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Dawson Changes Diet For Boyfriend's Dogs

30th March 2005

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON is so committed to her boyfriend JASON LEWIS' dogs, she's altered her diet so they can live with her. The 25TH HOUR star is currently in San Francisco, California, shooting the...

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Dawson Charges Dismissed

15th March 2005

LATEST: Sexy actress ROSARIO DAWSON is celebrating today (15MAR05) after disorderly conduct and obstructing government administration charges against her were dismissed in New York. The ALEXANDER star, 25, was arrested last year (AUG04) for...

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Dawson Plans To Fight Charges Against Her

12th March 2005

MEN IN BLACK II star ROSARIO DAWSON is planning to fight disorderly conduct and obstruction charges against her. The actress was arrested last year (AUG04) for breaking a little-known New York state rule, which...

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Halle's Catwoman Lands Five Stinkers

23rd February 2005

HALLE BERRY's superheroine turn as CATWOMAN looks set to be a big winner at this weekend's (26FEB05) GOLDEN RASPBERRY AWARDS in Los Angeles, after picking up five Stinkers. The big-budget 2004 Warner Brothers flop...

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Jason Lewis Takes Up Knitting

18th February 2005

Former SEX AND THE CITY hunk JASON LEWIS is busying himself with a new creative pastime - knitting. The 33-year-old actor, boyfriend of screen beauty ROSARIO DAWSON, admits that whenever he's not enjoying more...

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Dawson's 'Radical' Mother

17th February 2005

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON hates taking her mother to magazine photoshoots - because she always wants her to undress more. The 25-year-old actress's mum ISABEL often accompanies her on modelling jobs. But she tells...

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Dawson Moves In With Lewis

17th February 2005

Sexy actress ROSARIO DAWSON is so smitten with her beau JASON LEWIS, she's moving in with him. The ALEXANDER beauty will leave her base in San Francisco to move further down the California coastline...

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Miller Makes Vanity Fair Cover

2nd February 2005

JUDE LAW's fiancee SIENNA MILLER is cementing her status in Hollywood by appearing alongside such stars as CATE BLANCHETT, KATE WINSLET and UMA THURMAN on the cover of VANITY FAIR. The stunning ALFIE actress...

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Dawson Asks For Charges To Be Dropped

24th January 2005

ALEXANDER star ROSARIO DAWSON appeared in New York's Manhattan criminal court on Thursday (20JAN05) to ask for charges against her to be dropped, after she was arrested for wearing a mask in the midst of...

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Alexander Star Comfortable With Nudity

10th January 2005

ALEXANDER star ROSARIO DAWSON is happy to appear nude in future films after stripping off opposite COLIN FARRELL in the historical epic. The New York-born actress, 25, admits the prospect of shedding her clothes...

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Farrell: 'I Fall In Love Too Easily'

7th January 2005

Hollywood hunk COLIN FARRELL often lands in trouble when he's in love - because he'll make unrealistic promises in the heat of the moment. The ALEXANDER star, who is currently single despite being linked...

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Dawson: 'Alexander Sex Scene Felt Great'

3rd January 2005

Hollywood beauty ROSARIO DAWSON lost all of her inhibitions during the filming of a graphic sex scene in her most recent movie ALEXANDER - and was delighted with the results. Dawson and co-star COLIN...

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Farrell's Hotel Romance

16th December 2004

Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL allegedly shared a lavish hotel suite with SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE photographer MARY ELLEN MATTHEWS last week (9-10DEC04). The PHONE BOOTH hunk has been romantically linked with a succession of beauties...

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Farrell Mocks Audience For Fatherhood Applause

25th November 2004

COLIN FARRELL mocked the audience of an American TV show this morning (24NOV04) - because they applauded him for having "an orgasm". The PHONE BOOTH star appeared on talk show THE VIEW alongside ANGELINA...

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Rosario Runs With The Bulls

14th November 2004

Daredevil actress ROSARIO DAWSON risked her life to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, in July (04) and she's kept it quiet because the adventure still terrifies her. The JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS...

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Rosario Must Wait For Her Day In Court

14th November 2004

MEN IN BLACK II star ROSARIO DAWSON will have to wait until next year (05) to find out if she'll face a legal rap for an ill-conceived movie protest, after her court case was postponed...

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Rosario Lands Roxane Role Because She Looks Like Jolie

4th November 2004

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON landed the role of temptress ROXANE in OLIVER STONE's new epic ALEXANDER because the director thought she looked like ANGELINA JOLIE. Stone and the producers had their hearts set on casting...

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Rosario Dawson Thrilled With Bad Fashion Reviews

3rd November 2004

Sexy actress ROSARIO DAWSON's unconventional dress sense often lands her on 'Worst Dressed' lists - but she's proud of it. The screen beauty claims much of her fashion inspiration comes from the 1980s, which...

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Farrell Charms Dawson

23rd September 2004

COLIN FARRELL's reputation as an unstoppable lothario continues unabashed, after his charm left ROSARIO DAWSON amazed. THE 25TH HOUR actress, 25, fell for Farrell's exuberance while the pair filmed the OLIVER STONE epic ALEXANDER...

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Dawson Planning To Add Arrest To Film?

3rd September 2004

LATEST: MEN IN BLACK II star ROSARIO DAWSON is reportedly planning to make the most of her recent arrest in New York City by using the filmed footage in her upcoming movie. On...

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Rosario Arrested

30th August 2004

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON was arrested in New York City on Sunday afternoon (29AUG04) while filming during a political rally. The MEN IN BLACK 2 star was shooting scenes for new film THIS REVOLUTION...

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Leto Regrets Not Making Movie History With Bisexual Alexander

27th August 2004

CAMERON DIAZ's ex JARED LETO is disappointed he never got to play COLIN FARRELL's lover in OLIVER STONE's ALEXANDER epic - because he's confident the two actors would have created the best same sex scene...

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Stars Gather To Urge Women To Vote

19th August 2004

SUSAN SARANDON, VANESSA CARLTON and ROSARIO DAWSON are among a host of stars teaming up to encourage young, single women to vote in America's upcoming presidential election. The celebrities will appear at a 13...

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Dawson Dating Sex And The City Hunk?

20th July 2004

Sexy actress ROSARIO DAWSON has turned her amorous attentions to TV hunk JASON LEWIS, despite the model-turned-actor's limited dance skills. Dawson - who reportedly enjoyed a brief romance with COLIN FARRELL on the set...

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Farrell And Hayek Romance Hots Up

6th June 2004

Wildman actor COLIN FARRELL is romancing his latest co-star SALMA HAYEK while filming in South Africa - and the relationship is getting serious following a series of dates. Womanising Farrell - who has recently...

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Dawson Eyes Mcgregor's Penis

20th April 2004

Saucy actress ROSARIO DAWSON is a big fan of EWAN McGREGOR'S oft-displayed penis. The SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK beauty - who recently dated Irish movie hunk COLIN FARRELL - admits she is deeply impressed...

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Dawson's Curves Beats Men In Jungle

21st March 2004

Sexy actress ROSARIO DAWSON coped with new action movie WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE better than her male co-stars because of her luscious curves. The 25TH HOUR starred opposite former wrestler DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON...

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Salma, Rosario, Halle + Olivier Make It Onto Most List

13th November 2003

SALMA HAYEK, ROSARIO DAWSON, HALLE BERRY and OLIVIER MARTINEZ have made it onto HOLLYWOOD LIFE's new Most List. Magazine editors have come up with 77 categories in the current November 2003 issue and filled...

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Spike Lee's Fury At Rosario's 'Alexander' Acting

27th October 2003

Moviemaker SPIKE LEE ran into trouble when trying to cast ROSARIO DAWSON in his upcoming movie SHE HATE ME. According to gossip website PAGE SIX, Dawson dropped out to take a role in OLIVER...

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The Rundown Rocks With The Rock

29th September 2003

Wrestler-turned-actor THE ROCK is back on top of the American movie charts thanks to an opening weekend take of $18.5 million (GBP11.6 million) for his new action comedy THE RUNDOWN. The film, which also...

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