Robin Williams - Robin Williams Hates Ferrets

Robin Williams hates ferrets.

The 60-year-old actor - who voice two characters in his latest movie 'Happy Feet Two' - acknowledges that some people view the creatures as "loveable weasels" but he is not a fan of them and insists they do very little except bite.

He told Empire magazine: "The ferret is the most annoying animal. I'm probably going to get hate mail from angry ferret owners now, 'How dare you insult the ferret! It's basically a loveable weasel.'

"There's a show in America where all these people compete with ferrets and they don't even do anything. They basically hold them up and if they don't bite you might win."

As well as ferrets, Robin isn't a fan of chinchillas as he thinks they are "mean".

He said: "Years ago a friend of mine had a ferret called Ranchi-Franchment, but that one was actually quite sweet. So maybe I'll say the chinchilla is the most annoying instead. They're pretty mean too and they roll in dust."

Despite the dancing theme of his latest film, the comic star also admitted he can't dance.

He said: "I can't dance. My style is bad white-boy dancing. I can do swing a little bit, but nothing beyond that. My solo dancing is sad. I use my arms, badly. Stand back!"


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Ferrets make great pets! We would love to send you two to prove it. You can name them Robin and William. marshallpet
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2 years 8 months ago
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You are incorrect on both animals. Lived 6 years with a chin and she loved being held, came to you and loved being scratched and NEVER bit anyone, EVER. As for ferrets we live with 3 (one is 9 years old) and even my grandchildren can hold them, no bites EVER with these guys ever. We teach them respect (and not by hitting them) and they have traveled around the country with us, use their litter box and walk on leases. Ferrets do play a lot with their mouth, but it is not meant to hurt and when they hurt each other the other one squeals and they learn it is too hard. 2 of my 3 are deaf but they learned early that we scuffed them on the back of the neck and shook our heads when they played too rough, they learned to be gentle to get to play with us. And yes we have 2 dogs, puppy mill rescues, chihuahua and pap and they play with the ferrets too. If they play too hard they bark and the ferrets stop playing rough. . You are one of my favorite comedians and I expected a more informed statement from you on these animals (pets). It actually appears that you have little knowledge of them in good homes. Animals kept as pets but never touched often bite, including dogs. Animals not treated right, not cared for right or not handled right bite but that is the owner's fault for not learning how to care for their animals properly. Anyway maybe it would be a good idea for you to meet a few ferret owners and their socialized ferrets before you make a snap judgement like that. As for ferret shows, they have dogs shows to where the pretty dogs do nothing but walk around and look pretty. It often seems that they are judged more on how much they cost the owner, how much the trainer and/or handler is/was paid to train them to walk and stand pretty, and how much the groomer is paid to keep them looking good. So do you say these pampered pets shows are nothing more than beauty pageants for rich people and their pets? With dogs being nothing more than expensive eye-candy?. Please, before you defame a whole species of animals, please take a little time to get know some "real" people who have taken the time to actually socialize and handle their pets, not some rich person who brought a fad pet, did not bother to read a book on their care and then tossed them in a cage never to be bothered with again, because they never did their due diligence and learned what was needed to raise them.
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2 years 8 months ago
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