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Willis Offer $1 Million For Saddam

26th September 2003

Movie star BRUCE WILLIS has offered $1 million (GBP625,000) to the soldier who captures overthrown Iraqi dictator SADDAM HUSSEIN. The DIE HARD star made the bizarre pledge during his current stint in the Gulf...

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Martin Sheen: 'America Is The Land Of The Lunatics'

22nd September 2003

Movie veteran MARTIN SHEEN has slammed his native America once again - telling an audience of Canadian's that it's the 'land of the lunatics'. The WEST WING star, who has been among the...

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Sinise Shocked By Saddam's Bad Taste

12th September 2003

THE GREEN MILE star GARY SINISE was treated to a private tour of two of SADDAM HUSSEIN's palaces during a recent trip to Baghdad, and he still can't believe how tacky they were. The...

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Cuaron: Potter Villain Is A Mixture Of Bush And Hussein

30th July 2003

HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN director ALFONSO CUARON believes the boy wizard's arch enemy VOLDEMORT is a cross between GEORGE W BUSH and SADDAM HUSSEIN. The Mexican filmmaker has taken over the...

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Dixie Chicks: "Use Your Vote"

22nd July 2003

Country trio THE DIXIE CHICKS are getting political again - by urging everyone to exercise their right to vote. The Texan THERE'S YOUR TROUBLE stars announced yesterday (21JUL03) they have joined forces with ROCK...

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Schwarzenegger Pumps Up American Soldiers On 4 July

4th July 2003

Politically-inclined action hero ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER personally beefed up Independence Day celebrations for American soldiers in Iraq today (4JUL03). Inside fallen dictator SADDAM HUSSEIN's former summer vacation palace, the actor mixed self-deprecating jokes with praise...

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Dustin Censors Oscar Outrage

22nd May 2003

DUSTIN HOFFMAN opted out of making an Anti-War protest at this year's (03) ACADEMY AWARDS ceremony - out of respect to the bereaved families of soldiers. While Hollywood stars and OSCAR-winners like MICHAEL MOORE...

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Penn And Bing Go To War

9th May 2003

LATEST: Film star SEAN PENN is suing producer STEVE BING for allegedly dropping him from a movie because of his anti-war stance. The CARLITO'S WAY actor is seeking $10 million (GBP6.2 million) in...

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Spike Slates The Hunt For Terrorists

5th May 2003

MALCOLM X director SPIKE LEE has slammed the American Government's foreign policy - claiming US citizens are being misled into believing one terrorist is worse than the other. Al-Qaida leader OSAMA BIN LADEN, who...

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Hunter S Thompson Marries

2nd May 2003

Journalist and author HUNTER S THOMPSON has married for the second time. The 65-year-old tied the knot to his assistant ANITA last week (24APR03) near his ranch in Aspen, Colorado. It was the...

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Robbins Pr Help

29th April 2003

The backlash to TIM ROBBINS anti-Iraqi war comments was so fierce the Hollywood star had to hire a Public Relations firm to help him cope. The SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION star angered many Americans and split...

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Naomi Cambpell Locates Saddam Hussein

28th April 2003

Supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL's "contacts" in the showbusiness world are so good they can even tell her where the most wanted man in the world is hiding. The notoriously highly-strung Brit believes her sources are...

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Shakira Slates 'Spineless' Madonna

25th April 2003

Columbian beauty SHAKIRA has blasted MADONNA as "spineless" for axing the controversial anti-war video to new single AMERICAN LIFE. The UNDERNEATH YOUR CLOTHES vixen believes the legendary singer should have stuck with the hard-hitting...

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Dame Liz Slams Bush Over Saddam Ultimatum

23rd April 2003

Hollywood's grand dame ELIZABETH TAYLOR has become the latest star to attack American President GEORGE W BUSH over his handling of the war with Iraq. Speaking at an AIDS benefit in Los Angeles yesterday...

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Britney Found In Saddam.s Home

20th April 2003

Posters of BRITNEY SPEARS have been found on the walls of one of SADDAM HUSSEIN's palaces in Iraq. Soldiers discovered magazine and newspaper pull-outs and cutouts of the pop star hanging up in a...

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Iraqis Get Patriotic

18th April 2003

Iraqi film fans are delving into American history to help them understand more about the United States. The top video store in Baghdad - Iraq's capital - reports regulars are flocking in to pick...

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J.lo Is Dumped By Her Record Label On National Tv

17th April 2003

JENNIFER LOPEZ suffered the ultimate humiliation on American TV last night (16APR03) - she was dropped by her record company. But J.LO fans needn't worry about the diva's singing career - her dismissal was...

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Protesters Attack Garofalo Show

9th April 2003

Protestors are attacking funnywoman JANEANE GAROFOLO for her anti-war views. TV network ABC - who are developing a sitcom with the TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS star - have been subject to an email...

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Santana Speaks Out Against War And Bush

9th April 2003

CARLOS SANTANA spoke out against the war in Iraq and took a swipe at American President GEORGE W BUSH when his band played in Australia. On Saturday (05APR03), Santana courted controversy when he told...

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Kid Rock Blasts Peace Activists

31st March 2003

Heavy metal singer KID ROCK has blasted celebrity anti-war demonstrators - claiming they're "retarded" for thinking they have the right to protest against the Iraqi conflict. The wildman boyfriend of former BAYWATCH babe PAMELA...

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Hucknall . Let Me Kill Saddam

28th March 2003

SIMPLY RED star MICK HUCKNALL has offered his services to allied troops in Iraq - he wants to kill SADDAM HUSSEIN personally. The flame-haired crooner is furious with the European countries opposed to the...

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Pitt Backs Bush

25th March 2003

Hollywood hunk BRAD PITT has gone against the grain of a large number of his counterparts in the celebrity world - by declaring his support for American President GEORGE W BUSH. The SPY GAME...

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Pro.bush Activists Cheer On The Oscars

24th March 2003

Peace protestors were kept well away from the OSCARS yesterday, but pro-war activists were allowed to take over a corner of Hollywood Boulevard, metres from where the stars arrived. The specially-designated area was supposed...

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Peace Reigns At Spirit Awards

23rd March 2003

Peace messages ruled at last night's (22MAR03) INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARDS in Santa Monica, California - but not everyone was taking the war in Iraq that seriously. Host JOHN WATERS began proceedings at the 18th...

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Steve Martin Prescribes Singin. In The Rain To End War

21st March 2003

Hollywood funnyman STEVE MARTIN has come up with a solution to the American-led war with Iraq - making SADDAM HUSSEIN and GEORGE W BUSH watch SINGIN' IN THE RAIN. Martin, who is set to...

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Dame Liz Slams Bush Over Saddam Ultimatum

20th March 2003

Hollywood's grand dame ELIZABETH TAYLOR has become the latest star to attack American President GEORGE W BUSH over his handling of the war with Iraq.Speaking at an AIDS benefit in Los Angeles yesterday (19MAR03), the...

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