Raymond Blanc – with all his connections to the BBC and its strong cooking fraternity – may have blown the lid off one of the corporation’s flagship shows: The Great British Bake Off.

Great British Bake off FinalGreat British Bake off Finalists and judges

With the final heating up, or should we say re-heating, as it’s showing tomorrow despite being filmed in advance, many viewers are eagerly awaiting to see if Kimberly, Ruby or Francis can lift the Bake Off trophy once and for all.

But Raymond Blanc – cute and unassuming as he seems on all of his shows – might have just put his foot right in it. Tweeting: “the great British bake off. Not much skills, female tears , And a winner so thin who makes me doubt of her love for great cooking, baking,” seems to have landed him in hot water.

Not only has he possibly revealed the winner – he might have some inside knowledge and let it slip – but he’s also revealed himself to be somewhat sexist.

Oh no.

Ruby wasn’t having any of it, and Tweeted back with the kind of retort you’d expect from the strong-willed contestant. “@raymond_blanc 'female tears'?! and what has anyone's size got to do with it? i don't care if you're a patisserie king - don't be an idiot,” she posted to the chef.

Bake off groupSo much promise, so many broken hearts

Of course, Blanc may have been predicting his winner, and simply made the mistake of not communicating that properly, but even if that’s the case, explaining the phrase “female tears” will be difficult without sounding misogynistic.

In other ‘Bake Off is sexist news’, Paul Hollywood has denied that his gives Ruby preferential treatment because of her looks. Unfortunatley, he was still moved to explain that Kimberly – one of three finalists – is prettier than Ruby, and that the Ruby isn’t his type.

Oh no. Bake Off is sexist!