Former Marillion frontman Fish has announced he will step away from the limelight in 2017 after releasing a final album.

The Kayleigh singer, real name Derek DICk, reveals he has been considering retirement for several years and now feels it's time to end his career after a final hurrah.

Fish will say farewell with a new album, a series of remastered re-releases and a final tour.

Announcing the news on his website, the Scottish singer writes, "2015 has repositioned itself as far as cunning plans go, and that's having a knock-on effect on the outro I was looking at.

"Rescheduled dates in January and February have torn a chunk out of my schedule, and after discussions and offers in the last few days I have to reconsider how the year unfolds. I can't name specific events - what I can say is that July and August will be full-on as a mixture of open airs (festivals) in Europe, threaded together with a string of club shows, leading up to the Cropredy festival, with weekends pretty much full with shows all the way up to the second week of September.

"It would be unwise to attempt to write, record and release the Weltschmerz album in 2015 without putting unnecessary pressure on myself, and running the risks of not only missing deadlines but also being forced into compromises I don't want to entertain on this project. It has to be special on every level."

He reveals that the relaunch of his past solo albums will fund work on what will become his final record, adding, "I feel comfortable with the scheduling - it gives me the time to prepare for the next important steps in my life. It means I will be retiring from the music business just before my 60th birthday, which I think is a pretty good time to ring the changes.

"I know there will be some of you who perhaps disagree with this ambition, and many who will be disappointed. But a man has to have a plan, and this is mine as I stare into a future which holds a lot of promise and new adventures."

It's not clear what the rocker plans to do after his retirement, but he has tasted success as an actor in the U.K., appearing in episodes of Tv shows Taggart, The Bill and Jute City, as well as films The Jacket and Electric Man.