Millenials don’t care about the world around them! This has been the collective sentiment of the media for a while, but fret not because Ronan Farrow is here to save the day. Or at least he’s trying to – the debut broadcast of Ronan Farrow Daily, the young newscaster’s brand new format, hasn’t exactly been met with open arms. RFD premiered Monday at 1PM ET on MSNBC and, despite Farrow’s reputation as journalism’s resident Youth (he’s 26 and a Twitter aficionado, which makes him mind-boggling for certain older newscasters), RFD failed to catch on as the Bringer of the Revolution.

Ronan Farrow
Farrow got his shot after Alec Baldwin and MSNBC parted ways.

Farrow’s inaugural broadcast featured guests like just-released Ukranian politician Yulia Timoshenko, former RNC chair Michael Steele and fellow MSNBC super-friend Alex Wagner, but the opportunity to talk actual politics was largely missed. According to EW’s Darren Franich, instead of creating a news show that’s sometimes funny, Farrow relies on clownish behavior with a bit of news sprinkled throughout – sort of like The Daily Show, except not as funny, says Franich.

Farrow does nail some of his segments.

According to The Guardian’s Tom McCarthy, Ronan Farrow Daily’s main problem is the host’s inexperience, as well as a whole hour of live television to fill. According to most of the online commentary today, Farrow was trying a bit too hard to sound like a friendly and familiar voice, while presenting old, irrelevant or just poorly edited news. It doesn’t look like the show is going to be the media revolution we were promised.

Ronan Farrow
There might be hope for the news show yet, if Farrow can just find his footing and define his own style.