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Rihanna Joins Ten-week Club

23rd July 2007

R&B artist Rihanna has made chart history after her song Umbrella secured its tenth straight week at number one.The Barbadian singer joins Bryan Adams and Whitney Houston in breaking the ten-week barrier.The 19-year-old's song featuring...

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The Things They Say 5238

23rd July 2007

"My biggest connection is with Batman - he's a dark dude, he has women trouble, he may or may not have been a drunk. I can identify with those things." RYAN ADAMS is a comic...

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The Things They Say 5049

2nd July 2007

"I'm just a singer and I feel you ought to put me in a flight case after the gigs. I mean, I go with all the guitar stands and amps." Prolific singer/songwriter RYAN ADAMS is...

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The Things They Say 5026

29th June 2007

"Absolutely no f**king way. You couldn't pay me. Well, you could give me a million bucks and I'd do a half-assed job and say, 'Thank you very much.'" RYAN ADAMS has no plans to perform...

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Ryan Adams: 'It's A Miracle I Didn't Die From Drug Overdose'

19th June 2007

Cult rocker RYAN ADAMS is grateful he was able to overcome his drug addiction last year (06), declaring it was "a miracle I did not die". The So Alive hitmaker admits he regularly mixed drugs...

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The Things They Say 4833

4th June 2007

"I ignore the people that say I'm at fault for being a hard worker. It's completely unreasonable." RYAN ADAMS discusses critics who complain he releases too much material. In 2005, the rocker released three studio...

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Adams To Keep Rap Tracks Unofficial

4th June 2007

Prolific rocker RYAN ADAMS is refusing to officially release the hip-hop tracks he posted on his website last year (06), insisting the songs were just done for experimental fun. The New York, New York star,...

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Two Josephs Exit Any Dream Will Do

29th April 2007

Two potential Josephs left the hit BBC1 show Any Dream Will Do last night, bringing the total number of potential leading men down to eight.In a surprise alteration announced last week, two contestants left the...

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Stonehenge Bosses Cancel Ryan Adams Concert

13th April 2007

Rocker RYAN ADAMS has been forced to scrap plans to play a historic concert at Stonehenge in England following fears from organisers that the show would be too big. The singer/songwriter was scheduled to perform...

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Two Princes Aim For 'Biggest Show Possible'

4th April 2007

Princes William and Harry are reportedly determined to make the memorial concert for their mother's death the biggest event possible  and are targeting US stars to gain maximum appeal.The show, which will mark ten...

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No Diana Concert For Take That

3rd April 2007

Take That and James Blunt are not confirmed to be appearing at a tribute concert to the late Princess Diana, it has emerged.A report in this morning's Daily Mirror claimed that the comeback kings and...

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Stars Join Driver For New Album

18th March 2007

LIZ PHAIR and RYAN ADAMS are among the stars giving actress MINNIE DRIVER's music career a boost by joining her on her new album. The British star will release her second album, SEA STORIES, this...

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Fascinating Fact 2970

9th March 2007

American rocker RYAN ADAMS will play a special album launch for new record EASY TIGER at the ancient pagan stone circles of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England later this year (07)....

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Fascinating Fact 2447

16th November 2006

Prolific songwriter RYAN ADAMS has posted eight albums-worth of new material on his website The new tracks feature one collaboration with action star CHUCK NORRIS.

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Posey Tells Of 'Troubled' Ex Adams

3rd November 2006

Actress PARKER POSEY has blamed RYAN ADAMS' "personal demons" on the breakdown of their relationship. The SUPERMAN RETURNS star split from the singer/songwriter last year (05). Ryan has also dated WINONA RYDER, ALANIS MORISSETTE and...

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Adams Shut Down Online Forum For Personal Safety

12th October 2006

LATEST: RYAN ADAMS shut down his online forum because the rocker's hotel room number and personal details about his parents were posted on its message boards. Last weekend (07/08OCT06), the NEW YORK, NEW YORK star...

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Adams Shuts Down Online Forum

8th October 2006

Singer RYAN ADAMS has shut down his online forum after feeling threatened by a comment posted by a fan. The NEW YORK, NEW YORK rocker insists the move doesn't constitute a permanent closure and...

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Fascinating Fact 2189

29th September 2006

RYAN ADAMS is streaming a new track, LOOK WHO'S GOT A WEBSITE, online - and the country rocker raps on it.

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Nelson Calls On Adams And Band For New Album

18th August 2006

Country star WILLIE NELSON has handed over the reigns of his new album to rocker RYAN ADAMS and his band. Adams will produce SONGBIRD, while his backing band, the CARDINALS, will support Nelson in the...

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Lohan's Love Lies

9th August 2006

You really can't believe anything you read about LINDSAY LOHAN's love life because the actress makes up boyfriend stories all the time. The 20-year-old has been romantically linked with JARED LETO, actor COLIN FARRELL, rockers...

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Ryder Begs Suitors To Call Her

8th August 2006

WINONA RYDER wishes she could date the men she's continuously linked with, because in reality she's lonely and looking for love. The actress has avoided the glare of the media since her shoplifting trial 2002....

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Stars Unite For Big Star Tribute

18th May 2006

US rockers REM are joining forces with RYAN ADAMS and IDLEWILD to create a tribute album to 1970s band BIG STAR. Disc BIG STAR SMALL WORLD will feature a series of cover tracks including YOU...

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Lohan Laughs Off Numerous Romances

6th April 2006

Teen queen LINDSAY LOHAN has laughed off her numerous reported romances, declaring she would "be dead" if she dated that many people. The MEAN GIRLS star, 19, has been romantically linked to LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, JARED...

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Adams 'Pirates' Charged With Copyright Violation

10th March 2006

Two men who allegedly posted RYAN ADAMS music online before its official release date have been charged with violating copyright laws. ROBERT THOMAS of Milwaukee and JARED BOWSER of Jacksonville, Florida made songs from Adams'...

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Fascinating Fact 1171

7th March 2006

TIM MCGRAW's new hits compilation, TIM MCGRAW REFLECTED: HITS VOL. 2, will feature a new song, I'VE GOT FRIENDS THAT DO, written by RYAN ADAMS.

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Adams Anxious About Acoustic Test

23rd February 2006

Rocker RYAN ADAMS is terrified about hitting the road again just months after recovering from horrific arm injuries. Adams endured months of agony after smashing his wrist when he fell from the stage at...

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Ryan Adams Rejects Setlist

22nd February 2006

US rocker RYAN ADAMS refuses to be confined to a setlist, even though the "confusion" of playing from the heart often leads to onstage disputes. The singer/songwriter admits he still suffers from stage fright,...

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Lohan Falls For Ryan Adams?

9th February 2006

LINDSAY LOHAN has found a new man in the shape of rocker RYAN ADAMS. The actress/singer, who was recently romantically linked to her CHAPTER 27 co-star JARED LETO, has been quietly dating Adams for...

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Summer Of '69 Jokes Send Adams Into Therapy

16th January 2006

US rocker RYAN ADAMS underwent therapy after his last tour because he couldn't handle fans screaming BRYAN ADAMS' song titles from the audience. The singer/songwriter famously fought with one cheeky devotee who screamed the...

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Mia And Fall Out Boy Win Big At Satellite Radio Awards

5th December 2005

British rapper MIA and US rockers FALL OUT BOY have been named the most important emerging artists at America's first XM Nation Music Awards. The musicians scooped the honour after fans sent in their...

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