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The Things They Say 3403

21st November 2006

"Instead of bringing wine, she bought crickets... They looked disgusting... Then she left them in my house. They're probably still there just turning green." PENELOPE CRUZ is disgusted by pal SALMA HAYEK's penchant for eating...

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Lachey's Girl Gets Ugly For Tv Expose

8th November 2006

Pop star NICK LACHEY's stunning new girlfriend VANESSA MINNILLO is undergoing a drastic 'makeunder' to sample life as an ugly, fat girl. The MTV US presenter donned a fat suit, unkempt dark wig, prosthetics and...

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Hallowe'en Has A Special Meaning For Cruz

5th November 2006

Actress PENELOPE CRUZ makes the most of Hallowe'en - to celebrate the fact she's still alive after a plane scare two years ago (04). The Spanish star was never a big fan of the spooky...

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Hayek Thanks Prince For Jewellery Return

3rd November 2006

SALMA HAYEK has a real-life Prince Charming to thank for returning pricey jewellery to her when it ended up on the back seat of a taxi cab. The pretty Latina picked out $50,000 (GBP27,800)-worth of...

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Clooney Honoured By Hollywood Stars

15th October 2006

Hollywood heart-throb GEORGE CLOONEY was toasted by a host of fellow stars when he received the 2006 American Cinematheque Award in Beverly Hills on Friday (13OCT06). The lavish event, which was held to raise money...

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Stone To Host Nobel Concert

13th October 2006

SHARON STONE will co-host the traditional Nobel concert in honour of the Peace Prize laureate on 11 December (06), the Nobel Institute has announced. The BASIC INSTINCT star, 48, will be joined by another master...

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Clooney To Date Everyone To End Paparazzi Reign

4th October 2006

Hollywood superstar GEORGE CLOONEY is so desperate to bring paparazzi culture to an end, he plans to start dating as many A-list beauties as possible. The single actor/director admits his carefully thought out plan might...

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Beyonce Scores Big With Top Bottom

29th September 2006

BEYONCE KNOWLES has scored Hollywood's Best Booty in a new US magazine poll. The BOOTYLICIOUS singer/actress beat out JESSICA SIMPSON and SALMA HAYEK to claim the best bum crown in weekly publication In Touch. The...

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Hayek Hates Make-up Time

13th September 2006

Sexy SALMA HAYEK resents the time she spends in the make-up chair on film sets, because it amounts to a huge chunk of her life. The FRIDA star admits she once sat down and attempted...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Madonna

22nd August 2006

MADONNA is the talk of fashion and lifestyle magazine InStyle - stars like MARCIA CROSS, SALMA HAYEK and EVA MENDES have paid tribute to the MATERIAL GIRL through a string of anecdotes. InStyle editors asked...

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Hayek Denies $100 Million Fortune Reports

23rd July 2006

Mexican beauty SALMA HAYEK denies reports she has a $100 million (GBP56 million) fortune, and insists she would donate the money to the poor in her native Mexico if she was so rich. The DESPERADO...

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Hayek Defends 'Offensive' Ugly Betty

19th July 2006

Mexican actress SALMA HAYEK has defended her forthcoming TV series UGLY BETTY, insisting the show's title is a sarcastic take on today's shallow society. The FRIDA star is executive producing the show, an adaptation from...

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Fascinating Fact 1775

13th July 2006

Celebrities including SALMA HAYEK, JOAQUIN PHOENIX, MARIAH CAREY and NICK LACHEY are to show off their painting skills when they help decorate a series of life-size Labrador dog statues to be displayed around Aspen, Colorado....

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Harris Hits Out At Compassionless Co-stars

6th July 2006

British actress NAOMIE HARRIS has hit out at movie co-stars PIERCE BROSNAN and SALMA HAYEK for turning their back on her when she suffered a serious car accident just days after they wrapped a movie...

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Fascinating Fact 1724

4th July 2006

Actor JOSH LUCAS has reportedly found love with another film beauty after splitting from sexy SALMA HAYEK - he has been spotted romancing French actress ALEXA DAVALOS.

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Hayek Brings Ugly Beauty To Britain

25th June 2006

Screen beauty SALMA HAYEK is heading behind the camera to bring South American TV phenomenon UGLY BETTY to Britain. The series, based on a plain, bespectacled young girl with a beautiful personality, has already charmed...

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Lucas Angered Hayek By Doing Stealth

18th June 2006

Actor JOSH LUCAS infuriated his ex-girlfriend SALMA HAYEK by agreeing to act in stunt-packed action movie STEALTH, about futurist fighter pilots. The Mexican actress berated Lucas for risking his health to play the role, which...

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Hayek Ditches Agent

13th June 2006

Mexican actress SALMA HAYEK has reportedly fired her agent after starring in a series of unsuccessful films. The FRIDA beauty is shocked by her recent failures at the box office, including ASK THE DUST co-starring...

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Scarlett Tops Breast List

8th June 2006

Sexy SCARLETT JOHANSSON has the best boobs in Hollywood, according to a new magazine poll. Editors at American magazine In Touch gave the actress' "irresistible assets" top marks in the new best breasts list, claiming...

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Roberts To Be The Face Of Avon

31st May 2006

JULIA ROBERTS will sign up to be a spokesmodel for cosmetic company Avon this week (begs29MAY06), according to reports. Just a month after she was dropped as the face of Christian Dior make-up, the actress...

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Kahlo Portrait Sets New Latino Art Record

29th May 2006

A FRIDA KAHLO self-portrait has set a new record for Latino art after selling for $5.6 million (GBP3.1 million) at a Sotheby's auction in New York. The late Mexican artist's ROOTS, painted in 1943, passed...

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The Things They Say 2061

22nd May 2006

"I had a grey hair once, but I reversed it. I didn't pull it out, I just willed it to go away." Actress SALMA HAYEK offers advice on how to banish the signs of ageing.

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Fonda And Hayek Urge Mexican Government To Act Over Juarez Killings

10th May 2006

Crusading actresses JANE FONDA and SALMA HAYEK teamed up on Tuesday (09MAY06) to urge the Mexican government to act over the unsolved murders of women in the bordertown of Ciudad Juarez. Since 1993, over 350...

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Judd: 'Aids Awareness Has Changed Me'

9th May 2006

Movie star ASHLEY JUDD credits campaigning for AIDS charities with changing her life. Most recently, Judd joined her FRIDA co-star SALMA HAYEK in Nicaragua as ambassadors for charity YouthAids. She says, "I always dreamed about...

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Hayek And Judd Fight Aids In Nicaragua

7th May 2006

Actresses SALMA HAYEK and ASHLEY JUDD have joined a Nicaraguan campaign to fight the spread of AIDS in the Central American country. The pair are in the capital Managua on a tour of Central America...

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Fonda Returns To Broadway

18th April 2006

Actress JANE FONDA will return to the Broadway, New York, stage for one night only with a reading of EVE ENSLER's NECESSARY TARGETS. The performance will kick off a two-week performance festival in June (06)...

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Hayek's Tiger Heartbreak

10th April 2006

Actress SALMA HAYEK refuses to have a tiger as a pet, because she fears she could never replace the beloved big cat she cared for as a child. The FRIDA star was so heartbroken when...

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Hayek Single And Loving It

7th April 2006

Mexican actress SALMA HAYEK has embraced her newly-single status - insisting she is looking forward to a period of self-discovery. The FRIDA star, 39, is eager to spend some time alone after relationships with Brit actor...

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Hayek Shuns Hollywood Lifestyle

7th April 2006

Actress SALMA HAYEK has slammed Los Angeles living, insisting she likes to keep as far away from "the Hollywood thing" as possible. The FRIDA actress hates the glamour and superficiality of the fashionable Hollywood Hills...

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Hayek Slams 'Racist' Hollywood

6th April 2006

FRIDA star SALMA HAYEK has slammed Hollywood for their discrimination against Mexican actors. The actress insists she faced huge problems trying to overcome her "outsider" status in American cinema. She says, "Mexicans are not the...

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