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Robin Givens Opens Up About Domestic Abuse For Time Magazine Piece

11th September 2014

Actress Robin Givens has recalled the domestic abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her ex-husband Mike Tyson in a new article for Time magazine.The Boomerang star was inspired to write the piece following...

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Mike Tyson: 'I Only Married Robin Givens Because I Thought She Was Pregnant'

28th October 2013

Boxer Mike Tyson has revealed he only married actress Robin Givens because of an alleged pregnancy.The former heavyweight champion and Givens wed in 1988, but Tyson admits he immediately knew the nuptials were a mistake....

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Mike Tyson Walked In On Estranged Wife Making Out With Brad Pitt

3rd December 2012

Boxing great Mike Tyson still chuckles about the day he faced off with his estranged wife Robin Givens' new man Brad Pitt at her home.The fighter was hoping to "sneak in" a quick sex session...

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Mike Tyson Caught Brad Pitt In Bed With Wife

3rd December 2012

Mike Tyson was ''mad as hell'' when he caught Brad Pitt in bed with his wife.The former world heavyweight boxing champion was furious when he walked in on Brad - a then unknown actor -...

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Mike Tyson's Ex-wife Accused Of Failing To Pay Divorce Fees

21st August 2012

A representative for Mike Tyson's ex-wife Robin Givens has dismissed allegations the actress neglected to pay a lawyer on her former divorce team.Marvin Mitchelson allegedly drew up divorce papers for Givens in the midst of...

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Mike Tyson Takes To Broadway For One Man Show

3rd August 2012

In many ways, Mike Tyson is used to putting his life on stage. Now, with the new Spike Lee directed one-man show Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth, the former World Heavyweight Champion is doing exactly that,...

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Mike Tyson Turned Off By Ex-wife's Pitt Date

5th April 2012

Boxing champ turned movie star Mike Tyson has sensationally revealed he found out about ex-wife Robin Givens' romance with Brad Pitt during an early morning booty call to her home.The mismatched former couple had a...

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Mike Tyson Names Son Morocco

26th January 2011

Mike Tyson has named his new son Morocco Elijah Tyson.The former heavyweight world champion boxer and his wife, Lakiha Spicer Tyson, welcomed the little boy into the world yesterday (25.01.11) and have now decided on...

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Mike Tyson And Lakiha Spicer Welcome Baby Son

26th January 2011

MIKE TYSON, the former boxing world champion and his wife LAKIHA SPICER TYSON, have welcomed their second child, reports the UK's Daily Mail. The new arrival is Tyson's eighth child in total and the birth...

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Tyson Was High On Drugs During Walters' 1988 Interview

7th May 2010

MIKE TYSON has opened up about his lack of reaction during a famous 1988 interview with his first wife ROBIN GIVENS - he was too high on drugs to respond as the actress accused him...

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Givens Denies Contacting The View Over Tyson Chat

6th May 2010

A representative for MIKE TYSON's ex-wife ROBIN GIVENS has denied the actress ordered producers on U.S. show THE VIEW to ban the former boxing champ from mentioning her name during a chat.Tyson will be a...

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Oprah Apologises To Givens For Flawed Tyson Interview

14th November 2009

OPRAH WINFREY has publicly apologised to actress ROBIN GIVENS for not attacking her ex-husband MIKE TYSON's domestic violence boasts when he was a guest on her show recently.Givens, who is now a spokesperson for the...

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Givens: 'Tyson Is A Hero'

13th October 2009

ROBIN GIVENS admires her ex-husband MIKE TYSON for opening up about their violent relationship during a candid U.S. TV interview.The actress wed the former boxer in 1988 and accused him of physically abusing her before...

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Tyson: 'I Wanted To Sock Givens On National Tv'

13th October 2009

MIKE TYSON has opened up about his volatile relationship with his first wife, actress ROBIN GIVENS, confessing he wanted to "sock" her for what she said to U.S. interviewer BARBARA WALTERS in a famous 1988...

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Givens: 'Brown's Abuse Is Unacceptable'

12th October 2009

Actress ROBIN GIVENS has urged RIHANNA to sever all ties with CHRIS BROWN, recalling her own abusive relationship with ex-husband MIKE TYSON.The Head Of Class star married the former heavyweight champion in 1988 and hit...

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Mike Tyson Marries In Vegas

10th June 2009

Mike Tyson has got married.The former world champion boxer - whose four-year-old daughter Exodus died last month - tied the knot with Lakiha Spicer in Las Vegas on Saturday (06.06.09).La Bella Wedding Chapel spokesman Shawn...

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Givens Sued Over Outstanding Tax Debt

26th May 2009

Actress ROBIN GIVENS has been hit with a lawsuit from U.S. tax officials after running up debts and fees of $292,000 (£194,665). Mike Tyson's ex-wife is accused of failing to keep up with her taxes since...

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Givens Calls On Diddy & Usher To 'Get Appalled' About Violent Attacks

20th March 2009

Actress ROBIN GIVENS has urged hip-hop heroes DIDDY and USHER to speak out about domestic abuse - because so many young African-American boys look up to them, and follow their lead. Givens, who was allegedly physically...

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Givens Bemused By Pitt's Superstardom

9th August 2007

Actress ROBIN GIVENS finds her ex-boyfriend BRAD PITT's superstardom "hysterical", and fails to understand what makes him so interesting. The African-American beauty dated Pitt in 1989, before she embarked on a relationship with boxer Mike...

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Givens Defends Spears

15th June 2007

Actress ROBIN GIVENS found herself sticking up for troubled singer BRITNEY SPEARS recently, because she can remember her own trials as a young celebrity. Givens was just 23 when she married boxer Mike Tyson in...

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Givens Regrets Marriage To Tyson

26th July 2006

Former HEAD OF THE CLASS star ROBIN GIVENS regrets marrying controversial boxer MIKE TYSON and still finds it hard to leave the trauma of the relationship behind her. The actress appeared on US talk show...

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Wilson Joins The Foxy Roxies

25th April 2006

TOM HANKS' wife RITA WILSON is set to RAZZLE DAZZLE Broadway, New York this summer (06) after signing on to replace ROBIN GIVENS in hit musical CHICAGO. Wilson will take on the role of naive...

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Fascinating Fact 875

21st January 2006

MIKE TYSON's ex-wife ROBIN GIVENS is the latest star to play ROXIE HART in CHICAGO. The actress is playing the dreamy jailbird in the hit musical on Broadway, New York, opposite SEINFELD star JOHN O'HURLEY....

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Trump Upset Over Book Claims He Bedded Robin Givens

26th October 2005

Property tycoon-turned-reality TV star DONALD TRUMP has slammed the author of a new unauthorised biography for claiming he once had an affair with actress ROBIN GIVENS. Trump states he feels "betrayed" by author TIMOTHY...

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Givens To Star In Chicago

7th September 2005

BOOMERANG star ROBIN GIVENS is hitting New York's Broadway for the first time next year as she takes on the role of ROXIE HART in hit musical CHICAGO. The 40-year-old actress, who had a...

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Murphy And Givens Enjoy Night Out Together

24th August 2005

Comedian EDDIE MURPHY has been romantically linked to his BOOMERANG co-star ROBIN GIVENS, weeks after his wife NICOLE filed for divorce. The two arrived separately at an event at Hollywood hot-spot Cabana Club on...

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Jamie Foxx Wants To Play Mike Tyson

12th January 2005

After winning critical acclaim for his portrayed of RAY CHARLES, JAMIE FOXX hoping to star in another biopic - as disgraced boxer MIKE TYSON. Foxx, whose efforts in RAY have earned him numerous awards...

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Givens Spared Penalty For Car Incident

7th December 2004

Actress ROBIN GIVENS has again escaped legal punishment for running over an elderly pedestrian's leg in Miami, Florida - an offence which could have stripped her of her driving licence. County Court Judge STEVEN...

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Givens Saw Tyson's Attack On Holyfield Coming

8th November 2004

Actress ROBIN GIVENS insists she wasn't shocked when her ex-husband MIKE TYSON bit off a chunk of EVANDER HOLYFIELD's ear during a 1997 boxing bout - because she "saw it coming". Givens, who claims...

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Givens Wanted To 'Protect' Tyson

8th November 2004

Actress ROBIN GIVENS felt the need to "protect" her ex-husband MIKE TYSON while they were married - even though he was physically abusing her. The former HEAD OF THE CLASS star divorced Tyson in...

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