Tommy Lee - Rocker Tommy Lee Not Interested In Recording Full Albums

Rocker Tommy Lee has given up on plans to make another full length album, because he's convinced modern music fans are only interested in buying digital singles.
The Motley Crue drummer and Methods of Mayhem frontman believes the increasing popularity of downloading new music has signalled the end of traditional CD releases and he doesn't want to "waste" his time recording a disc full of new tracks when few people will actually listen to all of the tunes.
Lee tells, "People say it all the time: 'When are you guys gonna make a new record, dude?' It's like, 'Really? Why?' No one buys them anyway, anymore. And I'm not sure what the reason is.
"To tell you the truth, I think the days of making a record, for me personally, are over. After this last Methods (Of Mayhem) record I did, I'll never make another full record, I think. It's a waste of time, 'cause people can only ingest a song at a time, so why not make b**ching songs at a time and release them?... I just really feel like the days of the entire record are long gone."
Lee admits his decision has been influenced by his penchant to try new things.
He says, "I guess I'm just a fan of switching it up. I want to hear some of this, some of that. I don't really do that anymore. Maybe it's my child-like short attention span, but I'm not a fan of that long, drawn-out f**king album anymore.
"I don't think most people are. If you look at sales, most people are buying songs at a time and they're just not really buying records. That's just a sign of the times."


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