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Moore Makes Movie Return In Quiet Man Story

19th February 2010

SIR ROGER MOORE is returning to the big screen in a movie about the making of JOHN WAYNE classic THE QUIET MAN.The Bond legend hasn't appeared in a film since 2002's Boat Trip, choosing instead...

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Movie Reviews Dear John

5th February 2010

Time was when critics might have called a movie like Dear John "schmaltzy," referring to the Yiddish term for the sickly sweet chicken fat that Jewish families once slathered on rye bread. An acquired taste...

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Wrist-raker Roger Moore

3rd February 2010

Sir Roger Moore accidentally broke his wife's wrist.The 82-year-old actor caused the painful injury to Kristina, 67, as he was trying to stop her from falling over during a trip to Switzerland.Roger - who seemingly...

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Movie Reviews The Tooth Fairy

22nd January 2010

Producers of The Tooth Fairy may feel as if they had just received a root canal after reading reviews of their movie. "Bland and unfunny," is the way Lou Lumenick describes it in the New...

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The Things They Say 14858

3rd January 2010

"It's tricky going into a big store or an airport, but conversely I get spoilt rotten sometimes. One thing I'd love is to get the bus and take my whole family for beans on toast...

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Moore Wants Others To Learn From Heartbeat Trauma

24th November 2009

BOND star SIR ROGER MOORE wants his collapse from an irregular heartbeat to serve as a warning to fans who may be suffering from the same condition.The 007 actor was rushed to hospital after falling...

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Movie Reviews The Blind Side

20th November 2009

Lou Lumenick in the New York Post describes The Blind Side as "part football movie and part Precious with a happy ending." It's the true story of a wealthy Southern couple, played by Sandra Bullock...

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Movie Reviews The Twilight Saga New Moon

19th November 2009

Critics all seem to agree that The Twilight Saga New Moon delivers what it is supposed to deliver -- in the words of Elizabeth Weitzman, in the New York Daily News , "swooning romance, PG-13...

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Moore Named Peta's Person Of The Year

19th November 2009

SIR ROGER MOORE has been honoured by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in the U.K. for his campaign to ban controversial French delicacy foie gras.The former James Bond star, a longtime...

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Movie Reviews Pirate Radio

13th November 2009

Like the little off-shore pirate radio stations playing rock 'n' roll that dared to compete against the massive radio domination of the staid BBC in the 1960s, Pirate Radio debuts against the incalculable might of...

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Movie Reviews The Fourth Kind

6th November 2009

The film not to have a close encounter with this weekend, most critics warn, is The Fourth Kind , which is set in Nome, Alaska but which was actually shot in Bulgaria -- documentary style,...

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Movie Reviews The Men Who Stare At Goats

6th November 2009

We get more paranormal activity this week in The Men Who Stare at Goats, starring George Clooney, Jeff Bridges and Stephen Lang about a reporter's efforts to reveal the story of an Army unit (supposedly...

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Moore Outraged Over Foie Gras

5th November 2009

SIR ROGER MOORE has stepped up his battle with a U.K. department store which sells foie gras by filming an ad blasting the controversial French delicacy.The former Bond actor, a long-time animal lover, has previously...

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Moore Yearns For A Simple Life

5th November 2009

Millionaire former BOND star SIR ROGER MOORE has tired of fame and fortune - insisting he gets "spoilt rotten" when he tries to go about his daily life.The veteran actor has enjoyed a stellar five-decade...

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Movie Reviews Where The Wild Things Are

16th October 2009

Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are has been expanded from a nine-sentence, 37-page-long children's book filled mostly with his drawings ("the easiest prereview homework ever," Lisa Kennedy of the Denver Post remarked) to a...

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Orlando Bloom's Unicef Role

12th October 2009

Orlando Bloom has been appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.The Hollywood actor was given the title today (12.10.09) by the United Nations Children's Fund in recognition of his work and commitment to the rights of children...

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Movie Reviews Couples Retreat

9th October 2009

It's probably a good thing that Couples Retreat has the weekend to itself as the only movie opening wide. Critics are saying that the only thing funny about this romantic comedy are a few one-liners...

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Movie Reviews Zombieland

2nd October 2009

Clearly Zombieland is not the kind of movie Roger Ebert can sink his teeth into. "Vampires make a certain amount of sense to me, but zombies not so much. What's their purpose?" He asks, in...

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Three New Films Arrive D.o.d. At Box Office

28th September 2009

Three films making their debut at the box office this weekend all flopped, while last week's winner held on to its crown. The three films were Disney's Surrogates , which earned just $15 million; MGM's...

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Movie Reviews Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatbals

18th September 2009

Roger Ebert doesn't really review Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in the Chicago Sun-Times today. He sort of provides a quick digest of the indigestible things going on in the animated movie. But he...

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Movie Reviews Sorority Row

14th September 2009

Sorority Row , another film that was not screened for critics in advance, wound up with the sort of reviews that justified the decision. The Los Angeles Times called up retired second-string critic Kevin Thomas...

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Moore Eyes Dr Who Role

4th September 2009

BOND legend SIR ROGER MOORE is vying for a guest spot on DR WHO - after learning his 007 protege TIMOTHY DALTON has landed a part in a forthcoming Christmas special.Dalton, who took over the...

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Moore Never Discussed Bond With Niven

2nd September 2009

SIR ROGER MOORE never talked about JAMES BOND with his close pal DAVID NIVEN - even though both actors played 007.Moore enjoyed a 12-year run as the superspy between 1973 and 1985, but his late...

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Movie Reviews X-games 3d The Movie

25th August 2009

X-Games 3D The Movie may be the first 3D movie of the season to fall flat. Sure, it's nice to see skateboards flying into your face and dirt kicked off the screen, Roger Moore wrote...

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Movie Reviews Inglourious Basterds

24th August 2009

There is something about Quentin Tarrantino's work that polarizes both his audiences in general and film critics in particular. Never was that fact more evident than it is with his latest film, Inglourious Basterds, in...

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Movie Reviews The Goods Live Hard, Sell Hard

17th August 2009

What hath Airplane and all those gag-a-second movies of the 1980s ultimately wrought? Well, apparently, according to the critics, The Goods Live Hard, Sell Hard. The movie, and the jokes, move at such break-neck speed...

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Movie Revies Aliens In The Attic

3rd August 2009

Aliens in the Attic , which was not pre-screened for critics, got mostly ho-hum reviews from them over the weekend. Peter Hartlaub's review in the San Francisco Chronicle was typical "It's doubtful that many people...

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Movie Reviews Funny People

31st July 2009

Judd Apatow's third R-rated comedy, Funny People, is not your usual Judd Apatow R-rated comedy, many critics are pointing out. It concerns a stand-up comedian played by Adam Sandler who learns that he he has...

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Movie Reviews Harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince

14th July 2009

Ordinarily reviews count for little when it comes to movie attendance these days. However, a laudable review by the official Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano may count for a lot, especially in Catholic countries. The newspaper...

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Movie Reviews Brüno

10th July 2009

Talk about "mixed reviews!" Not only do those for Brüno from the major critic range from disgusted scorn to ecstatic praise but those sentiments can sometimes be found in individual reviews. For example, take Roger...

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