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Chelsea Handler Jokes About Sleeping With Borat

30th May 2013

Comedienne and actress Chelsea Handler shocked Isla Fisher when she joked about sleeping with her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, behind her back.The Australian star was promoting her new film Now You See Me on Handler's...

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The Things They Say: 3692027

29th May 2013

"We're using the eggs and everything! They poop a lot, so you have to clean up a lot. It's been so much. They're little characters and they all have personalities. They're just adorable with these...

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Isla Fisher Mistaken For Sacha Baron Cohen's Daughter

15th May 2013

Isla Fisher was once mistaken for her husband Sacha Baron Cohen's daughter.The petite 'Great Gatsby' actress - who wed the comedian in 2010 after an eight-year romance - was mortified when a party host mistook...

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Isla Fisher Nearly Drowned On Set

12th May 2013

Isla Fisher nearly drowned on the set of 'Now You See Me'.The 37-year-old Australian star - who has two daughters, Olive, five, and Elula, two, with her comedian husband Sacha Baron Cohen - was left...

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Isla Fisher's 'Easy' Weight Gain

3rd May 2013

Isla Fisher found it easy to put on weight for 'The Great Gatsby'.The 37-year-old actress gained 10 pounds to play Myrtle Wilson in Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel alongside Leonardo DiCaprio...

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Isla Fisher Rules Out Working With Sacha Baron Cohen

25th April 2013

Actress Isla Fisher has no plans to work with her funnyman partner Sacha Baron Cohen because she is convinced they collaborate enough at home as busy parents.The Wedding Crashers star scaled back on her career...

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Sacha Baron Cohen Debuts In British Rich List

21st April 2013

Funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen has made his debut in a list of Britain's wealthiest entertainers with an estimated fortune of $109 million (£68 million).The Borat star and his actress wife Isla Fisher have entered at...

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Isla Fisher's Flat Stomach Worries

17th April 2013

Isla Fisher worries her stomach ''will never be flat again''.The 'Great Gatsby' actress worked hard to lose 70 pounds gained in pregnancy after giving birth a second time in 2010, but despite regaining her svelte...

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Isla Fisher Says Breastfeeding Is Nature's Diet

15th April 2013

Isla Fisher says breastfeeding is the best thing to do to lose your baby weight.The 'Great Gatsby' star has two daughters, Olive, five, and Elula, two, with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen, and she insists...

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Isla Fisher Doesn't Weigh Herself

11th April 2013

Isla Fisher doesn't weigh herself regularly because she wants to set a good example for her daughters.The Australian actress - who has two daughters Olive, five, and Elula, two, with her 41-year-old husband Sacha Baron...

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Isla Fisher Can't Have It All

4th April 2013

Isla Fisher doesn't believe she can have it all.The Australian actress - who has two daughters Olive, five and Elula, two, with 41-year-old comedian Sacha Baron Cohen - struggles to juggle her career and her...

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Isla Fisher: My Marriage Isn't 'Normal'

26th March 2013

Isla Fisher says her marriage to Sacha Baron Cohen isn't ''normal''.The 'Bachelorette' actress claims being married to the controversial comedian means she constantly worries about his safety as well as their financial well-being because of...

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Blake Lively In Talks For Freddie Mercury Film

25th March 2013

Blake Lively is being lined up to star in the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic.The 'Gossip Girl' actress is expected to play the iconic Queen singer's former girlfriend Mary Austin opposite 'Borat' star Sacha Baron Cohen,...

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Sacha Baron Cohen Taking Singing Lessons For Freddie Mercury Role

24th March 2013

British actor Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly taking singing lessons to perfect his vocals for his role as Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic.The funnyman, who previously showed off his singing in movie musicals Sweeney...

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Tom Hooper To Direct Freddie Mercury Film?

15th March 2013

Tom Hooper may direct the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic.The Oscar-winning filmmaker is reportedly being eyed by Sony Pictures and GK Films to oversee the long-planned film about the iconic Queen singer and could reunite with...

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Sacha Baron Cohen Is Britain's Highest-paid Hollywood Star

16th February 2013

Sacha Baron Cohen has become Britain's highest-paid Hollywood star.The 41-year-old actor banked over £20 million in the last year after seeing box office success with 'The Dictator' and 'Les Miserables' but he missed out on...

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Dan Mazer: I Give It A Year Is Anti-rom-com

28th January 2013

Dan Mazer made 'I Give It A Year' because he was bored of romantic comedies.The 'Borat' screenwriter has revealed he wanted to surprise the public with his directorial debut and give a fresh perspective on...

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Dan Mazer Planning New Sacha Baron Cohen Collaboration?

25th January 2013

Dan Mazer wants to work with Sacha Baron Cohen again.The British director has hinted he will team up with the funnyman - with whom he co-scripted 'Borat' and 'Bruno' - in the near future and...

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Egypt Film Director's Sundance Camel Stunt Falls Flat

By Hayley Avron | 22nd January 2013

Jason Andreozzi’s movie, about Egypt during the Arab Spring, didn’t make into this year’s Sundance Festival. That didn’t stop the director trying to grab the industry’s attention though. On Friday afternoon, police in Utah, where...

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Mariah Carey Demands Ali G Dvd During Massage

16th January 2013

Mariah Carey demanded an Ali G DVD be played during a recent massage.The 'Triumphant' singer - who is notorious for her diva demands - insisted her masseuse play Sacha Baron Cohen's hit comedy movies 'Ali...

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Samantha Barks Stunned At Hollywood Success

13th January 2013

Samantha Barks can't believe she's in a Hollywood film.The theatre actress - who was once a contestant on Andrew Lloyd Webber's reality show, 'I'd Do Anything' - stars alongside an all-star cast including Hugh Jackman,...

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Busy Sacha Baron Cohen Was Forced To Pull Out Of Django Unchained

4th January 2013

Funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen was forced to drop out of Quentin Tarantino's western Django Unchained because he didn't have time to shoot a scene between editing and releasing The Dictator and filming Les Miserables.The Brit...

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Green-eyed Monster? Or Valid Opinion? Adam Lambert Slams Singing In Les Miserables

By Hayley Avron | 31st December 2012

So, Adam Lambert has finally gone and said what loads of folks were thinking anyway: the cast of Les Miserables aren’t exactly the best singers in Hollywood, so why cast them in a musical? Lambert...

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Tom Hooper Refused To Let Sacha Baron Cohen Mime In Les Miserables

28th December 2012

Director Tom Hooper chose to shut down production on Les Miserables rather than let Sacha Baron Cohen mime his songs after he lost his voice.Filming on the movie musical was halted for a week when...

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Sacha Baron Cohen Fears He Will Never Go Undercover Again

28th December 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen fears he will never be able to make another spoof movie like Bruno or Borat because he has become too recognisable even when he is in character.The British funnyman moved away from...

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Sacha Baron Cohen Auditioned For Les Miserables In London

28th December 2012

British funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen was left red-faced when a terrible audition for the London staging of Les Miserables led him to breakdance in a desperate bid to win a role.Baron Cohen, who stars in...

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Jon Hamm Loves British Humour

27th December 2012

Jon Hamm is a big fan of British comedy.The 'Mad Men' star says he loves how humour in the UK can be about sensitive topics such as terrorism and still be funny and he admits...

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Hugh Jackman's Les Miserables Bond

24th December 2012

Hugh Jackman bonded with his 'Les Miserables' co-stars more than on any other movie he's done.The 'Wolverine' actor - who plays Jean Valjean in the film adaptation of the musical - insists he had the...

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Triumphant Return To British Comedy Awards For Sacha Baron Cohen

By Hayley Avron | 13th December 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen was one of the stars at last night’s British Comedy Awards, winning the Outstanding Achievement Award.Back in 1999, he won the Best Male Comedy Newcomer award at the very same awards event....

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Sacha Baron Cohen Wins Top Prize At British Comedy Awards

13th December 2012

Funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen revived his alter ego Ali G to accept a top prize at the British Comedy Awards in London on Wednesday (12Dec12).Movie legend Sir Ben Kingsley handed the Outstanding Achievement in Comedy...

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