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Phillippe Explains Anatomy To Son

9th September 2005

Hollywood actress REESE WITHERSPOON has learned the difficult aspects of raising a little boy, after her baby son DEACON asked her to explain what his penis was. Witherspoon, who also has a six-year-old daughter...

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Phillippe Tests Witherspoon With Coffee Rings

25th August 2005

SWEET HOME ALABAMA star REESE WITHERSPOON has a huge problem with her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE's habits around the house - particularly his refusal to use a coaster. The mother-of-two admits Phillippe's reluctance to use...

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Paparazzi Escape Without Charges Over Witherspoon Chase

10th August 2005

Hollywood actress REESE WITHERSPOON is disappointed because a group of paparazzi who "besieged" her in April (05), will not face criminal charges of false imprisonment. The LEGALLY BLONDE beauty, 29, told Los Angeles police...

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Witherspoon Gives Phillippe A Sweet Treat

16th June 2005

REESE WITHERSPOON gave her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE a sweat treat for their sixth wedding anniversary on 5 June (05) - by stocking up on his favourite candies. LEGALLY BLONDE star Witherspoon, 29, visited Candy...

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Usher, Beckham + Mcconaughey Top Body Parts Poll

29th May 2005

USHER, DAVID BECKHAM, MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY, COLIN FARRELL and NICK LACHEY have topped a new American magazine poll to find the best celebrity body parts. Usher beat RYAN PHILLIPPE to land at the top of...

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Mcconaughey Has 'Best Chest In Hollywood'

8th April 2005

MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY's toned body has placed him at the top of a poll of the 10 Best Male Chests in Hollywood. The Hollywood actor, boyfriend of Spanish beauty PENELOPE CRUZ, boasts a taut physique...

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Reese And Ryan Fight Split Reports

30th March 2005

REESE WITHERSPOON and RYAN PHILLIPPE are fighting Hollywood rumours that they're splitting up. Just weeks after US tabloids claimed the VANITY FAIR actress was pregnant with the couple's third child, US WEEKLY is reporting...

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Nair Told Phillippe To Get Witherspoon Pregnant

6th January 2005

Director MIRA NAIR encouraged RYAN PHILLIPPE to get his wife REESE WITHERSPOON pregnant before filming began on VANITY FAIR. The Indian film-maker hates skinny actresses and when discussing casting on the WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY...

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Moore And Kutcher's Romance Beats The Odds In New Poll

15th October 2004

DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER's unlikely romance has led to them being dubbed the top Hollywood couple that beat the odds. Moore, 41, and 26-year-old Kutcher sparked a slew of headlines when they started...

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Witherspoon's Brunette Confusion

16th September 2004

REESE WITHERSPOON's decision to die her hair brown has left her confused - she can no longer remember her natural colour. The LEGALLY BLONDE star swapped her trademark blonde locks for a new look...

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Witherspoon's Ban On Black Clothes

3rd September 2004

Hollywood actress REESE WITHERSPOON's upbringing was so strict, she wasn't allowed to wear anything black until she was in her teens. The mother-of-two and wife of actor RYAN PHILLIPPE, is disgusted by a lot...

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Witherspoon's Daughter Disapproves Of Brunette Look

3rd September 2004

REESE WITHERSPOON's four-year-old daughter AVA is horrified with the actress' new brunette look - because she believes the paparazzi will no longer want to take her mother's picture. The actress darkened her blonde tresses...

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Witherspoon Amazed At Media Attention

2nd September 2004

Actress REESE WITHERSPOON is baffled by the number of pages celebrity magazines fill with pictures of her walking around town. The screen beauty - who stars in MIRA NAIR's eagerly-anticipated new movie VANITY FAIR...

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Witherspoon's Daughter Takes On Mothering Duties

19th August 2004

LEGALLY BLONDE star REESE WITHERSPOON has taken to calling her four-year-old daughter AVA "Little Mother" - because she's taken full control of her younger brother DEACON. Witherspoon and her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE welcomed Deacon...

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Witherspoon's Shocking New Look

18th August 2004

LEGALLY BLONDE actress REESE WITHERSPOON has shocked fans by dying her famously fair hair brown. The sexy star's new look is so different many photographers didn't recognises her at the New York premiere of...

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Witherspoon Skips Parties For Reality Tv

27th July 2004

LEGALLY BLONDE star REESE WITHERSPOON has always opted out of Hollywood's party scene, because she's much more comfortable at home watching reality TV shows. The mother-of-two, married to her CRUEL INTENTIONS co-star RYAN PHILLIPPE,...

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Fascinating Facts

30th June 2004

LEGALLY BLONDE star REESE WITHERSPOON and her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE plan to leave Los Angeles because they want to raise their children AVA and DEACON in a "normal environment". 30/06/2004 14:04

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Witherspoon To Be A Sports Widow

7th April 2004

LEGALLY BLONDE beauty REESE WITHERSPOON has signed up to star as an American football addict's wife in new comedy SPORTS WIDOW. Witherspoon, married to RYAN PHILLIPPE, will also produce the romantic comedy, in which...

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Witherspoon And Phillippe Selling Bel-air Abode

29th March 2004

Actress REESE WITHERSPOON and husband RYAN PHILLIPPE have placed their Los Angeles home on the market. The couple, parents of AVA, four, and five-month-old son DEACON, recently bought a Spanish-style six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home in...

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Warhol Twins Want Phillippe To Play Them

1st October 2003

ANDY WARHOL's former confidants THE DUPONT TWINS are shopping their hellraising biopic around Hollywood - and they want RYAN PHILLIPPE to play both of them on the big screen. The brothers, RICHARD and ROBERT,...

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Witherspoon's Daughter Tops Hollywood Tot Poll

27th August 2003

REESE WITHERSPOON and RYAN PHILLIPPE's daughter AVA has been voted the cutest child in Hollywood in a new survey. Readers of America's US WEEKLY were asked to vote for the celebrity offspring they found...

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Attenborough's Octogenarian Plans

13th August 2003

Screen legend SIR RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH begins shooting his new movie next month (SEP03) - just weeks after his 80th birthday. The energetic GANDHI director has raised the finance for romantic drama CLOSING THE RING...

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Witherspoon Dreams Of Tea With The Queen

1st August 2003

REESE WITHERSPOON has just one complaint about Britain - QUEEN ELIZABETH II has yet to agree to dine with the actress's young daughter. Reese, who is pregnant with her second child by CRUEL INTENTIONS...

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Witherspoon: Ryan And I Are Unlikely To Act Together Again

28th July 2003

Hollywood stunner REESE WITHERSPOON doubts she and husband RYAN PHILLIPPE will ever reunite onscreen - because the projects they chose are so different. The LEGALLY BLONDE 2: RED, WHITE AND BLONDE actress is expecting...

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Reese Witherspoon Most Glamorous Mother-to-be

21st July 2003

LEGALLY BLONDE star RENEE ZELLWEGER's pregnancy has landed her a new position - as the most glamorous mother-to-be. The 27-year-old actress and her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE will be welcoming their second child into the...

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Witherspoon: 'My Husband Is So Brave'

18th July 2003

Hollywood starlet REESE WITHERSPOON has hailed her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE's bravery in openly admitting he's seeing a psychotherapist. The sexy actress - who picked up a $16 million (GBP10 million) pay cheque for her...

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Witherspoon Battles The Press

8th July 2003

REESE WITHERSPOON has been accused of being a control freak by an American magazine, after she banned its reporters from the premiere of her new movie. According to American news site MSNBC several reporters...

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Reese's British Independence Day

30th June 2003

LEGALLY BLONDE star REESE WITHERSPOON is far from enthusiastic about America's Independence Day on Friday (04JUL03) - because she'll have to spend it in London. The pregnant screen beauty is currently filming period drama...

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Brad + Jen Top Couples List

20th June 2003

BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON have been crowned the king and queen of Hollywood - in a new poll to name the movie world's top couple. The couple has beaten out REESE WITHERSPOON and...

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Reese Witherspoon Likes The Quiet Life

15th June 2003

Sexy Hollywood star REESE WITHERSPOON has surprised colleagues on the set of new movie VANITY FAIR - because she is quiet and likes to be left alone. The LEGALLY BLONDE beauty, 27, has behaved...

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