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Law And Frost 'Inseparable'

7th November 2005

JUDE LAW is rekindling his relationship with his former wife and mother of his children following his split from fiancee SIENNA MILLER. Law and SADIE FROST, who have three kids together, divorced in 2003...

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Frost's Sons Will Be The Next Oasis

29th October 2005

Actress-turned-fashion designer SADIE FROST is convinced her musical sons could be the next OASIS - because they are talented and never stop arguing. FINLAY, 15 and RAFFERTY, nine - her son with ex-husband, actor...

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Frost Uses Law For Love Advice

24th October 2005

SADIE FROST will never reunite with ex-husband JUDE LAW - she prefers to use him as a date doctor Two years after they split, the actress-turned-fashion designer is grateful she and Law are on...

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Frost Defends Best Pal Moss

5th October 2005

Shamed supermodel KATE MOSS' close pal SADIE FROST has defended the catwalk beauty at the centre of allegations of cocaine abuse. The former wife of COLD MOUNTAIN hunk JUDE LAW offered her sympathy to...

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Frost: 'Moss Will Bounce Back'

23rd September 2005

KATE MOSS' best friend SADIE FROST is convinced the supermodel's professionalism will help her bounce back from the outcry surrounding allegations of drug taking. The ex-wife of Hollywood star JUDE LAW believes Moss' career...

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Rupert Backs Moss' 'Lesbian' Antics

21st September 2005

British actor RUPERT EVERETT has leaped to the defence of disgraced supermodel KATE MOSS, after newspaper reports over the weekend (18SEP05) claimed she had romped with other women. On Sunday, British newspaper News Of...

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Moss And Frost Sex Scandal

18th September 2005

Supermodel KATE MOSS and actress SADIE FROST are reportedly more than just close friends - and allegedly enjoy numerous drug fuelled romps together. British newspaper the News of the World, today (18SEP05) published claims...

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Rossdale Amazed Marriage To Stefani Survived

13th September 2005

GWEN STEFANI's husband GAVIN ROSSDALE is amazed their marriage survived the media circus surrounding the shock revelation he had a 16-year-old daughter, especially considering they had only just wed. In October 2004, the former...

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Doherty: 'I've Married Moss'

12th September 2005

Rock hellraiser PETE DOHERTY claims he has married supermodel girlfriend KATE MOSS in secret. The BABYSHAMBLES singer taunted photographers who caught him and Moss arriving at a London birthday party for JUDE LAW and...

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Winslet Tops Yummy Mummy Poll

5th September 2005

Hollywood star KATE WINSLET has been voted Britain's sexiest celebrity mother. The 30-year-old TITANIC star, mother of daughter MIA, four, and 21-month-old son JOE, beat off competition from GWYNETH PALTROW, ELIZABETH HURLEY and SADIE...

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Law Replaced By Clooney Following Affair

21st August 2005

JUDE LAW has been replaced by GEORGE CLOONEY on the cover of the first issue of Men's Vogue following his recent admission that he had an affair with his children's nanny. The 32-year-old British...

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Scott's Bitter Attack On Sadie

14th August 2005

SADIE FROST's recently estranged boyfriend JACKSON SCOTT insists he was simply "using" the former wife of JUDE LAW for publicity - but his manipulative efforts backfired after he became a figure of ridicule in the...

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Frost And Scott Split

9th August 2005

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST has split from her boyfriend of two years JACKSON SCOTT. Fashion designer and sometime actress Frost last month (JUL05) received a $10.8 million (GBP6 million) divorce settlement from Law,...

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Frost: 'Law Infidelity Was Always On Cards'

21st July 2005

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST insists it was only a matter of time until the ALFIE lothario played away from fiancee SIENNA MILLER - and the fact he was faithful to her was mere "luck"....

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Law's New Nanny Lacking Sex Appeal

21st July 2005

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST has hired a new nanny to replace sacked DAISY WRIGHT - and she has purposefully picked an employee lacking in sex appeal. SADIE FROST dismissed 26-year-old Wright after one...

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Law Says Sorry To Miller For Affair

18th July 2005

LATEST: JUDE LAW has admitted he cheated on his fiancee SIENNA MILLER in a public apology to her, following the revelation he had an affair with a nanny. DAISY WRIGHT, 26, recently told a...

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Law Blames Nanny Affair On Miller

18th July 2005

LATEST: JUDE LAW reportedly blamed fiancee SIENNA MILLER for his affair with his children's former nanny. The ALFIE star, who seduced 26-year-old DAISY WRIGHT while he was filming war movie ALL THE KING'S MEN...

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Law Fails To Charm Angry Traffic Warden

6th July 2005

Movie hunk JUDE LAW was horrified last night (05JUL05) when his notorious charm and celebrity status failed to persuade a traffic warden to unclamp his car for free. The ALFIE star and ex-wife SADIE...

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Scott: 'Sadie And I Can Move On At Last'

3rd July 2005

LATEST: JACKSON SCOTT is thrilled his fiancee SADIE FROST has finally reached a lucrative out of court settlement with former husband JUDE LAW - because the loved-up pair can finally move on. The 24-year-old...

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Moss' Boyfriend Ban

22nd June 2005

British supermodel KATE MOSS was left fuming after her drug addict rocker boyfriend PETE DOHERTY was banned from her best friend's 40th birthday celebrations. Actress-turned-fashion designer SADIE FROST refused to invite BABYSHAMBLES frontman Doherty...

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Doherty Threatens To Blow Up Yacht

19th June 2005

PETE DOHERTY has been shunned by some of his celebrity friends after nearly blowing up the yacht they were partying on. The BABYSHAMBLES singer was relaxing on the $36 million (GBP20 million) vessel with...

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Law To Face Frost Over Divorce

22nd May 2005

JUDE LAW will finally thrash out his divorce settlement with SADIE FROST in court next month (JUN05) as she fights for a $19 million (GBP10 million) share of his fortune. The CLOSER actor, who...

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Lowe And Goffey To Wed

11th May 2005

British socialite PEARL LOWE has announced she will marrying SUPERGRASS drummer DANNY GOFFEY on the tenth anniversary of their first date. The 34-year-old designer and singer was proposed to by Goffey last year (04),...

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Frost Planning Lawsuits

9th May 2005

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST is considering legal action against several British newspapers after a string of "ridiculous" stories about her. The FROSTFRENCH designer and her actor ex hit the headlines in January (05)...

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Law's Ex Has Jewels Stolen From Home

27th March 2005

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST has had her $19,000 (GBP10,000) engagement ring stolen from her London home. The 38-year-old British fashion designer also lost a $1,900 (GBP1,000) necklace in the robbery at her $5.7...

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Frost: 'I Don't Like Playing The Field'

7th March 2005

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST has hit out at her promiscuous image - claiming she can count all the men she's slept with on one hand. The 38-year-old fashion designer - who is currently...

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Frost: 'I Loved Law Too Much'

6th March 2005

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST claims their ten year relationship ended because they loved each other too much. The actress-turned-fashion designer - who has three children RAFFERTY, IRIS and RUDY with the Hollywood movie...

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Law Slams Reports He Threatened To Leave Miller

1st March 2005

Hollywood hunk JUDE LAW has hit out at rumours he threatened to call off his engagement to SIENNA MILLER unless she curbed her partying lifestyle. Law proposed to his ALFIE co-star on Christmas day...

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Rossdale Lovechild Urges Media To Leave Her Alone

28th February 2005

BUSH singer GAVIN ROSSDALE's long-lost daughter DAISY LOWE has slammed the media's obsession with her and her mother PEARL - after the identity of her father was revealed by a British newspaper last year (04)....

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Frost Sees Sleep Specialist

28th February 2005

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST is consulting a top sleep specialist in a desperate attempt to cope with her demanding lifestyle. The actress-turned-fashion designer - who has three children with the Hollywood movie star...

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