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Hilfiger Honours Guns 'N' Roses At Cfda Awards

6th June 2006

Fashionista TOMMY HILFIGER paid tribute to arch enemy AXL ROSE at last night's (05JUN06) Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) awards by wearing a GUNS N' ROSES T-shirt. Hilfiger and the SWEET CHILD OF...

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Hilfiger: 'Axl Was Rude And Obnoxious'

5th June 2006

Fashion designer TOMMY HILFIGER has defended his alleged "attack" on rocker AXL ROSE, insisting he was "just protecting myself". The 55-year-old designer was photographed fighting with the GUNS N' ROSES frontman at ROSARIO DAWSON's 27th...

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Dash Invests In Notorious New York Club

26th May 2006

Hip-hop mogul DAMON DASH has been revealed as the owner of the New York nightclub where AXL ROSE and TOMMY HILFIGER fought last week (18MAY06). Dash, SEX AND THE CITY star CHRIS NOTH, former NEW...

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Hilfiger's Brother Defends Fight

24th May 2006

LATEST: TOMMY HILFIGER's brother MICHAEL H has leaped to the defence of the designer's nightclub fight with AXL ROSE, insisting the warring pair didn't recognise each other until it was too late. The fashion guru...

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Rose And Hilfiger In Birthday Bust-up

20th May 2006

GUNS N' ROSES frontman AXL ROSE and fashion designer TOMMY HILFIGER got into a furious row at actress ROSARIO DAWSON's birthday party on Thursday night (18MAY06). The pair were at THE PLUMM nightclub in New...

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Fonda Returns To Broadway

18th April 2006

Actress JANE FONDA will return to the Broadway, New York, stage for one night only with a reading of EVE ENSLER's NECESSARY TARGETS. The performance will kick off a two-week performance festival in June (06)...

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Dawson: 'Hollywood Is Using Me'

29th March 2006

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON claims Hollywood is deliberately employing an increasing number of Latin American performers to appeal to the growing number of Spanish-speakers living in America. The 26-year-old, who has starred in RENT and SIN...

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Dawson Shocked By Boyfriend's Female Fans

28th March 2006

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON insists even she is shocked by women who openly molest her boyfriend in front of her. The SIN CITY beauty is currently dating former SEX AND THE CITY actor JASON LEWIS, and...

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The Things They Say 1719

24th March 2006

"My brother and I got my mom her chest pierced for Mother's Day a couple of years ago. But she had to take them out. She does carpentry, and it got infected by all the...

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Sin City Sequel Waiting For Jolie

14th March 2006

LATEST: Actress ROSARIO DAWSON has confirmed reports ANGELINA JOLIE will be signing on for the sequel to SIN CITY and production on the film is on hold while the star is pregnant. Jolie is currently...

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Stars Back New Aids Tags Campaign

24th February 2006

PINK, AVRIL LAVIGNE, EVE, CHARLIZE THERON and ROSARIO DAWSON are among the celebrities who have signed on to star in new charity ads for footwear firm Aldo. The campaign will help to sell the...

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Jolie Heading To Sin City?

3rd February 2006

Actress ANGELINA JOLIE has met with director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ to discuss joining the cast of the sequel to his hit film SIN CITY. Jolie caught up with the DESPERADO director joining JESSICA ALBA, CLIVE...

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Farrell's Irresistible Smell

24th January 2006

Irish heart-throb COLIN FARRELL has revealed the secret behind success with women - his natural smell. The ALEXANDER star has been linked to a number of A-list beauties, including BRITNEY SPEARS, ROSARIO DAWSON and...

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Paltrow's Directorial Debut Gets A Date With Sundance

9th December 2005

GWYNETH PALTROW's directorial debut has been accepted at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. The Oscar-winning actress teamed up with pal MARY WIGMORE to make short film DEALBREAKER and now the movie will be on...

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Lewis Blasts Lohan 'Creep'

24th November 2005

LATEST: Former SEX + THE CITY hunk JASON LEWIS has slammed the "creep" who pretended to be him in an effort to woo LINDSAY LOHAN. Lohan was conned into meeting the phoney Lewis at...

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Idina Calls On Butt Patrol For Bottom Scenes In Rent

19th November 2005

Actress IDINA MENZEL hired RENT castmate ROSARIO DAWSON's mother as an unofficial butt checker for scenes in which she bared her backside to real-life husband TAYE DIGGS. Menzel recreated her Broadway role of MAUREEN...

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Rosario Urges Lost Friends To See New Film

19th November 2005

ROSARIO DAWSON is hoping to mend a few broken friendships with her new movie musical RENT - because it will remind former family friends of the tough times they all shared. Like her character...

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Lohan Duped By Phoney Lewis

18th November 2005

A man pretending to be former SEX + THE CITY hunk JASON LEWIS has broken actress-turned-pop star LINDSAY LOHAN's heart by convincing her he was in love with her. New York Daily News reporter...

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Dawson Teaches Hunky Boyfriend To Knit

18th November 2005

MEN IN BLACK II star ROSARIO DAWSON has turned her hunky boyfriend into a knitting champion after teaching him how to make scarves. Former SEX + THE CITY hunk JASON LEWIS was fascinated when...

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Fascinating Fact 528

18th November 2005

ROSARIO DAWSON is such a fan of her new movie musical RENT she has already seen it five times - and it isn't released in the US until next week (23NOV05)....

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Dawson Stunned By Boyfriend's Sex Secret

18th November 2005

ROSARIO DAWSON was stunned when she first discovered exactly who her boyfriend JASON LEWIS was - because she realised millions of avid SEX AND THE CITY fans had seen him naked. Dawson knew Lewis...

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Fascinating Fact 478

8th November 2005

MEN IN BLACK II star ROSARIO DAWSON's mother is a six foot (1.8 metre) tall New York plumber....

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Fascinating Fact 63

25th August 2005

Rock star STING surprised his wife TRUDIE STYLER on the couple's 13th wedding anniversary at the weekend (20AUG05) by showing up on the New York set of the movie mogul's new film A GUIDE TO...

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Dawson Angers Neighbours

16th August 2005

Screen star ROSARIO DAWSON and her mother ISABEL have enraged neighbours in their low-rent New York apartment block by reportedly failing to pay their "dues" of $100 (GBP55) per month. The SIN CITY actress...

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Lewis Gives Dawson Free Rein On Home Decor

24th June 2005

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON is having a great time moving in with her boyfriend JASON LEWIS - because he's allowed her to take charge of all of the decorating. Dawson recently left her base in...

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Stone Cuts Gay References For Alexander Dvd

12th May 2005

Director OLIVER STONE has cut the gay references from his ALEXANDER movie for the DVD version of the 2004 flop. Stone claimed his Macedonian epic was unpopular with American audiences because of the subtle...

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Dawson Started Working At A Very Young Age

5th May 2005

ALEXANDER star ROSARIO DAWSON once worked as an assistant waitress at a New York City restaurant - when she was just six years old. The 26-year-old beauty, girlfriend of former SEX AND THE CITY...

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Dawson's Dream Pad Gets An Extreme Makeover

22nd April 2005

Movie star ROSARIO DAWSON had a little extra help renovating her East Village, New York, studio after a fire in the apartment above wrecked her home - her mum called in her favourite TV home...

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Dawson's Mohawk Tribute To Mother

5th April 2005

Actress ROSARIO DAWSON's Mohawked hairstyle in new comic book adaptation SIN CITY is a tribute to her "radical" mother. The sexy ALEXANDER star was encouraged to come up with her own look for the...

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