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Ali G Star's Fall-out With Director

18th January 2005

STARSKY AND HUTCH director TODD PHILLIPS has left the set of BORAT after falling out with the mock-documentary's star SACHA BARON COHEN. ALI G funnyman Cohen and Phillips disagreed over the creative direction the...

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Cohen Sparks Chaos Over Bush Jibes

13th January 2005

Funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN caused outrage at an American rodeo event when he jokingly told spectators President GEORGE W BUSH should drink the blood of the Iraqi civilians he kills. The British comedian enraged...

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Portman An Ali G Fan

22nd October 2004

STAR WARS beauty NATALIE PORTMAN is such a huge fan of DA ALI G SHOW, she's declared it her new obsession. Portman has been captivated by British funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN's comic style ever...

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Ali G Star Blasted By Kazakh Embassy

20th September 2004

Comedian SACHA BARON COHEN's new TV show has caused outrage among Kazakhstanis living in America, who insist the programme promotes negative racial stereotypes. The Kazakh embassy in the US has received a deluge of...

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Brad Pitt: The Next Ali G?

13th September 2004

Hollywood heart-throb BRAD PITT is a massive fan of British comedy character ALI G and even does impressions of him. Pitt surprised friends at a party during a break from filming TROY when he...

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Ali G Star Kicks Up A Storm With 'Anti-semitic' Song

20th August 2004

Comedian SACHA BARON COHEN's new TV show has caused uproar on both sides of the Atlantic, because it features a satirical anti-Semitic song. BORAT'S TELEVISION PROGRAMME, which is based around a fictional Kazakstani reporter,...

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Ali G Angers Veteran Broadcaster

18th August 2004

Fictional TV presenter ALI G proved to be painfully annoying for veteran American broadcaster ANDY ROONEY - because he couldn't understand the character's terrible grammar. Ali G, played by SACHA BARON COHEN, has earned...

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Shaggy Wants To Rap With Ali G Again

2nd August 2004

Rapper SHAGGY is keen to team up with fictional British TV presenter ALI G again - if there is a "ton of money" involved and the comedian stays in character. The IT WASN'T ME...

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Ali G Star Goes To Great Lengths To Stay In Character

21st July 2004

ALI G creator SACHA BARON COHEN is so dedicated to keeping his characters real, he often has to suffer for his art. The comedian - who is engaged to SCOOBY-DOO actress ISLA FISHER -...

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Ali G's Received Fatherly Advice

19th July 2004

ALI G's alter-ego SASHA BARON COHEN is regularly offended by his parents' criticisms of his controversial TV series. The British comedian, 32, relies on his father's advice before he performs as the politically incorrect...

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Ali G Star Offends Carrey

15th July 2004

ALI G INDAHOUSE star SACHA BARON COHEN has offended comic actor JIM CARREY by making sexual comments about his daughter. Cohen, 32, was mortified after he pointed at an "attractive girl" at a Hollywood...

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Cohen Brings Ali G Back To Life

8th July 2004

British comedian SACHA BARON COHEN has dumped his dreams of become a "serious actor" and brought his famous character ALI G back to life. The Jewish funnyman and his fiancee, Australian actress ISLA FISHER,...

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Ali G To Address Harvard Students

27th May 2004

British comedian ALI G will join the likes of MOTHER THERESA and ex-US President BILL CLINTON, by becoming a guest speaker at HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Ali, the alter-ego of actor SASHA BARON COHEN, will address...

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Ali G Lover's Hollywood Break

1st March 2004

Former Australian soap actress ISLA FISHER has finally got her big break in Hollywood after landing the lead part in the new CHRISTOPHER WALKEN and OWEN WILSON movie. The petite redhead, who is engaged...

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Brad Pitt Loans Home To Baron Cohen

23rd December 2003

Superstar couple BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON are such big fans of British ALI G star SACHA BARON COHEN they've let him stay at their Los Angeles home. The comedian became friends with the...

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Ali G Gets Another Season In America

29th October 2003

British comedian ALI G is enjoying continued success in America - cable network HOME BOX OFFICE (HBO) has given him the greenlight to record a second season of DA ALI G SHOW. HBO will...

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Ali G's High Life Revealed In Stoner Mag

20th August 2003

Comedy gangsta rapper ALI G is hoping to turn his local McDONALD'S into a hash den. The oddball character, created by British comic SACHA BARON COHEN, has taken over this month's American...

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Ali G Blasts Eminem

20th August 2003

Outrageous TV rapper ALI G has blasted EMINEM for being too white! Ali G, real name SACHA BARON COHEN, labels Eminem "disgustin'" in an email he sent to American stoner magazine HIGH TIMES, claiming...

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Sacha Baron Cohen Comes To Dinner

6th August 2003

ALI G comedian SACHA BARON COHEN is planning a remake of the French movie LE DINER DE CONS (THE IDIOT GAME). British Cohen, better known for his spoof alter ego, has labelled his version...

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Ali G Star Signs Up For Movies

9th May 2003

ALI G star SACHA BARON COHEN has hit success in America - he's signed up to show off his acting skills in movies. After infiltrating the US with his comedy series DA ALI G...

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Ali G Goes Chat

21st April 2003

Outrageous comedian ALI G is planning a celebrity chat show in America. The comedian, who recently caused a storm in the US by making jokes about the 9/11 terror attacks, is in talks to...

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Comedian Ali G Set To Star In The Simpsons

20th April 2003

British comedian ALI G is set to star in hit show THE SIMPSONS. The funnyman, who recently launched his new series ALI G in DA USA, was spotted by creator MATT GROENING, who loved...

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Ali G Star In More Trouble Stateside

14th April 2003

LATEST: Controversial British comedian SACHA BARON COHEN has landed himself in more trouble in America - after propositioning a preacher at a religious festival in Atlanta. Cohen, who is most famous for his role...

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American Police After Ali G

10th April 2003

Comedian SACHA BARON COHEN faces jail after a joke in a massage parlour went wrong. The ALI G star was forced to go on the run from Arizona after he was stopped by police...

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