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The 'Blackadder' Characters Were Real People. Oh, You Didn't Know?

By Michael West | 25th June 2014

Captain Blackadder, Lieutenant George and Private Baldrick, some of the most enduring comedy characters of all time, had real-life namesakes, it has emerged.The Blackadder characters were...actually...real people.The BBC comedy Blackadder, which covered four periods of...

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Patsy Byrne, Actress Best Known As Nursie In 'Blackadder Ii', Dies Aged 80

By Elinor Cosgrave | 22nd June 2014

Patsy Byrne, the British actress best known for her role as Nursie in Blackadder II, has died at the age of 80.Rowan Atkinson starred alongside Byrne in Blackadder II.An announcement in the Telegraph as Metro...

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Adele And Pj Harvey Among Those Honoured In Queen's Birthday Honours List

By Joe Wilde | 15th June 2013

Adele has yet another award to stick on the mantlepiece; this time the singer has been awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II as part of the royal's annual Birthday Honours List. Fellow female singer...

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Mr. Bean's $1.4m Car Repair The Biggest Repair Bill Ever In Britain

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th February 2013

It's officially the most expensive; Mr. Bean's $1.4m (£910k) car repair tops an unwanted chart after Rowan Atkinson's insurance company shelled out big bucks to fix his McLaren F1.Atkinson crashed McLaren F1 - which can...

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No More Mr Bean: Rowan Atkinson A Revelation In 'Quatermaine's Terms'

By Michael West | 30th January 2013

Rowan Atkinson, the British actor best known for his comic turns in Johnny English, Blackadder and Mr Bean, has received astonishingly good reviews for his first serious stage role in 25 years. Atkinson, 58, plays...

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Fans Give Their Own Spin On The Kate Middleton Portrait Saga

By Joe Wilde | 12th January 2013

By now, just about everyone has seen the first official portrait of future Queen Kate Middleton, and just about all of those who have seen it agree that it really doesn't do the duchess any...

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Unfinished Blackadder Script Re-discovered ; Could There Be A Final Hurrah?

By Contributor | 9th October 2012

Popular British comic character Blackadder looks like he could have one more role up his sleeve, after a 'lost Christmas special' was re-discovered by scriptwriter Richard Curtis. Played by the actor Rowan Atkinson, Blackadder...

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