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Roland Emmerich Expects Fury Over Shakespeare Movie

5th April 2011

Director Roland Emmerich is expecting protests outside his home when he releases his new movie Anonymous, as he fears Shakespeare purists will be outraged by his portrayal of the Bard as a fake.The Independence Day...

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Emmerich Plans Independence Day Sequels

16th November 2009

Director ROLAND EMMERICH is preparing to depict the end of the world on the movie screen yet again, in sequels to INDEPENDENCE DAY.The filmmaker is currently riding high on the huge box office success of...

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Emmerich Plans To Take 2012 To The Small Screen

5th November 2009

Moviemaker ROLAND EMMERICH enjoyed making upcoming disaster movie 2012 so much, he's now making plans to turn the project into a TV drama.In the film, John Cusack and Amanda Peet race to avoid a series...

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2012 Film Pushed Back By Sony

21st January 2009

Sony Pictures have decided to delay the release of filmmaker ROLAND EMMERICH's latest big budget disaster movie 2012. The studio is moving the film's release from 10 July (09) to 13 November (09), two weekends...

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The Things They Say 7575

11th March 2008

"I would like to erase all nations and religions. Nationalism and religion are what create wars. They are slowly destroying the world." Director ROLAND EMMERICH explains what he would do if he was a politician.

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Emmerich Hits Out At Gibson

22nd February 2008

Director ROLAND EMMERICH has hit out at actor-turned-director MEL GIBSON's movie APOCALYPTO, labelling it one dimensional. Emmerich and Gibson worked together on The Patriot eight years ago (00) - but the longtime filmmaker has been...

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Fascinating Fact 3772

16th August 2007

INDEPENDENCE DAY director ROLAND EMMERICH has signed up to remake 1966 sci-fi classic FANTASTIC VOYAGE....

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Gyllenhaal Wants To Be Queen Of Hollywood

1st February 2005

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL wants to follow in her brother JAKE's footsteps and make the giant leap from independent films to Hollywood blockbusters. Jake first grabbed attention in RICHARD KELLY's dark masterpiece DONNIE DARKO before going...

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Emmerich Slams Cameron's Titanic

8th June 2004

Hollywood director ROLAND EMMERICH has slammed fellow disaster movie director JAMES CAMERON for the "cheesy" dialogue of his big-budget romance TITANIC. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW director complains that Cameron's 1998 OSCAR-winning blockbuster was "like...

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Emmerich Relieved By 9/11 Attacks

7th June 2004

Movie director ROLAND EMMERICH was relieved when the 9/11 tragedy hit America (11SEP01) - because it saved him from the prospect of making a sequel to his 1996 blockbuster INDEPENDENCE DAY. The 48-year-old filmmaker...

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Emmerich Gets Revenge On British Critics

23rd February 2004

Hollywood director ROLAND EMMERICH has used his latest movie to take revenge on British critics, who slated his previous film THE PATRIOT. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, which is set to open in May (04),...

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Independence Day Two?

2nd May 2003

Seven years after WILL SMITH saved the world from invading aliens in INDEPENDENCE DAY, movie makers DEAN DEVLIN and ROLAND EMMERICH are still planning a sequel. The 1996 blockbuster wowed film fans and raked...

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