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Moonraker Line Voted James Bond's Naughtiest

13th November 2006

A saucy line from MOONRAKER has been voted JAMES BOND fans' favourite 007 sexual innuendo. Cinema advertising giants Pearl And Dean invited devotees of the secret agent franchise to vote for their favourite sexy gag...

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Hepburn Dress Under The Hammer

13th November 2006

AUDREY HEPBURN'S iconic black dress worn in 1961s BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S is expected to fetch as much as GBP70,000 ($126,000) when it goes under the hammer next month (DEC06). The Film and Entertainment sale, a...

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The Things They Say 3328

11th November 2006

"ROGER MOORE said on television the other day, 'MICHAEL CAINE changed his name and kept his accent. I changed my accent and kept my name. He's working all the time and I can't get a...

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Cowell Backs Craig's Bond

7th November 2006

TV star SIMON COWELL has backed DANIEL CRAIG to shine as the new JAMES BOND, but insists Craig could never equal SIR ROGER MOORE's portrayal of the British superspy. Despite fan favourite SIR SEAN CONNERY...

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Roger Moore: 'Bond Doesn't Require Good Acting'

6th November 2006

Former JAMES BOND star ROGER MOORE insists it doesn't take a "good actor" to play the world's most famous secret agent. Moore - who played the suave superspy in the early 1980s - insists criticism...

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Moore Admires Poet Kipling's Ways

6th November 2006

SIR ROGER MOORE has revealed a softer side, he's a huge fan of British poet RUDYARD KIPLING. The former JAMES BOND star revealed his admiration for the acclaimed writer at a literary event at the...

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Connery Voted Best Bond, Goldfinger Best 007 Film

2nd November 2006

Veteran actor SIR SEAN CONNERY has been named the best JAMES BOND and his 1964 007 movie GOLDFINGER the best Bond film, in a new survey. Connery, who was the first actor to portray the...

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Movie Reviews: Saw Iii

30th October 2006

As horror films go, Saw III fared fairly well with critics. Although they were not permitted to see it in advance of Friday's opening and had to buy tickets to do so like everyone else,...

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Movie Reviews: Open Season

29th September 2006

This is certainly open season for critics firing potshots at animated animals. To be sure, the animated animal population may be in need of some thinning out, but the critics are firing a veritable fusillade...

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Connery Still Best Bond

25th September 2006

SIR SEAN CONNERY has been voted the best JAMES BOND of all time, retaining his place as the world's favourite 007. A poll by sci-fi magazine SFX also named 1964's GOLDFINGER as the best 007...

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Movie Reviews: Jackass: Number Two

22nd September 2006

The folks who will flock to see Jackass: Number Two are probably not the kind who will read the reviews of the movie. On the other hand, the folks who have absolutely no intention of...

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Moore's Son To Reprise The Saint Role?

15th September 2006

ROGER MOORE's son is set to reprise his father's role in hit 1960s TV series THE SAINT. The former JAMES BOND star told producers GEOFFREY MOORE would be a perfect replacement for PIERCE BROSNAN as...

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Invincible Remains Such For Second Week

4th September 2006

Because of the Labor Day holiday, several studios did not release estimates for the weekend Sunday, but news reports indicated that the consensus was that Disney's Invincible narrowly held on to the lead for the...

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Craig Vows To Be The Baddest Bond Ever

9th August 2006

English actor DANIEL CRAIG has vowed to be the baddest JAMES BOND in the history of the film franchise. The blond MUNICH star is the sixth actor to play 007, following in the footsteps of...

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Craig Scared Of Heights

7th August 2006

New JAMES BOND star DANIEL CRAIG was forced to overcome his crippling fear of heights to play the superspy in CASINO ROYALE. The MUNICH actor is following in the footsteps of previous 007s SIR ROGER...

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Moore Plans Murder Victim Tv Role

21st July 2006

Veteran actor SIR ROGER MOORE is hoping to star as a murder victim in British TV drama MIDSOMER MURDERS. Moore is a huge fan of the show, but its star JOHN NETTLES is uncertain he...

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Bond's Gun Phobia

17th July 2006

Former JAMES BOND star SIR ROGER MOORE almost never got to play the suave superspy because he's terrified of guns. Ever since a rifle exploded in his hands during his National Service in the British...

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Moore's 'Birth-like' Film Premiere Nerves

16th July 2006

Legendary actor SIR ROGER MOORE has Iikened the nerves he felt at the premiere of LIVE AND LET DIE to being at the birth of his children. Moore made his debut as suave secret agent...

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Moore's Foie Gras Fury

4th July 2006

SIR ROGER MOORE's son GEOFFREY is controversially selling foie gras at his Mayfair, London restaurant Hush - even though the former Bond star is urging restauranteurs to ban the delicacy. Moore, a former fan of...

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Anderson Strips For Fur-free Fashion

29th June 2006

Former BAYWATCH beauty PAMELA ANDERSON sparked a media frenzy in London last night (28JUN06) as she disrobed in the window of STELLA MCCARTNEY's Mayfair boutique. The blonde bombshell was protesting the use of fur in...

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Tyler Regrets Turning Down Bond

13th June 2006

Welsh singer BONNIE TYLER's biggest regret is turning down the chance to record the soundtrack for a JAMES BOND movie. The HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO hitmaker, who recorded chart-topping hits throughout the 1970s and...

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Roger Moore Wins Foie Gras Battle

27th April 2006

A new expose on the crude methods used to force feed ducks and geese for pate delicacy foie gras, narrated by former JAMES BOND star ROGER MOORE, has prompted Chicago, Illinois, officials to ban the...

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Brosnan Congratulates Craig

28th March 2006

Former JAMES BOND star PIERCE BROSNAN has congratulated new 007 DANIEL CRAIG on his casting as the suave superpy. Craig, who will make his debut as Bond in new movie CASINO ROYALE, was thrilled to...

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Tennant Mistaken For Fatboy Slim

17th March 2006

PET SHOP BOYS singer NEIL TENNANT once pretended to be DJ FATBOY SLIM at a party, because he didn't want to offend guests who mistook him for the star. The IT'S A SIN hitmaker was...

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The Things They Say 1630

15th March 2006

"We were going to star together in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, but we couldn't decide which one was going to star in front." SIR ROGER MOORE jokes with his THE PERSUADERS! co-star TONY CURTIS.

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Moore And Curtis Urge Fans To Stop Smoking

14th March 2006

Former THE PERSUADERS! co-stars SIR ROGER MOORE and TONY CURTIS urged movie fans to give up smoking during their appearance at last night's (13MAR06) Empire film awards. Former JAMES BOND actor star Moore, insists he...

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King Kong Named Best Movie Of 2005

14th March 2006

Gorilla remake KING KONG has been named the Best Film of 2005, picking up top prize at last night's (13MAR06) Empire Magazine's film awards. Despite being largely shunned at the Academy Awards earlier this month...

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Kingsley Apologises

26th February 2006

LATEST: SIR BEN KINGSLEY has apologised for asking to be addressed as 'Sir' both by colleagues and on publicity material - insisting he has no recollection of making the demand. The actor recently announced...

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Moore Defends New Bond Craig

24th February 2006

Former 007 SIR ROGER MOORE has leaped to the defence of new JAMES BOND star DANIEL CRAIG, insisting no one can criticise the blond actor until they see him in action. Moore is convinced...

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Moore: 'Stop The 'Sir' Kingsley'

18th February 2006

SIR ROGER MOORE has hit out at fellow knighted actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY's insistence on being addressed by his full title at all times. Kingsley, who was knighted in 2001, recently announced there is...

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