There are some things you can wish on people, and some things you can’t. Luckily, kidney stones is one of the ones you can. In totally unrelated news, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has a bad case of kidney stones, and has been hospitalized.

"Wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone!" he wrote (wrongly) on Twitter. Hasn’t he just read this? "Kidneys. FML." And when one of his followers suggested he take some protein, Ortiz-Magro tweeted back, "I have to because I can't hold any food down from the pain." Shortly before he became ill, Ortiz-Magro was all atweet with the news that that he was in Florida promoting his new Smush Cocktail line. It might be a while before he’s getting smushed on those cocktails. "Ronnie was admitted to an Orlando area hospital late Saturday night," the Jersey Shore star's rep says, confirming what we’ve just said. "He's in a lot of pain and is expected to remain there for several days. It's a very painful condition," adds his rep, "but he's being treated." Thank the lord of stuff. Ronnie is still going out with his on-screen partner Sammi Giancola, 26, who is on her way to his hospital to work on her bedside manner.

Jersey ShoreThe Jersey shore gang, minus any kidney stones

The pair were rumoured to have split due to their maturity levels, which, you guessed it, are dangerously low. Dangerously. Ronnie said: “On the show we had the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. We actually get to look back and be like "Oh my God I never want to do that again!”