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Witherspoon Dreams Of Tea With The Queen

1st August 2003

REESE WITHERSPOON has just one complaint about Britain - QUEEN ELIZABETH II has yet to agree to dine with the actress's young daughter. Reese, who is pregnant with her second child by CRUEL INTENTIONS...

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Witherspoon: Ryan And I Are Unlikely To Act Together Again

28th July 2003

Hollywood stunner REESE WITHERSPOON doubts she and husband RYAN PHILLIPPE will ever reunite onscreen - because the projects they chose are so different. The LEGALLY BLONDE 2: RED, WHITE AND BLONDE actress is expecting...

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Reese Witherspoon Most Glamorous Mother-to-be

21st July 2003

LEGALLY BLONDE star RENEE ZELLWEGER's pregnancy has landed her a new position - as the most glamorous mother-to-be. The 27-year-old actress and her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE will be welcoming their second child into the...

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Witherspoon: 'My Husband Is So Brave'

18th July 2003

Hollywood starlet REESE WITHERSPOON has hailed her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE's bravery in openly admitting he's seeing a psychotherapist. The sexy actress - who picked up a $16 million (GBP10 million) pay cheque for her...

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Witherspoon Battles The Press

8th July 2003

REESE WITHERSPOON has been accused of being a control freak by an American magazine, after she banned its reporters from the premiere of her new movie. According to American news site MSNBC several reporters...

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Reese's British Independence Day

30th June 2003

LEGALLY BLONDE star REESE WITHERSPOON is far from enthusiastic about America's Independence Day on Friday (04JUL03) - because she'll have to spend it in London. The pregnant screen beauty is currently filming period drama...

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Brad + Jen Top Couples List

20th June 2003

BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON have been crowned the king and queen of Hollywood - in a new poll to name the movie world's top couple. The couple has beaten out REESE WITHERSPOON and...

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Reese Witherspoon Likes The Quiet Life

15th June 2003

Sexy Hollywood star REESE WITHERSPOON has surprised colleagues on the set of new movie VANITY FAIR - because she is quiet and likes to be left alone. The LEGALLY BLONDE beauty, 27, has behaved...

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Phillippe Hates His Appearance

9th June 2003

Hollywood heart-throb RYAN PHILLIPPE hates looking at himself in the mirror - because he's never satisfied with his appearance. The screen hunk - who's married to LEGALLY BLONDE star REESE WITHERSPOON - admits he...

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Igby Director Gets By With A Little Help From His Friends

8th June 2003

IGBY GOES DOWN director BURR STEERS had to rely on the goodwill of others to get his film made - and feels blessed that so many big names were drawn to it. The filmmaker...

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Reese Gets Set For Motherhood A Second Time

5th May 2003

Actress REESE WITHERSPOON has officially confirmed she's expecting a second child - and her three-year-old daughter AVA couldn't be happier. The LEGALLY BLONDE star told chat show host JAY LENO on Friday night...

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Cindy.s Baby Tops Tots List

18th April 2003

Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD's three-year-old son PRESLEY WALKER GERBER has beaten KATE WINSLET and MADONNA's little bundles of joy in a new poll of cute Hollywood babies. Weekly American magazine IN TOUCH has counted down...

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Baby Joy Helps Save Reese Witherspoon.s Rocky Marriage

17th April 2003

Hollywood stunner REESE WITHERSPOON's troubled marriage to hunk RYAN PHILLIPPE is now reportedly back on track - as a result of the actress' pregnancy. The couple discovered they were expecting their second baby...

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Reese And Ryan Consider London Move

7th April 2003

Hollywood golden couple REESE WITHERSPOON and RYAN PHILLIPPE are considering a move to London - because the city may prove healthier for their relationship than their current home town, Los Angeles. Newly-pregnant LEGALLY BLONDE...

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Reese . Ryan Take Off On A Second Honeymoon

21st March 2003

Hollywood couple REESE WITHERSPOON and RYAN PHILLIPPE jetted off to the Caribbean at the beginning of the month (MAR03) in a bid to save their rocky marriage. The popular pair quit Tinseltown with daughter...

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