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Howards Team Up For New Movie

23rd April 2006

RON HOWARD and his daughter BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD are teaming up on the big screen for the first time since HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, after the director agreed to helm new film THE LOOK...

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Da Vinci Follow-up Delayed

22nd April 2006

The release of DAN BROWN's sequel to the THE DA VINCI CODE has been postponed until next year (07). The follow-up to the best-selling book will reportedly explore the mysterious subject of Freemasonry. Although the...

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Howard's Da Vinci Dilemma

21st April 2006

Director RON HOWARD was thrilled when French President JACQUES CHIRAC allowed him to film THE DA VINCI CODE in Parisian gallery La Louvre - but he was then restricted at every turn. La Louvre was...

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Appeal Upholds Brown's Da Vinci Plagiarism Innocence

21st April 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE author DAN BROWN has again been cleared of allegations be breached copyright and plagiarised the best-seller's plot, this time in New York City. The 2nd US Circuit Court Of Appeals upheld...

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The Things They Say 1847

13th April 2006

"TOM HANKS and I were looking at the MONA LISA at about 2.30 in the morning. It was a rare, rare, amazing moment." Movie-maker RON HOWARD on the highlight of making THE DA VINCI CODE...

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Brown Faces Another Da Vinci Code Plagiarism Claim

12th April 2006

Author DAN BROWN has been accused of plagiarism in THE DA VINCI CODE just days after he was cleared in London's High Court of similar allegations. Russian art historian DR MIKHAIL ANIKIN, a LEONARDO DA...

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Da Vinci Code Verdict Finds Brown Innocent Of Plagiarism

7th April 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE author DAN BROWN has been cleared in London's High Court of allegations he breached copyright and plagiarised the best-seller's plot. MICHAEL BAIGENT and RICHARD LEIGH had insisted Brown ripped off their...

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Howard To Make Iraq War Picture

22nd March 2006

RON HOWARD is set to follow in the footsteps of military movie JARHEAD when he directs LAST MAN HOME, a film set in war-torn Iraq. The project details the search for a Gulf War soldier...

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Dunst Goes To Cannes

21st March 2006

KIRSTEN DUNST's new period movie MARIE-ANTOINETTE has been selected to compete at the coveted Cannes Film Festival in May (06). The SOFIA COPPOLA-directed film, co-starring SPIDER-MAN actor JASON SCHWARTZMAN, sees a 19-year-old Viennese girl became...

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Brown Blasts Da Vinci Code Plagiarism Accusations

14th March 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE author DAN BROWN has slammed allegations he plagiarised the best-seller's plot as "completely fanciful" and is "astounded" by the current copyright wrangle. MICHAEL BAIGENT and RICHARD LEIGH have taken Brown to...

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Kong Dominates Empire Awards

2nd March 2006

PETER JACKSON's Academy Award-shunned remake of KING KONG is leading the nominations for Empire Magazine's 2006 film awards. The New Zealand-shot epic has been named in five categories including Best Film. PRIDE + PREJUDICE, CRASH,...

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Da Vinci Under Fire

25th February 2006

The movie version of hit book THE DA VINCI CODE is at the centre of a copyright wrangle - after claims the story was copied from another book. The DAN BROWN bestseller, which has...

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Howard Still Traumatised By Nude Role

7th February 2006

BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD still shudders at the memory of performing nude in her first stage show THE HAMLET MACHINE. THE VILLAGE star and daughter of actor/director RON HOWARD insists the 30 naked minutes caused...

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Gervais Shuns Da Vinci Role

3rd February 2006

British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS snubbed a small role in new movie THE DA VINCI CODE, after convincing director RON HOWARD he would ruin it. Howard wanted the comedian to play a butler in the...

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Magnum Movie Set For The Big Screen

25th January 2006

TOM SELLECK's hit 1980s TV show MAGNUM, P.I. is being adapted for the big screen. RAWSON MARSHALL THURBER, who wrote and directed DODGEBALL, has signed on to take charge of the movie. The...

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Fascinating Fact 884

24th January 2006

THE VILLAGE star BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD's godfather is actor HENRY WINKLER, who co-starred with her father, RON HOWARD, on HAPPY DAYS....

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Catholic Group Appeal For Adult Rating For Da Vinci Code

20th January 2006

Catholic group Opus Dei are urging film ratings boards to give controversial new movie THE DA VINCI CODE an adult rating - because it fears children will believe the film's "lies" about JESUS fathering a...

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Howard Set To Become Spider-man's New Girlfriend

20th January 2006

THE VILLAGE star BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD is set to join the cast of SPIDER-MAN 3 as the woman who takes MARY JANE's place in Spider-man's heart. The actress will play GWEN STACY, one...

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Da Vinci Code Set For A Premiere At The Louvre?

5th January 2006

Producers of much-anticipated movie THE DA VINCI CODE are considering staging the film's European premiere at the Louvre art gallery in Paris, France, where the story begins. Film executives are impressed with record-breaking figures...

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Howard: 'Da Vinci Code Fuss Was A Joke'

4th January 2006

Movie maker RON HOWARD insists the British media made an unnecessary fuss over supposed DA VINCI CODE protestors while he was shooting the film at Lincoln Cathedral in England last summer (05) because many of...

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Chirac Slammed For Da Vinci Casting

29th December 2005

French President JACQUES CHIRAC is facing a political backlash after reports he tried to altar the casting of THE DA VINCI CODE, promoting family friends for the lead roles. THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH...

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Tautou Inspires Director Ron To Grow A Beard

8th December 2005

Movie maker RON HOWARD decided to grow a beard for the first time after seeking approval from actress AUDREY TAUTOU. The CINDERELLA MAN director let his daily shaving routine slip while shooting THE DA...

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Hanks Hassled In Church

30th September 2005

Hollywood star TOM HANKS has been hassled by a die-hard fan on the set of new film THE DA VINCI CODE - even though the chapel he was filming in was closed to the public....

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Howard Hides From Da Vinci Fans

14th September 2005

Director RON HOWARD has been forced to disguise the name of his new movie version of best-selling novel THE DA VINCI CODE, because the set has become swamped with fans. The OSCAR winner is...

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Fascinating Fact 143

8th September 2005

HAPPY DAYS are here again on the set of hit comedy ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - SCOTT BAIO will replace former sitcom co-star HENRY WINKLER on the show, which is narrated by another ex-Happy Days regular RON...

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Us Box-office Suffers An Eight Year Summer Low

5th September 2005

This year's (05) big-budget movie flops THE ISLAND and KINGDOM OF HEAVEN are responsible for America's box-office sales plummeting to a low of eight years. Box-office performance company Exhibitor Relations claims attendance figures are...

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Howard Compares Crowe To Hanks

24th August 2005

Oscar-winning director RON HOWARD has compared RUSSELL CROWE's fiery temper with the confrontational manner of TOM HANKS, because he handles the two stars in a similar way. The GLADIATOR star -...

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Howard: Crowe's Outbursts Result In Great Acting

23rd August 2005

Oscar-winning film-maker RON HOWARD is happy to tolerate RUSSELL CROWE's temper tantrums, because they usually precede his best performances. The former HAPPY DAYS star has teamed up with Crowe twice - on 2001's A...

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Howard Refuses To Sacrifice Family For Hollywood

19th August 2005

OSCAR-winning director RON HOWARD is desperate to cast his daughter BRYCE DALLAS-HOWARD in his next movie because then he could spend time with his family and work obsessively. The 51-year-old director has four children...

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Happy Days Star Will Never Act Again

19th August 2005

Former HAPPY DAYS actor RON HOWARD loves being in control and insists he will never return to acting because he hates being told what to do. The OSCAR-winning film-maker, who played RICHIE CUNNINGHAM in...

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