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Field Hates Ageing But Won't Have Surgery

6th February 2009

Veteran actress SALLY FIELD hates the affect ageing is having on her body, but refuses to go under the knife to look younger. The 63-year-old is so unhappy with her looks she can't bear to watch...

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Sag Hands Out Awards, Is Quiet About Strike

26th January 2009

At Sunday night's SAG awards, Tina Fey was the only performer who alluded to the stalemated dispute with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers when she accepted the "best female actor" award in...

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Actors Union Honour Streep, Penn And Slumdog

26th January 2009

Meryl Streep and Sean Penn were the major winners at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards on Sunday evening.Mamma Mia! star Streep was named best actress for Doubt while Penn bounced back from disappointment at...

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Sag Moderates May Oust Allen

12th January 2009

Hoping to bring an end to the stalemate with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and repair relations with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, moderates in the Screen Actors Guild...

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Star-studded Letter Urges "No" To Actor's Strike

16th December 2008

Hollywood royalty including George Clooney and Tom Hanks have urged members of the Screen Actors' Guild (SAG) to vote against a planned actor's strike.The SAG wants its members to strike over what it sees as...

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The Things They Say 10319

25th November 2008

"I was married in the same month, actually, that a whole bunch of people were married; SALLY FIELD was married that month, MADONNA was married, half a dozen other big-time ladies were (married) and none...

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Hollywood Tributes Pour In For The Late Paul Newman

28th September 2008

The film industry has paid tribute to the late Paul Newman, following his death from cancer aged 83.Former colleagues of the Oscar-winner, as well as politicians, have expressed their grief at Newman's death, which was...

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Hollywood Rebels Back Union Dissidents

14th August 2008

TOM HANKS, SALLY FIELD and ALEC BALDWIN have joined a group of high-profile stars supporting rebels keen on taking charge of the Screen Actors Guild union. The rebels claim union bosses have mishandled contract negotiations...

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Stars Support Sag Dissidents

14th August 2008

Although they themselves presumably don't have enough time to run for a place on the Screen Actors Guild's national board, a group of prominent actors on Wednesday endorsed a dissident group of not-so-well-known actors who...

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Sally Field Endorses Sag Dissidents

25th July 2008

Sally Field, who won an Oscar for portraying a textile union activist in the movie Norma Rae , has become the first major star to endorse the dissident slate challenging the current leadership of the...

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All Drama As Emmy Stars Begin Their Fight

3rd July 2008

GABRIEL BYRNE, EDDIE IZZARD and JAMES SPADER will be among the stars fighting for a Best Drama Actor honour at the Emmy Awards, while pregnant MINNIE DRIVER and SALLY FIELD are favourites for the Best...

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The Things They Say 8616

17th June 2008

"I love him to pieces.... He's one of the great people I've ever known and I'm better for ever having known him and worked with him. He's a tremendous person." SALLY FIELD offers her ailing...

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Irs Man Charged With Snooping On Celebs' Returns

4th June 2008

An IRS tax examiner in Cincinnati has been charged with snooping on the tax records of more than 200 film and TV personalities and sports stars, The Smoking Gun website reported today (Monday). In a...

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Irs Examiner Arrested For Snooping In Celebrity Files

30th May 2008

ALEC BALDWIN, SALLY FIELD and tennis star STEFFI GRAFF are among a long list of celebrities whose confidential tax files were reportedly uncovered illegally by an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax examiner. John Snyder was...

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Field + O'donnell Defend Miley Over Photo Scandal

29th April 2008

SALLY FIELD and ROSIE O'DONNELL have become the latest stars to defend MILEY CYRUS over the Vanity Fair photo controversy, calling the provocative pictures of the pop star "beautiful". The "embarrassed" pop sensation has apologised...

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Field Still Looking For Love At 61

13th April 2008

SALLY FIELD insists she hasn't given up on love - but suitors have a tough job of wooing her. The 61-year-old Oscar winner has been divorced twice but she's still open to marrying for a...

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Field Considers Plastic Surgery

8th April 2008

Actress SALLY FIELD is seriously considering plastic surgery, because the 61-year-old thinks her peers all look great and young after going under the knife. The Places In The Heart star admits her ego has started...

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Field: 'Life Is Tough For Britney'

7th April 2008

Oscar winner SALLY FIELD has joined the ranks of the celebrities supporting BRITNEY SPEARS, insisting life must be unbearable for the troubled pop princess. The veteran actress admits the media circus surrounding Spears has made...

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Field's Attraction For Scary Reynolds

2nd March 2008

Actress SALLY FIELD fell for long term partner BURT REYNOLDS because he terrified her. The Oscar winner blames her bizarre attraction for scary men on her abusive stepfather, stuntman Jock Mahoney. Field, 61, says of...

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Field Speaks Out About Childhood Abuse

6th February 2008

Oscar winner SALLY FIELD is set to shock fans in the upcoming issue of OPRAH WINFREY's O magazine by revealing she was abused by her stepfather. The actress has never spoken out about her childhood...

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Field Denies Awards Tantrum

30th January 2008

Actress SALLY FIELD has denied throwing a tantrum over the current Hollywood writers strike at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. The star was rumoured to have launched a scathing attack on...

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The Things They Say 6785

15th January 2008

"It was the HANNAH MONTANA of her day. I loved every second of it. It was just a dream." SALLY FIELD on playing 1960s surfer girl GIDGET.

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Fascinating Fact 4510

15th December 2007

JANE FONDA celebrated her 70th birthday with ROSIE O'DONNELL, her 9 TO 5 co-star LILY TOMLIN, SALLY FIELD and ex-husband TED TURNER in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday night (13Dec07).

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Fox Explains The Sound Of Silence

18th September 2007

Despite a ruling by a federal appeals court in June that broadcasters cannot be held responsible for "fleeting expletives" uttered on live television, Fox decided to cut three such expletives from its telecast of the...

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The Things They Say 5646

18th September 2007

"It's very cool. I'm on my way to being a star." Award winner SALLY FIELD is amused by the fact her impassioned acceptance speech tribute to the mothers of soldiers was censored at the Emmys...

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Fascinating Fact 3944

17th September 2007

SALLY FIELD, KATHERINE HEIGL and funnyman RAY ROMANO were all censored at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night (16Sep07) - for swearing during the almost-live telecast....

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The Things They Say 5416

21st August 2007

"I think I look like dog poop. I'm not different from a lot of American women who want to put a piece of black velvet over the mirror when they turn 50. The good news...

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