentine's Day (14Feb09) in a low-key ceremony at...

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No Lavish Second Wedding For Hayek

16th April 2009

SALMA HAYEK has fired back at reports she's planning a second $2 million (£1.3 million) wedding, insisting it's "ridiculous" to think she'd spend that sort of cash on her nuptials. The actress wed French businessman Francois-Henri...

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Hayek, Thurman & Messing Saluted As Charity Mums

14th April 2009

SALMA HAYEK, UMA THURMAN and DEBRA MESSING are among the hard-working mums who will be honoured for their charitable efforts at the third annual Cookie magazine awards. The film stars will be among seven mothers celebrated...

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Prince Seduces Hayek In Song

8th April 2009

Pop superstar PRINCE has set his sights on newlywed actress SALMA HAYEK, dedicating a song on his new triple album to his romantic pursuit of the stunning star. The track, which appears on the disc MPLSoUND,...

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