Former Kyuss frontman John Garcia was stunned when his hero Robby Krieger agreed to play guitar on a track on his new self-titled solo album.

The rocker recorded vocals for a recent Vista Chino album through a vintage microphone owned by the Doors guitarist, but he never thought he'd get the chance to record with Krieger.

He tells Rolling Stone he was left speechless when producer pal Harper Hug suggested Krieger for a "Spanish, flamenco guitar" on Her Bullets Energy - and then revealed he was helping the veteran build a studio.

Garcia says, "I pretty much fell over from my chair and said, 'Do you think he would do it?'"

Krieger picks up the story and adds, "For the last couple years, I've been building a new studio with Harper Hug... Harper played me a song that I really liked, and we decided to try recording some of my flamenco guitar on it. This was the first time we actually recorded at the studio. We did it in the big room, and it sounded awesome."

Garcia recalls, "We spent more time, I think, talking about golfing than we did about the track. I'm from Palm Springs, and there's a s**t-ton of golf courses here. He was asking me about a couple courses out here. I'm not a golfer myself, but he's Robby Krieger, so I was trying to do my best to accommodate."

Garcia's new album, which also features a guest spot from his Kyuss bandmate Nick Oliveri, will be released in August (14).