Australian rocker Russell Morris has thrown his support behind a campaign to raise awareness of hepatitis C in Australia.

The musician has given permission for his most famous song, 1969's The Real Thing, to be used in Aussie adverts to warn sufferers of the dangers of failing to seek treatment for the virus.

Morris says of the See the Real Thing campaign, "Too many Australians are living with the virus, not enough seek treatment and far too many face the prospect of liver failure or cancer... Not many people admit to having hepatitis C, but many of us know of people who have lost their lives to liver disease. It's not pretty.

"I appeal to people living with hepatitis C not to leave it until it is too late... The real thing and the right thing for anyone concerned about hepatitis C is to see a doctor and ask for a referral to a specialist or to seek information on life without the virus."

The project includes a short film competition, which encourages participants to make a campaign advert of their own featuring Morris' hit song. The rocker will be among a panel of judges picking the winner.