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Slater Fights For Kids

12th February 2006

Hollywood star CHRISTIAN SLATER is fighting for joint custody of his son and daughter, according to re-filed divorce documents. The TRUE ROMANCE star, 36, is desperate for full access to four-year-old ELIANA and six-year-old...

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Slater Arrested For Groping

31st May 2005

Hollywood badboy CHRISTIAN SLATER was arrested in the early hours of this morning (31MAY05) for allegedly groping a woman on a New York city sidewalk. The HEATHERS actor, 35, was arrested and charged with...

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Slater's Mother Makes Emotional Appeal To Press

19th April 2005

Actor CHRISTIAN SLATER's mother MARY JO has made a passionate appeal to the press, begging them to stop writing about her son's love life and troubled past - and focus on his charitable acts instead....

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Lohan Blasts Reports She's Dating Slater

6th April 2005

Singer and actress LINDSAY LOHAN has furiously blasted reports she's secretly dating actor CHRISTIAN SLATER. The RUMORS star, 18, has denied press claims the TRUE ROMANCE hunk regularly visited her trailer on the Los...

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Slater Thought Marriage Was For Forever

24th March 2005

CHRISTIAN SLATER is still mystified about the failure of his marriage to RYAN HADDON, because he felt sure he was destined to be with her forever. The actor never thought of himself as the...

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Slater To Divorce Haddon

24th February 2005

Hollywood star CHRISTIAN SLATER has begun divorce proceedings to end his five-year marriage to RYAN HADDON. The pair split in January (05), during Slater's run in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST on London's...

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Slater Flys Back To States 'To Save Marriage'

7th February 2005

Hollywood hunk CHRISTIAN SLATER is returning to Los Angeles in a last-bid attempt to save his marriage to wife RYAN HADDON. The couple - who have been married for five years - have been...

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Slater: 'Press Exaggerated Fight With My Wife'

16th December 2004

TRUE ROMANCE star CHRISTIAN SLATER has dismissed press reports that he needed nine stitches after his wife hit him in a Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel room last year (03) as exaggerated. RYAN HADDON hurt...

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Slater's Slow Seduction

9th December 2004

CHRISTIAN SLATER had to work hard to convince wife RYAN HADDON to marry him - because she was scared he would succumb to the vices that almost wrecked his career. The actor had just...

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Slater To Quit Los Angeles For London

5th December 2004

CHRISTIAN SLATER plans to leave his former wild Los Angeles lifestyle behind for good by making London his permanent home. The Hollywood star, 35, who has been appearing on the West End stage in...

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Slater Torn Between Drinking And Family

24th November 2004

CHRISTIAN SLATER is on such a "natural high" after appearing on the London stage, he finds himself torn between drinking with his co-stars and going home to his family. The American actor, 35, acknowledges...

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Slater's School Days

14th November 2004

Comeback actor CHRISTIAN SLATER went back to school in a bid to get his career back on track. The ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES star - currently wowing crowds in a stage version of...

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Slater 'Cheating' On Haddon?

28th July 2004

CHRISTIAN SLATER was allegedly spotted romancing a mystery young blonde on Sunday night (25JUL04) in London - while his wife RYAN HADDON is home in America with their two children. The TRUE ROMANCE...

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Slater Pays For Night Of Sex With Hooker

21st June 2004

Hollywood actor CHRISTIAN SLATER has reportedly paid a prostitute for sex while away from home filming in London - unbeknown to his wife RYAN HADDON. The TRUE ROMANCE actor, 34, allegedly paid Romanian call...

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Slater + Haddon Try To Save Their Marriage

4th April 2004

CHRISTIAN SLATER and his wife RYAN HADDON are trying to save their marriage by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings together in Los Angeles. According to American tabloid STAR, the couple recently attended an AA meeting...

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Christian Slater's Wife 'Spent Christmas In Rehab'

8th January 2004

Hollywood actor CHRISTIAN SLATER's wife RYAN HADDON has reportedly spent the Christmas holidays in rehabilitation. The TRUE ROMANCE star, 34, is said to have spent his winter break near the PROMISES clinic on the outskirts...

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No Charges Against Slater's Wife

11th December 2003

CHRISTIAN SLATER's wife RYAN HADDON won't face criminal charges stemming from a Las Vegas hotel room scuffle which injured her actor husband last month (NOV03). Clark County District Attorney DAVID ROGER says there's no...

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Slater + Haddon Work On Their Marriage

21st November 2003

Movie star CHRISTIAN SLATER and his wife RYAN HADDON are desperately trying to save their marriage after a fight in Las Vegas, Nevada, left him needing stitches and landed her in jail. Police were...

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Slater Insists Glass Fight Arrest Was A Misunderstanding

12th November 2003

LATEST: CHRISTIAN SLATER is trying to keep his wife RYAN HADDON out of jail after a reported fight between them turned nasty. Haddon, a television producer, was arrested at Las Vegas, Nevada's HARD ROCK...

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Christian Slater And Wife In Las Vegas Fight

12th November 2003

CHRISTIAN SLATER's wife RYAN HADDON has been arrested after she allegedly hit the actor with a drinking glass during a fight - leaving him in need of 20 stitches to his head. Haddon, a...

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Affleck's Cover-up Letter Revealed

15th August 2003

LATEST: American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER is refusing to let BEN AFFLECK wriggle out of the lap-dancer scandal - they've published a letter sent by one of the actor's entourage requesting the strippers keep quiet....

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Friend Protests Ben Affleck's Innocence

7th August 2003

LATEST: CHRISTIAN SLATER's wife has denied troubled actor BEN AFFLECK acted inappropriately when he visited a strip club with her last month (17JUL03). RYAN HADDON joined her TRUE ROMANCE star husband, Affleck and actress...

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