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Roseanne's Hallowe'en Enthusiasm

2nd November 2004

Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR and her family are such big fans of Hallowe'en, they built a huge pirate ship for the occasion this year (04). Barr admits that when each 31 October rolls around, she...

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Roseanne Regularly Dresses As A Ballerina

2nd November 2004

Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR has taken to dressing as a ballerina every Thanksgiving holiday - because she sees it as a good fertility omen. Barr used to dress as a ballerina on each of her...

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Roseanne's 9/11 Depression

2nd November 2004

Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR was locked so deep in depression in 2001, she didn't know the 11 September (01) attacks had occurred until two days later. Barr admits life had become so bad for her...

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Roseanne Blasts Britney

14th October 2004

Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR has blasted BRITNEY SPEARS for being the personification of all that is bad about America. Barr fears her fellow Americans are too preoccupied with pornography, and she slams girls like Britney...

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Roseanne Gave Assistant View Of 'Insane' Celebrity World

15th July 2004

Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR gave her former personal assistant a personal view of the "absolutely insane" celebrity world when she hired her a decade ago. ROBIN LYNN HOWARD, who has revealed her secrets of working...

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Leonardo Dicaprio Courted By Kabbalah

14th July 2004

Hollywood hunk LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is the latest celebrity to be linked to the controversial Kabbalah following. Since superstar MADONNA took on the role as ambassador-in-chief for the mystical branch of Judaism a number of...

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Ritchie Admits Early Doubts About Kabbalah

14th June 2004

MADONNA's director husband GUY RITCHIE was sceptical when he first heard about the Kabbalah - believing the religious group was after his wife's millions. The SNATCH movie-maker and his superstar wife are devout followers...

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Streisand Rejoins The Kabbalah

10th June 2004

Veteran star BARBRA STREISAND has rekindled her interest in the Kabbalah faith, after quitting the religious group several years ago. The singer has reportedly been spotted frequenting the LOS ANGELES KABBALAH CENTER and insiders...

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Gibson's Passion Provides Joy To Ailing Messner

18th May 2004

MEL GIBSON's movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST has given former televangelist TAMMY FAYE MESSNER a boost as she battles cancer. Messner was initially diagnosed with colon cancer, but the disease since spread to...

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All Celebrities Have Mental Problems

9th April 2004

American comedienne ROSEANNE BARR is convinced all celebrities have mental problems, including herself. The 51-year-old star believes people seek fame and crave attention because of a lack of love in their younger years....

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Roseanne Loves Cows

7th April 2004

ROSEANNE BARR had no trouble getting into character for her role as a cow in her new movie, because she has spent hours studying the beasts. Barr was thrilled when she was offered the...

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Roseanne Returns To Stand-up - To Warn Of The World's End

31st March 2004

ROSEANNE BARR has decided to go back to her roots as a stand-up comedienne - and she plans to amuse fans by warning them about the end of the world. Barr was inspired to...

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Roseanne's Coffee Fixation

30th March 2004

Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR has such an insatiable appetite for coffee, she guzzles an average of 14 cups every day. Barr admits she's hooked on the caffeine-laden beverage - but it's yet to stop her...

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Tom Arnold Terrifies Teens With Steroids Nightmare

9th March 2004

CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE star TOM ARNOLD has found a way of convincing teenagers to stay away from steroids - he tells them the drug shrinks their manhood. The former drug addict, whose ex-wife...

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Midler Mends Manilow Feud

19th January 2004

BETTE MIDLER was delighted when old pal BARRY MANILOW suggested they record a tribute album to ROSEMARY CLOONEY together because it meant he had forgiven her for her bad temper. Manilow was among Midler's...

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Tom Arnold Protests For Right To Pee On Toilet Seats

11th December 2003

Comedian TOM ARNOLD is urging female dog-owners to be more sympathetic to men who urinate on toilet seats - because pooches make a far bigger mess. The ex-husband of ROSEANNE BARR, now married to...

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Tom And Roseanne's Farm For Sale

27th October 2003

An Iowa farm TOM ARNOLD and his ex-wife ROSEANNE BARR called home is up for sale. Arnold gave the property to his former school, INDIAN HILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE, when his four-year marriage to Barr...

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Tom Arnold Diets For Baby

14th October 2003

Comedian TOM ARNOLD is preparing to conceive his first child with wife SHELBY ROOS - by losing bundles of weight. Arnold, ex-husband of ROSEANNE BARR, has already shed a few pounds in his bid...

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Tom Arnold Addresses Reformed Drug Abusers

23rd September 2003

American comedian TOM ARNOLD served as a keynote speaker for an unusual graduation ceremony - for reformed drug abusers. Arnold, ex-husband of ROSEANNE BARR, addressed students of a rehabilitative drug program, sponsored by the...

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Kutcher Becomes Latest Kabbalah Recruit

1st September 2003

Hollywood hunk ASHTON KUTCHER has become the latest celebrity to embrace the Kabbalah, thanks to his fledging romance with actress DEMI MOORE. Following in the footsteps of MADONNA, ROSEANNE BARR and his ex-girlfriend BRITTANY...

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Production On Roseanne's Domestic Goddess Show Cancelled

19th August 2003

LATEST: ROSEANNE BARR has been dealt another blow after the failure of her new reality show - her follow-up TV series has been cancelled. The American comedienne debuted THE REAL ROSEANNE SHOW -...

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Roseanne Barr Puts Home On The Market

18th August 2003

Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR has put her home in California's Palos Verdes Peninsula on the market for $8.9 million (GBP5.5 million) - even though she doesn't know where she wants to live next. Barr has...

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Roseanne Faces Hysterectomy Hiatus

14th August 2003

American comedienne ROSEANNE BARR has had to delay work on her upcoming TV show DOMESTIC GODDESS while she undergoes a hysterectomy. The SHE DEVIL star, 50, was informed by doctors that the procedure was...

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Roseanne Flops

8th August 2003

ROSEANNE BARR's TV comeback in America has been a flop, with only 5.5 million people turning in to watch. The comedienne was hoping her new reality show THE REAL ROSEANNE would spark new interest...

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Roseanne's Nice Personality Offends

6th August 2003

Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR is finding it hard to be accepted since developing a more pleasant personality - because so many of her fans prefer her to be horrible. Barr has turned to the teachings...

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Roseanne Turns New Show Into A Family Affair

5th August 2003

ROSEANNE BARR has hired her kids as producers of her new cooking show DOMESTIC GODDESS - to thank them for putting up with her during her crazy years. The comedienne's son JAKE, 25, and...

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I Had To Be Drugged To Live With Tom: Roseanne

4th August 2003

Funnywoman ROSEANNE BARR's marriage to TOM ARNOLD became so turbulent she had to be drugged to stay with him. The comedienne tells America's ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY the marriage was a terrible time in her life,...

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Barr's Doughnut Dilemma

4th August 2003

TV star ROSEANNE BARR has found a way of satisfying her craving for doughnuts and keeping her weight down by only taking one bite out of every sugary treat she eats. The comedienne, who...

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No More Cosmetic Surgery For Roseanne

3rd August 2003

Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR is urging women to quit going under the knife for cosmetic surgery after they hit 40 - because that's when they should start growing old gracefully. The TV star treated herself...

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Roseanne Brings Back Barr

1st August 2003

Comedienne ROSEANNE has gone back to her full birthname ROSEANNE BARR after an embarrassing mix up in Paris, France. The funny girl, who has been known by just her first name for years, now...

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