Rock's Mother Claims Restaurant 'Racism'

US funnyman CHRIS ROCK's mother is to sue a South Carolina restaurant over claims she was the victim of racism by the eatery's staff. ROSE ROCK and her 21-year-old daughter visited the Cracker Barrel chain's restaurant in April (06). They allege they were the only blacks in the building and ignored for half an hour before anyone served them. Rose claims she asked the manager about the delay and was told they could have a free meal. But she complains, "He never called over the waitresses and asked, 'Why did these people sit here for an hour without service?' The only thing he said was we could have a free meal and neither of us wanted to eat." Cracker Barrel spokeswoman JULIE DAVIS insists the company doesn't tolerate any form of discrimination: "It has always been a violation of our policies and procedures and it is neither condoned nor allowed." She added the restaurant chain was investigating and taking the complaint "very seriously". Rose contacted the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission immediately after the incident and was told her complaint would be handled, but "nothing ever happened". The head of the commission, JESSE WASHINGTON, insists the complaint was finalised on 7 August (06) and his agency is also investigating. Cracker Barrel has faced a string of lawsuits and a US government inquiry in the past over complaints of refusing to serve black customers, discriminating against minority workers and sacking gay employees.


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My nephew experienced a similar situation while at a cracker barrel outside of Atlanta Ga. He was on a field trip in 2005 with a few members of his robotic team for a tournament in Atlanta when they stopped by Cracker Barrel for lunch. This was the first outing since the death of his father a few weeks before. He was the only black in the group and when the server brought the meal the whole thing was dumped on him, covering from the top of his head down to mid thigh. The server apologized and brought the table another meal; my nephew had to eat his with the same dirty clothes on. Even though they had T-shirts for sale they didn't offer him one to change into and made him pay for his meal. Being a young black male with limited resources, 200 miles from home he couldn't afford to purchase a new shirt, so he sat there embarrassed and ate his lunch. When he returned home and told his mother what happened, she called the store and was told that they spoke to his coach and assumed everything was "handled". Then they did the same thing that they did to Chris's mom; sent a gift basket and a T-shirt. My question is why couldn't they give him a t-shirt when he is sitting in the restaurant covered in food, with everyone staring and pointing? Or do they think that we can't afford to purchase our own gift baskets and t-shirts?Cracker Barrel is quick to say that it is not a black/white issue, and even go as far as to put a black face on TV for all America to see to defend their company.The fact that they would even put a token on tv to defend the company is insulting! But from where I sit it can't be seen as anything but a black/white issue, do you think they would not have left a white child sitting in slop? I think not!
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