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Top British Lawmakers Depict Murdoch's Power

13th June 2012

Britain's Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, who heads the Liberal Democrat party, has maintained that he was warned that Rupert Murdoch's newspapers in the U.K. would attack him and his party if he did not...

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Two Former British Prime Ministers Vilify Murdoch

12th June 2012

Two former British prime ministers have attacked Rupert Murdoch during appearances before the long-running Leveson inquiry into British journalistic ethics. Speaking passionately at the inquiry, Gordon Brown, the last Labor prime minister, accused Murdoch of...

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U.k. Business Secretary Explains His "War On Murdoch" Comment

30th May 2012

Britain's business secretary, Vince Cable, claimed today (Tuesday) that he had heard "veiled threats" that Rupert Murdoch would retaliate if he did not approve Murdoch's bid to take over complete ownership of BSkyB, the British...

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Despite Hacking Scandal, News Corp's Net Surges 47 Percent

10th May 2012

News Corp took a charge of $63 million related to legal costs associated with the British telephone hacking scandal that brought down its most profitable newspaper, The News of the World , but the company...

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Will The Fcc Yank Murdoch's Tv Licenses?

2nd May 2012

A report by a parliamentary committee on Monday calling Rupert Murdoch unfit to oversee his media empire has inevitably touched off demands in the U.S. that he be stripped of his Fox TV broadcast licenses...

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Parliamentary Panel Murdoch Not Fit To Run News Corp

1st May 2012

After a months-long probe of the hacking scandal that rocked Rupert Murdoch's media empire, a British parliamentary panel today (Tuesday) issued its final report, which included the unforeseen conclusion that Rupert Murdoch is "not a...

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Britain's Prime Minister I Made No "Grand Deal" With Murdoch

30th April 2012

British Prime Minister David Cameron has denied that any "grand deal" existed between himself and Rupert Murdoch for Murdoch's News Corp's bid to take over all of satellite broadcaster BSkyB to win government approval. In...

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Investor Storm Builds Around Murdoch

27th April 2012

A day of testimony about the telephone hacking scandal by James Murdoch and two days by his father, Rupert Murdoch, in which they acknowledged that they allowed subordinates to dupe them about the extent of...

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Murdoch Blames Himself For News Corp Scandal

26th April 2012

Rupert Murdoch has conceded that a cover-up took place at News International over the voicemail hacking by reporters for News of the World and that it was engineered by "one or two very strong characters."...

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James Murdoch Blames Underlings For Hacking Cover-up

24th April 2012

James Murdoch reiterated today (Tuesday) that subordinates intentionally kept him in the dark about the extent of voicemail hacking at News of the World , the now-defunct tabloid owned by his father's News Corp conglomerate....

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Rupert & James Murdoch To Be Grilled Again

20th April 2012

Rupert Murdoch and son James are due to appear next week at the Leveson inquiry into British media ethics. In July they were also questioned by a parliamentary committee looking into the still-unfolding telephone hacking...

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Book News Corp Tried To Intimidate U.k. Lawmakers

19th April 2012

After a parliamentary committee began investigating allegations of telephone hacking at the now-defunct News of the World in 2010, the then-editor of the paper, Colin Myler, instructed its reporters to "find out everything you can...

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News Corp Admits It Has Breached Fcc Ownership Rule

18th April 2012

With News Corp undoubtedly facing increased regulatory scrutiny in the U.S. as the phone-hacking scandal expands in the U.K., the company is acting to correct a breach of FCC laws regarding foreign ownership. The Wall...

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China May Save Titanic 3d

12th April 2012

Moviegoer interest in the 3D version of Titanic may have fallen steeply at the domestic box office, and by and large, it is not living up to its name in most foreign markets either. But...

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Hacking Scandal Continues To Spread At News Corp

6th April 2012

When Rupert Murdoch tweeted -- seemingly from out of the blue -- "I have nothing to do with Sky News," in February, one of his "followers" asked him to explain, given the fact that Sky...

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Under Fire, James Murdoch Quits Bskyb

3rd April 2012

James Murdoch, the embattled son of News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch,has stepped down from his post as chairman of the British TV satellite service BSkyB, saying that he did not want the company to be...

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Rupert Murdoch Takes Off The Gloves

29th March 2012

Amid new allegations of potentially criminal wrongdoing by units of his News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter today (Thursday), vowing to fight back. "Seems every competitor and enemy piling on with lies and libels,"...

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Murdoch And Co. Face New Scandals

27th March 2012

While it is unlikely that any coordination was involved, several news outlets yesterday and today (Tuesday) rolled out investigative projects targeting Rupert Murdoch and News Corp, -- among them Britain's BBC, the London Independent ,...

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News Corp Shareholders Mounting New Revolt Against Murdoch

1st March 2012

Several prominent News Corp shareholders reportedly are prepared to try again to oust James Murdoch from the board of the media giant following his decision to step down as head of News International, the scandal-plagued...

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James Murdoch Quits Scandal-plagued News International

29th February 2012

Without explanation, James Murdoch resigned today (Wednesday) as head of News International, the umbrella group for News Corp's British newspaper business. His resignation came just days after the successful launch of a new NI title,...

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Rebekah Brooks 'Loaned' Horse From Met Police

28th February 2012

Rebekah Brooks, the former News International Chief Executive, was "loaned" a police horse to look after on her Oxfordshire farm, according to the London Evening Standard. In an eye-opening glimpse into the close relations between...

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Evidence In Sun Probe Reveals "Network Of Corrupted Officials"

28th February 2012

One day after Rupert Murdoch inaugurated a Sunday edition of his daily tabloid The Sun , with a reported circulation of 3 million, a Scotland Yard investigator has presented sensational evidence that the newspaper has...

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Murdoch Illegal Activities Will Not Be Tolderated

20th February 2012

A day after News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch lifted the suspensions of ten arrested senior journalists working for his daily tabloid The Sun, he sent an email to the staff of the newspaper warning that...

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Murdoch Wages Counter-offensive

20th February 2012

The sun was shining in London over the weekend, something that News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch took note of in one of his posts on Twitter on the same day that he announced that another...

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Murdoch Hit By New Scandal

12th February 2012

Rupert Murdoch was reportedly flying to London on Sunday following the latest bombshell in the continuing scandal involving his British newspapers -- the arrest of five senior journalists at The Sun , Britain's largest circulating...

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Paul Mccartney 'Forgiveness Ditty' Hacked By Reporter, Says Heather Mills

9th February 2012

Paul MCCartney once sung Heather Mills a song down the phone in an attempt to apologise for an argument between the pair when they were still a couple - and the whole thing was overheard...

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Hacking Scandal Spreads To London Times

3rd February 2012

On his Twitter posts, Rupert Murdoch has remained oddly silent about the latest developments involving News Corp's hacking scandal(s) in the U.K. While mentioning the latest market moves by Facebook and Google and remarking, "Things...

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Murdoch Kept Out Of The Loop Over Arrests At Sun

31st January 2012

Rupert Murdoch has made no mention in his almost daily tweets about the surprise early-morning arrests on Saturday of four journalists, including two senior editors, working for his London daily, The Sun -- and today's...

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Four More News Corp Reporters Arrested

30th January 2012

Opening a new phase in the investigation that began with allegations of voicemail hacking by reporters for the now defunct London tabloid News of the World , police on Saturday arrest four current and former...

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Stop Online Piracy Act Appears Stopped

19th January 2012

Congress has yet to vote, but it now seems apparent that in the battle between the movie studios/television networks/recording industry and the Internet, over the House and Senate antipiracy bills, the Internet has won. Deluged...

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