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Cross Refuses To Watch Brand's Revamped Arthur 1660934 2nd May 2011 Singer/songwriter Christopher Cross refuses to watch the Arthur remake because he hates the idea of Russell Brand recreating the role made famous by his late pal Dudley Moore.
Cross recorded the theme to the 1981 movie classic and was upset when he heard of remake plans.
He has nothing against Brand, but feels moviemakers should have left the film well alone.
He tells, "Dudley is Arthur and that's it. Russell Brand is a talented guy but Dudley created the character and he's gone.
"Steven Gordon, who wrote and directed that picture, died six weeks after Arthur came out, which is why Arthur 2 was not very good. I haven't seen it and I'm not really interested in seeing it because I'm from the era that connects to Dudley."
Cross was so opposed to the remake he refused to let producers use his iconic theme song, Best That You Can Do, which he co-wrote with Burt Bacharach and Carol Bayer Sager.
He adds, "They asked us if they could use the song, which we didn't let them do. They did re-record it with somebody else. I just have a lot of reverence for Dudley and miss him greatly and he's the one that brought that character to life."
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Perry Quits Google After Marriage Spoiler 1660952 2nd May 2011 Pop star Katy Perry made a New Year resolution to quit searching for stories about herself on the internet after she read about husband Russell Brand's planned marriage proposal before he'd popped the question.
The I Kissed a Girl hitmaker revealed last year (10) that funnyman Brand's proposal in 2009 came as no surprise as she'd received a Google alert about it weeks before.
She made a vow at the start of this year (10) to stop reading about herself online - and she's adamant the decision has made her life "much better".
Perry tells The Sunday Times Magazine, "I'm four months Google-free. I don't Google myself any more. That was my New Year's resolution. I don't read papers. I don't even look at reviews. I have a good team around me so if anything pops up that's really good or bad I'll know about it. Generally I feel much better being able to live my life like a normal person and not read yesterday's news."
The decision means the Perry household now has little use for an internet connection - she revealed last year that Brand had already stopped Googling himself.
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Fast & Furious 5 Races To Top Of U.k. Box Office 1661360 27th April 2011 Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist has raced to the top of the U.K. box office chart, holding off competition from Russell Brand's Arthur remake.
The fifth film in the action car franchise, starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Vin Diesel, took $8.5 million (£5.3 million) in its opening weekend, making it the largest three-day opening of 2011 so far.
The movie cruised passed animated movie Rio, which held firm at number two with $1.4 million (£886,669) in takings, while Arthur showed disappointing sales in third spot with $1.2 million (£764,468).
Meanwhile another sequel, Scream 4, dropped from top spot into fourth and Vanessa Hudgens' Beastly debuted at number five.
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Russell Brand Loves To Improvise On Set 2540893 27th April 2011

Working with Russell Brand is like being in an "imaginary land", according to his 'Arthur' co-star Greta Gerwig.

Russell plays the titular role in the movie - about a playboy who stands to be disinherited for getting involved with Greta's character Naomi who his family don't like - and the actress revealed she was impressed with Russell's improvisation on set.

She explained to "I love improv. I come from an improv heavy background. Working with Russell felt like stepping into an imaginative world and for it really mirrored the way Arthur and Naomi are rather playful with each other. When Russell and I worked together it felt like we were just messing about in this imaginary land and when they called cut it was so sad because we had just been riffing off each other."

Greta also revealed Russell's fans were delighted to see the actor filming on the streets of New York and claims the British star has a number of male fans.

She said: "New Yorkers were p****d off at us because New Yorkers are p****d off in general but tourists were happy to see us filming on the streets of the city because Russell has a lot of fans. A lot of teenage boys were happy to see Russell."

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Mark Ronson Ready For Movie Soundtracks 2540945 25th April 2011

Mark Ronson "would enjoy" working on more movie soundtracks after his experience on 'Arthur'.

The producer-and-musician had a great experience working on his first film - a remake of the 1981 comedy in which Russell Brand takes on the lead role originally played by Dudley Moore - and is ready to take on more big screen projects.

He told BANG Showbiz: "The original 'Arthur' is one of my favourite movies. When I moved to the US when I was eight there was one station where it was like the only movie they played, pretty much on loop.

"I haven't got any plans to do another film at present, but it's something I would enjoy doing in the future at some point."

Mark's initial involvement in the project came when director Jason Winer wanted to use one of his old tracks in the film, and everything spiralled from there and he ended up even writing the theme song.

Mark explained: "I did four songs for the film. They were using a song that me and Daniel Merriweather had, an old song, and I met the director and said, 'Well, we could make a new one?'

"So we wrote two or three songs, one with Guy Chambers, one with Eg White, and they liked all three songs and put them all in the film, and I ended up doing the intro too, so it's cool - especially for my first experience."

In total, Mark produced and co-wrote four tracks which appear on the 'Arthur' soundtrack, including 'Dazed' and 'Can't Buy You' with Daniel and instrumental track 'A Harmless Game Of Dress Up', which is performed by the Arthur Orchestra.

Also on the soundtrack are tracks by Fitz and the Tantrums and Ben Gibbard from the band Death Cab For Cutie.

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Greta Gerwig Teased By Brand On Arthur Set 2540954 23rd April 2011

Greta Gerwig admits Russell Brand made her "blush" all the time on the set of 'Arthur'.

The actress - who plays Naomi, Russell's titular character's love interest, in the movie - admits she was often the butt of the British actor's jokes, and she admits nothing was out of bounds for risque Russell.

Greta told BANG Showbiz: "He made fun of me all the time! Of everything - things I came to the set wearing, things I was doing, but he is still charming when he's making fun of you.

"I think I just blushed a lot and got awkward, which he also enjoyed. But that's his natural state with women, men, everyone - to flirt, he's just so magnetic, he can't help it."

Despite his relentless gags, 'Greenburg' actress Greta insists Russell was "really hard working" and great to work with.

She added: "Russell never really delivers the same line twice, and I come from a background of improvisation, so I quite enjoyed that and I like keeping it fresh, it's good, it makes every take different."

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The Things They Say 21365 1661718 22nd April 2011
"I'm in two minds. It's a waste of money, b**ody Royal Family, and then I think ooh, I might go down, get a Willy (William) tea towel, an unofficial mug." Russell Brand on the upcoming wedding of British royal Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple will wed in London next week (29Apr11).
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Russell Brand's Once A Week Katy Perry Date 2540968 22nd April 2011

Russell Brand only sees his wife Katy Perry "once a week".

The 'Arthur' actor - who married the 'Firework' hitmaker last October - explained the couple's busy schedules mean they don't get to spend as much time together as they would like, but they always clear one day each week for a date.

He said: "We see each other once a week. We meet up all the time. She's beautiful. I love having my own little pop star. She's brill."

Although the British funnyman admits he has "changed" after tying the knot, he insists Katy wasn't instrumental in making him tone down his famously eccentric style.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he added: "Katy's not like that. We wouldn't have got married if we were a couple of bickering little snides. The skinny jeans aren't gone for good. I like my trousers fitted - but I'm in my 30s. It's normal to stop having a mad haircut.

"Imagine being 70 with that ludicrous nest. It's natural passage of time. Certainly one changes as a result of marriage. If you don't, why do it? Anything that doesn't change you, don't do it. It's pointless."

Russell also revealed he is keen to start a family with Katy, but only if their children can be born in Essex, South East England, where he grew up.

He joked: "Imagine if my children didn't have an Essex accent. I don't think I could take it. My children have got to be born somewhere where it's legitimate for them to support West Ham United.

"Everything makes me a little homesick. I've become madly patriotic."

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Russell Brand Felt 'Shy' In Arthur 2540970 22nd April 2011

Russell Brand admits he was "a bit shy" running around naked except for his underpants in 'Arthur'.

The comedy actor plays the titular role in the movie - about a playboy who stands to be disinherited for getting involved with a girl his family don't like - and found some of his more daring scenes were quite surreal.

When asked if running around semi-naked was a highlight, the usually confident Russell told BANG Showbiz: "I liked it, I suppose. I was a bit shy occasionally because sometimes we were outside and I was just in my underpants, like in those dreams you have where you wake up in your underpants, except I didn't wake up because I was already awake."

The 35-year-old comedian added his parents were supportive of his near-naked scenes and even wanted him to go a step further.

He added: "They were very fond of the whole caper, they said I should have taken off another layer!"

Russell - who is married to pop singer Katy Perry - didn't feel daunted to be taking on the role of Arthur - originally played by Dudley Moore - in the remake, and his familiarity with the film only meant he enjoyed it more.

He said: "I loved the original film, but that didn't make it pressured, that made the whole thing rather exciting."

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Brand Wants To Star In Movie With Perry 1661867 21st April 2011 British funnyman Russell Brand is keen to star in a movie with his wife Katy Perry after their scene in Get Him To The Greek was axed.
The Arthur actor filmed a kissing clip with Perry for the comedy, just before they started dating in September 2009.
The pair became engaged before the movie was released, and Perry's cameo was axed for fear it would be "too cheesy" for viewers.
But Brand, who is now married to the I Kissed a Girl hitmaker, is hopeful he will one day get to appear on screen with the singer.
He tells Britain's Daily Star, "I'd love to star in a movie with my beautiful wife Katy, of course I would. That would be great. I'm up for it."
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Russell Brand Willing To Shave Head 2541034 20th April 2011

Russell Brand would shave his head to play Sir Winston Churchill in a film alongside wife Katy Perry.

The 'Arthur' star - who famously sports long, dark locks - would be open to starring in a movie as the bald former war-time British Prime Minister, as long as his 'Firework' singer spouse was also included.

Speaking at the European premiere of 'Arthur', held at Cineworld at London's O2, Russell admitted he'd shave his head if the right part came along, telling BANG Showbiz: "Depends who I'm playing... Winston Churchill? Alright! Me and Katy as Churchill and Churchill's bodyguard. I'm up for it!"

As well as playing the late Churchill, the comedian, who has written two autobiographies, 'My Booky Wook' and sequel 'Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal' - covering his battle with drugs and alcohol and notorious womanising before he met Katy - would like to see a film made of his life, but had some unusual choices as to who should play him.

He said: "I'd love for a film to be made of my life. I'd have either Harry Potter [Daniel Radcliffe] or Natalie Portman playing me."

Russell, 35, also said he as "immensely proud" of 'Arthur' - about a playboy billionaire who stands to lose his inheritance if he marries a girl his family don't approve of - and feels it is as fun as inhaling "paint fumes"

He added: "I'm immensely proud of it, it's really funny and rather romantic. What a better way to spend 90 minutes, except perhaps in some peculiar stupor induced by paint fumes.

"I'd either watch 'Arthur' or inhale paint deeply. Or inhale paint deeply then watch 'Arthur'. Or don't inhale paint it's dangerous."

'Arthur' is in UK cinemas from April 22.

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Brand's Concerns Over Alcohol In Arthur 1661957 20th April 2011 Russell Brand fears his portrayal of a drunk in Arthur isn't as light-hearted as Dudley Moore's original turn - because alcoholism is now viewed as a disease and not a "giggly and frivolous" matter.
The British funnyman stepped into Moore's shoes to play the millionaire playboy in a remake of the iconic 1981 comedy, but admits it was a challenge to portray a booze-addled character when substance abuse is now considered taboo.
He tells Britain's Independent newspaper, "Dudley's performance really stands out because it wasn't like it was a chilling portrayal of the horrors of alcoholism. It was really a device for clowning and facilitating physical comedy.
"But nowadays you have to address the fact that alcohol is a problem. Aldous Snow, the previous lunatic drunk I've played (in Forgetting Sarah Marshall), was a dark, bleak character, whereas Arthur is far more merry and twinkly. But I think that anyone who drinks that much is an alcoholic.
"Alcohol now is recognised as a disease and a social problem, not something we can be all giggly and frivolous about. So my own Arthur, whilst he's still a raving alcoholic, he doesn't get away with it in the way that Dudley did. In those days, clearly, it wasn't a problem for people to be alcoholics. People were dying of alcoholism and it was considered fun."
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Helen Mirren 'Always' Kisses Russell Brand 2541055 19th April 2011

Dame Helen Mirren "always" kisses Russell Brand whenever she sees him.

The Oscar-winning actress - who stars alongside the British star in a remake of classic Dudley Moore comedy 'Arthur' - always loves meeting up with Russell because she "can" lock lips with him while many other girls can only dream of doing so.

Speaking at the European premiere of 'Arthur' at Cineworld at London's O2, Helen told BANG Showbiz: "Russell is a great mate, I always have to kiss him every time I see him. I have to kiss him because I can, and I know how many girls want to, but I get to do it. In a very non-sexual way of course!"

The 65-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by Russell, who took inspiration from Dudley for the title role of the film to make sure he played it to his very best.

Asked how his version of the rich playboy character is different, he said: "DNA, willpower and in little parts a sort of chimera or a Frankenstein. A little bit of acting from Dudley Moore, not actually Dudley Moore of course, but inspiration from Dudley Moore. I'm not a scientist."

Russell had his wife Katy Perry on the carpet for the event, while other stars including singers Noel Gallagher and Mark Ronson also attended.

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Rihanna Thought Russell Brand Was An 'Idiot' 2541094 18th April 2011

Rihanna thought Russell Brand was an "idiot" when she first met him.

The 'California King Bed' singer - whose close friend Katy Perry is married to the British comedian - did not like him when they first met because she was ill and didn't think he was "funny".

She said: "I first met him when he was interviewing me on TV. I was sick and it was the worst interview I've ever done. I was throwing up in a bucket and a doctor gave me a shot in my butt. Nothing was funny to me. I thought it was the most stupid f***ing interview I ever did in my f***ing life.

"Why am I talking to this idiot? He made me want to throw up again."

However, the 23-year-old beauty changed her mind about Russell when she met him the second time, admitting she was probably "a complete bitch".

She told Australia's Cleo magazine: "We did another interview on MTV and I realised he was funny. I was probably a complete bitch, but only months afterwards did I get it."

Despite being close friends with 'Firework' hitmaker Katy, Rihanna was not able to go to India to her wedding to Russell in October last year, something she has previously confessed regret about.

She said: "I will never ever forgive myself for that, it was a crazy time, it was a crazy week, I'm switching management. There was no phone service in India and very little-to-no internet service, so it would have been a little irresponsible of me. I'm sad that I missed it."

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The Things They Say 21320 1662158 18th April 2011
"I'm not saying it wasn't totally idiotic what they did and boys when they're together can be really, really stupid... and they were incredibly stupid." Dame Helen Mirren doesn't condone her pal Russell Brand's controversial calls to actor Andrew Sachs, which saw the funnyman and British presenter Jonathan Ross leaving offensive messages on the star's answerphone as part of a radio broadcast.
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The Things They Say 21314 1662178 18th April 2011
"No, a lot of this stuff I don't know where it comes from. I've stopped reading the papers, I've even stopped Googling my own name - and that was my favourite hobby. I don't do it anymore." Russell Brand dismisses reports he's attending marriage counselling sessions with wife Katy Perry.
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Russell Brand Warned He Would Die Within Six Months Without Rehab 1662181 18th April 2011 Russell Brand's drug problems became so debilitating at the height of his addiction he was warned he would die if he refused help.
The Get Him To The Greek star spiralled out of control after initially finding fame in his native U.K. as a stand-up comedian and TV host.
His agent, John Noel, ordered the funnyman to seek professional help after his son saw the star taking heroin at a party and Brand only agreed after he was told he wouldn't survive if he didn't go to rehab.
The actor, who has now turned his life around, tells British host Piers Morgan, "I was probably six months away from, well (my friend) goes, 'You need to stop taking drugs right now or in six months you'll be in prison, a lunatic asylum or dead'. And that's the first time anyone had said anything like that to me.
"I still thought... 'Rehab, I don't like the sound of that'. So that's when (agent) John (Noel) and (my friend) took me in a room... He said, 'Russell needs to go away, because he's doolally (crazy)... but he's got to want to go for himself'... The thing with drug addiction is the person themselves has to make that choice because it's got to come from within, and I go, 'Yeah, I don't think I fancy it'. John went, 'F**k that you're going'."
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Katy Perry Parties With Rihanna 1662331 15th April 2011 Katy Perry - The 26-year-old American singer Katy Perry hit the town with best friend Rihanna last night (14th April 2011), reports the UK's Daily Mail. Katy Perry met up with the R&B star after she had performed her hit single 'California King Bed' on American Idol.
After wowing the 'Idol' audience, Rihanna joined Perry for a "pre-clubbing" meal at Mozza Pizzeria in Los Angeles. The pair then headed to the Voyeur Nightclub in West Hollywood, where they "danced up a storm until 3am". The venue is a favourite hotspot for celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix and Lindsay Lohan. Rihanna sported a 'Jessica Rabbit' style outfit for the evening, donning a thigh high red dress with matching red heels. Russell Brand's wife Katy opted for a purple blazer with brown hair ribbon and large fake eyelashes. Tweeting later in the evening, Rihanna said, "Just had fun wild night out with my bff @katyperry! Love u barec***!!! U always make me feel like a f****** rockstar!!!!".
Meanwhile, as Katy Perry enjoyed her evening in Los Angeles, husband Russell Brand was in Sydney, Australia, promoting his new movie 'Arthur'. The comedian tweeted on arrival in the country, saying, "I'm in Australia - the Essex of the world. I feel at home. Plus my criminal record is Nuffing here". news_wenn_old 249164 1311111 Katy Perry, Rihanna, American Idol, Joaquin Phoenix, Lindsay Lohan, Russell Brand
The Things They Say 21282 1662375 15th April 2011
"Since I've been in... America, I am more interested in the royal family. Before, when I was in England, I thought, 'They're repressing us. Bloody aristocracy. Power to the people. Fight the system.' Now I think, 'Ah, what a lovely dress.'" Russell Brand admits he's warming to the British royals.
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Russell Brand For Lonny Role In Rock Of Ages 2541191 15th April 2011

Russell Brand will play narrator Lonny in 'Rock of Ages'.

The movie's director Adam Shankman - who has already cast Tom Cruise and Mary J. Blige in the forthcoming musical - announced on twitter the British comedian would be taking the pivotal role of the nightclub owner in the film.

He said: "I can officially announce Russell Brand as your Lonny in rock of ages movie. I see a mullet in his future. maybe a Nikki Six?(sic)"

It is not the first time Russell - who is currently in cinemas in a remake of Dudley Moore classic 'Arthur' - has played a rock music star; he previously played a leading role as fictional Aldous Snow in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' alongside Kristen Bell.

Julianne Hough and Alec Baldwin are also in line for parts in the 80s musical, while Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams and Gwyneth Paltrow - who recently took starring singing roles in 'Country Strong' and 'Glee' - are also thought to have been approached.

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Russell Brand: 'My Cat Needs Help' 1662395 15th April 2011 Funnyman Russell Brand has revealed his marriage to Katy Perry has sent his cat to pussy therapy.
The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star admits he has had to call in a cat shrink to help his pet Morrissey stay sane.
Brand says, "He's on Valium, cat Valium... I didn't think I'd ever have a cat psychiatrist in my house, let alone a man waving a crystal over my cat's head."
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Dame Helen Mirren Fuming Over Russell Brand's Arrest 1662478 14th April 2011 Dame Helen Mirren was "outraged" when she heard her friend Russell Brand had been arrested at an airport in Los Angeles over a scuffle with a photographer, calling his detention "outrageous" and "unfair".
The British funnyman was questioned by cops and charged with battery following an alleged altercation as he walked through Los Angeles International Airport (Lax) in September (10).
Brand maintained he was defending his now-wife Katy Perry from an over-zealous snapper and the charge was later dropped.
Mirren, who worked with Brand on The Tempest and new movie Arthur, admits she was "so angry" when she received news of her pal's arrest and was adamant he couldn't have done anything wrong as he is so "nice".
She tells Britain's Stylist magazine, "Russell was consistently nice (during the Arthur shoot). He was amazing. And then he pushed this one photographer... and I could not believe they arrested (him). I was outraged...
"I was so angry, it was outrageous. So unfair... Finally he's got a moment's peace to go off with (his) fiancee. B**tards. How dare they?"
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Russell Brand And Helen Mirren's Bed Scene Love 2541230 14th April 2011

Russell Brand and Dame Helen Mirren enjoyed sharing a bed in 'Arthur'.

The veteran actress says although she was disappointed that the funnyman - who used to have a reputation as a lothario but is now married to Katy Perry - didn't make a move on her she found the experience of shooting a bedroom scene with him "nice."

She said: "I was hoping he would [try it on] but he never did. We did get into bed with each other. I mean, we did have a scene in bed. That was nice."

Russell said he also enjoyed sharing a bed with his 65-year-old co-star and revealed that although the pair weren't able to get saucy under the covers they created an "igloo of intimacy".

He told Stylist magazine: "That was nice. With everybody still there, on set. But we did manage to create an igloo of intimacy.

"But there were people there and we are both adults in committed relationships so that would not have been the perfect opportunity, or time, to express ourselves in any other way than verbally."

Helen has previously admitted that she found shooting 'Arthur' "tough" because it took her out of her comfort zone.

She said: "My God, comedy is tough, my Lord! Especially when you are working with really brilliant comedic people like Russell - it's almost like an action movie."

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Brand To Rock With Cruise 1662551 13th April 2011 Russell Brand has joined the cast of movie musical Rock Of Ages following months of speculation.
The British funnyman was trying to schedule the role of Lonny around his summer plans with wife Katy Perry and now it appears he's sorted out the logistics.
He'll join Tom Cruise, Julianne Hough, Alec Baldwin and Mary J. Blige among the supporting cast of the film.
Little-known Mexican actor Diego Boneta was announced as the star of the project last week (ends08Apr11).
The film will be adapted from the hit Broadway musical of the same name.
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The Things They Say 21239 1662567 13th April 2011
"I've had my computer laminated." Russell Brand jokes about sexting his wife Katy Perry when she's on tour.
news_wenn_old 85961 1325492 Russell Brand
Helen Mirren Was Scared Of Brand 2541255 13th April 2011

Dame Helen Mirren thinks Russell Brand is "intimidating".

Although the actress is now good friends with her 'Arthur' co-star she admits she was full of "terrible trepidation" about shooting the film because she had worked with him before and had not gotten to know him properly.

In an interview with Stylist magazine, she said: "I kind of jumped, but with terrible trepidation. Mostly because it was Russell! We had worked on 'The Tempest' together but never really spent time together until this. Russell is quite an intimidating person."

The 65-year-old star was so nervous of the funnyman's big personality she even worried that she would appear "boring" and dated next to him - but when she met him again found she "fell in love" with him.

She explained: "He's so brilliant and rock and roll and I feel so boring and ordinary next to him. So it was quite scary. And I'm not very good at edgy, modern comedy. But in the film meeting I saw this incredibly bright and interesting person making this thing happen - and I fell in love."

Earlier this year, the Oscar-winning actress admitted she was also "terrified" of Russell's bad boy reputation, not realising he was just as scared of her when they first met because of her impressive career.

He said: "I was frightened before I met her, it made me talk a bit different - like my breathing changed."

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The Things They Say 21225 1662632 13th April 2011
"I am married to an American but I don't know the Pledge of Allegiance; I'm not planning to give up my Englishness or anything... I love the people of America... but I'm very proud of being English." Russell Brand has no plans to become a U.S. citizen.
news_wenn_old 85961 1325492 Russell Brand
The Things They Say 21219 1662653 13th April 2011
"I plucked it. I had people nibble at it with their teeth." Russell Brand on removing his chest hair for new film Arthur.
news_wenn_old 85961 1325492 Russell Brand
The Things They Say 21217 1662671 12th April 2011
"I'd like to be offered it, so I could turn it down." Funnyman Russell Brand would like to be offered a knighthood.
news_wenn_old 85961 1325492 Russell Brand
The Things They Say 21214 1662676 12th April 2011
"Katy bought me a trip to space for my birthday and I said, 'Well you're coming then,' and she's scared of going on aeroplanes; I don't know how she's gonna cope in space." Russell Brand fears for his wife Katy Perry when she takes off with him on Virgin boss Richard Branson's upcoming space flight.
news_wenn_old 85961 1325492 Russell Brand, Katy Perry