The singer lost movement and feeling to the right side of his body after suffering the stroke on Thursday (20Aug15), and he is expected to be released from a Toronto, Canada hospital on Wednesday (26Aug15) to begin his recovery process at home, according to

Revealing the news on, Frew writes: "This my friends is one of the toughest stories I have ever had to write, not only because I am right-handed and I am typing to you with my left but because what I am going to tell you is very difficult for me but I want you to hear it from me directly and not from the rumour mill.

"On Thursday I suffered a stroke. That's right. A clot in my brain. This will now be the fight of my life. I am alive, obviously, and have all my brain power. I have suffered right-sided trauma but I am fighting the Warrior's fight already."

Declaring himself "a warrior" Frew insists he's not going to let his medical crisis wreck his career plans, adding, "I WILL release the beautiful CD I have worked so hard on and I WILL perform it live for you ASAP... this I promise you. Those of you who pray by all means do so and those of you like me who don't, send me your energy and I will use it all to return to you as soon as I can..."

Frew suspects he suffered a stroke because he had stopped taking medication for cholesterol and hypertension.

He says, “I stupidly told myself I didn’t need that medication and that’s the price I’ve had to pay for it."