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Hayek, Aniston + Sedgwick Celebrated For Body Shots

26th February 2007

SALMA HAYEK, JENNIFER ANISTON and KYRA SEDGWICK have been honoured for baring all on the big screen by saucy internet site The trio has been lauded for their beautiful bodies and body parts as...

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Stars Go Green In Oscars Build-up

23rd February 2007

Rather than glitz and glamour a number of Hollywood's most prestigious stars are focusing on their environmental responsibility in the run-up to this Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony.Actors including Leonardo DiCaprio and Penelope Cruz attended a...

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Macy To Direct Hayek As A Boozy Stripper

10th February 2007

Movie star WILLIAM H MACY is set to make his feature film directorial debut after signing on to take charge of SALMA HAYEK's new project. The actor will direct KEEP COMING BACK, which stars Hayek...

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Fascinating Fact 2777

29th January 2007

PENELOPE CRUZ celebrated her Oscar nomination at Los Angeles' Il Sole restaurant with best pal SALMA HAYEK and MIA MAESTRO last Tuesday (23JAN07)....

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Cruz Shares Oscars Excitement With Salma Hayek

24th January 2007

PENELOPE CRUZ celebrated her Oscar nomination last night (23JAN07) by hitting Hollywood with best pal SALMA HAYEK, who was upset she wasn't allowed to read the Spaniard's name out. Hayek joined SID GANIS, the President...

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Hayek's Dog Saves Her Life

18th January 2007

SALMA HAYEK has her dog DIVA to thank for saving her life hours before the Golden Globe Awards on Monday (15JAN07) after the pooch alerted her to a gas leak. The actress was trying to...

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Salma Gets Oscars Wake-up Call

17th January 2007

SALMA HAYEK will get an early wake-up call next Tuesday (23JAN07) after signing up to announce the Oscar nominations live at 5am in Hollywood. The sexy star will join SID GANIS, the President of the...

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The Things They Say 3829

17th January 2007

"There is nothing in the world that turns me on more than talent." Sultry actress SALMA HAYEK knows exactly what she wants in a man....

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Hayek: 'I'm Looking For A Man With Balls'

16th January 2007

Actress SALMA HAYEK has appealed for "a man that has more balls than me" to whisk her off her feet. The actress, who has previously dated EDWARD NORTON, is frustrated men keep falling below her...

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Hayek Defends Ugly Betty

16th January 2007

SALMA HAYEK has leaped to the defence of her new show UGLY BETTY, insisting it challenges traditional notions of beauty rather than enforces them. The sexy screen star has come under a barrage of attack...

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Hayek Persuades Cruz To Get Ugly

16th January 2007

SALMA HAYEK has persuaded best pal PENELOPE CRUZ to guest on an upcoming episode of her Golden Globe-winning TV comedy UGLY BETTY. Hayek, who appears on the show as a vampish magazine writer, has been...

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Cruz Slams Gay Rumours

10th January 2007

PENELOPE CRUZ has laughed off reports she is having a gay relationship with best pal SALMA HAYEK. The two have been close friends for the past six years and Hayek posed for a series of...

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Mexican Tv Star Jimenez Dead At 69

5th January 2007

The Mexican director who inspired SALMA HAYEK's new TV hit show UGLY BETTY has died of a heart attack. SERGIO JIMENEZ, 69, directed Latino TV hit LA FEA MAS BELLA (THE PRETTIEST UGLY GIRL), which...

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Dreamgirls And The Departed Triumph At Satellite Awards

19th December 2006

Movie musical DREAMGIRLS and THE DEPARTED have been given another Oscars boost after claiming four awards each at the International Press Academy's (IPA) 11th annual Satellite Awards. Dreamgirls picked up Best Director (BILL CONDON) and...

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Ed Norton Happy For Hayek

17th December 2006

US actor EDWARD NORTON is stunned by his ex-girlfriend SALMA HAYEK's new TV hit UGLY BETTY, and is desperate for a role himself. Ugly Betty, starring AMERICA FERRERA, is based on a popular Spanish-language telenovela...

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Writers Guild Reveal Tv Nominations

14th December 2006

There were few surprises when nominations for the Writers Guild TV Awards were revealed yesterday (13DEC06) with castaway show LOST, mob hit THE SOPRANOS, and KIEFER SUTHERLAND-starring 24 all battling it out for Best Drama....

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Farrell And Hayek Triumph With Best Nude Scene

11th December 2006

SALMA HAYEK and COLIN FARRELL's naked tryst in movie ASK THE DUST has won the best nude movie scene of 2006. The pair's steamy skinny-dipping clinch in the ROBERT TOWNE-directed film was awarded the top...

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Ex-model Romijn Signs On For Ugly Betty

9th December 2006

Model-turned-actress REBECCA ROMIJN is joining the cast of the hit US TV series UGLY BETTY. The X-MEN star will take on the role of the mysterious woman behind the mask who has been plotting to...

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Eastwood's Flags Of Our Fathers Leads Satellite Awards Nominations

1st December 2006

CLINT EASTWOOD's war epic FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, musical DREAMGIRLS and BABEL have emerged as early Oscars favourites after picking up 26 US Satellite Awards nominations between them. The stunning Iwo Jima battle sequences in...

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Fascinating Fact 2507

23rd November 2006

Actress SALMA HAYEK was among the family and friends wishing retired Dominican Republic baseball great SAMMY SOSA a happy 38th birthday at his home in La Romana on 12 November (06).

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The Things They Say 3403

21st November 2006

"Instead of bringing wine, she bought crickets... They looked disgusting... Then she left them in my house. They're probably still there just turning green." PENELOPE CRUZ is disgusted by pal SALMA HAYEK's penchant for eating...

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Lachey's Girl Gets Ugly For Tv Expose

8th November 2006

Pop star NICK LACHEY's stunning new girlfriend VANESSA MINNILLO is undergoing a drastic 'makeunder' to sample life as an ugly, fat girl. The MTV US presenter donned a fat suit, unkempt dark wig, prosthetics and...

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Hallowe'en Has A Special Meaning For Cruz

5th November 2006

Actress PENELOPE CRUZ makes the most of Hallowe'en - to celebrate the fact she's still alive after a plane scare two years ago (04). The Spanish star was never a big fan of the spooky...

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Hayek Thanks Prince For Jewellery Return

3rd November 2006

SALMA HAYEK has a real-life Prince Charming to thank for returning pricey jewellery to her when it ended up on the back seat of a taxi cab. The pretty Latina picked out $50,000 (GBP27,800)-worth of...

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Clooney Honoured By Hollywood Stars

15th October 2006

Hollywood heart-throb GEORGE CLOONEY was toasted by a host of fellow stars when he received the 2006 American Cinematheque Award in Beverly Hills on Friday (13OCT06). The lavish event, which was held to raise money...

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Stone To Host Nobel Concert

13th October 2006

SHARON STONE will co-host the traditional Nobel concert in honour of the Peace Prize laureate on 11 December (06), the Nobel Institute has announced. The BASIC INSTINCT star, 48, will be joined by another master...

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Clooney To Date Everyone To End Paparazzi Reign

4th October 2006

Hollywood superstar GEORGE CLOONEY is so desperate to bring paparazzi culture to an end, he plans to start dating as many A-list beauties as possible. The single actor/director admits his carefully thought out plan might...

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Beyonce Scores Big With Top Bottom

29th September 2006

BEYONCE KNOWLES has scored Hollywood's Best Booty in a new US magazine poll. The BOOTYLICIOUS singer/actress beat out JESSICA SIMPSON and SALMA HAYEK to claim the best bum crown in weekly publication In Touch. The...

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Hayek Hates Make-up Time

13th September 2006

Sexy SALMA HAYEK resents the time she spends in the make-up chair on film sets, because it amounts to a huge chunk of her life. The FRIDA star admits she once sat down and attempted...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Madonna

22nd August 2006

MADONNA is the talk of fashion and lifestyle magazine InStyle - stars like MARCIA CROSS, SALMA HAYEK and EVA MENDES have paid tribute to the MATERIAL GIRL through a string of anecdotes. InStyle editors asked...

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