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Movie Reviews Winter's Bone

21st June 2010

It's called Winter's Bone and judging from the reviews, it does seem like the kind of low-budget, meticulously made movie that is tossed out to us in the early days of winter to vie for...

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Hollywood Stars Rally For Oil Spill Telethon

19th June 2010

CAMERON DIAZ, ROBERT REDFORD, STING and LENNY KRAVITZ are lending their support to a star-studded TV telethon to raise funds for the state of Louisiana following the devastating BP oil spill in April (10).TV bosses...

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Redford Slams Politicians & Oil Chiefs Over Slick

7th June 2010

Veteran actor ROBERT REDFORD has accused U.S. politicians of blindly supporting oil chiefs in the aftermath of the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico.The Indecent Proposal star, who worked on oilfields as a teenager,...

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De Niro, Redford And Spielberg Lead Petition For Jailed Panahi

2nd May 2010

Stars including ROBERT DE NIRO, ROBERT REDFORD and STEVEN SPIELBERG have joined forces in a bid to persuade the Iranian government to released jailed filmmaker JAFAR PANAHI.The Iranian director, a vocal supporter of the country's...

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Redford Against Dvd Extras

5th April 2010

ROBERT REDFORD is not a fan of behind-the-scene DVD features - because giving fans access to cinema secrets ruins "the magic" of the movie.The Way We Were star insists film lovers don't need accompanying documentaries...

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Butch Cassidy Remake Planned

25th March 2010

A sequel to 'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid' is being made.Filming on the project is to begin next month, with Sam Shepard playing the role of Butch, originally portrayed by Paul Newman in 1969....

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The Things They Say 15822

18th March 2010

"My standard answer is always ROBERT REDFORD. But that doesn't get me anywhere. I never want to (meet him). I just want to enjoy it from a distance. I would be panicky if I ever...

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Dustin Hoffman's Tv Role

3rd March 2010

Dustin Hoffman is to star in a new TV show.The Oscar-winning actor has been cast in the pilot for prospective drama 'Luck', in which he will play an "intelligent, intuitive, tough man" who has a...

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Redford Honoured With Own Award By Usc

15th February 2010

Hollywood icon ROBERT REDFORD was the toast of the University of Southern California's School of Theater on Wednesday (10Feb10) when he was honoured for his career achievements and philanthropy.The actor/director was presented with the school's...

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Redford Delivers Mea Culpa To Open Latest Sundance Fest

22nd January 2010

In an apparent reference to criticism that the Sundance Film Festival had become a marketplace for slick independent films, some with multi-million-dollar budgets from familiar filmmakers, festival founder Robert Redford told reporters on the festival's...

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Hawke Regrets Messing Up Redford Audition

6th January 2010

Actor ETHAN HAWKE will always regret the day he botched an audition for a ROBERT REDFORD movie, because he was desperate to work with his "hero".The Training Day star reveals he once tried out for...

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Redford's Accent Demands Left Mcavoy Exhausted

25th November 2009

Scottish actor JAMES MCAVOY found his boss ROBERT REDFORD a tough taskmaster while working on the star's latest movie - after the Hollywood veteran ordered him to speak in an American accent at all times.The...

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Spielberg's Lincoln Biopic Still On Track

15th September 2009

Director STEVEN SPIELBERG will go head to head with ROBERT REDFORD when they each produce movie biopics about ABRAHAM LINCOLN.Hollywood veteran Redford is working on Lincoln drama The Conspirator and recently revealed James MCAvoy and...

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Redford To Direct Lincoln Assassination Movie

19th August 2009

ROBERT REDFORD is preparing to travel back in time to direct a new movie about the assassination of U.S. President ABRAHAM LINCOLN.The movie icon will take charge of The Conspirator, which chronicles the woman executed...

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Johansson Frustrated Redford In Whisperer

31st July 2009

ROBERT REDFORD struggled to work with SCARLETT JOHANSSON on the set of THE HORSE WHISPERER - because she frustrated him so much.The actress was 13 when director Redford cast her to star in the 1998...

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Redford Weds In Germany - Report

15th July 2009

Hollywood legend ROBERT REDFORD has reportedly married his long-term partner SIBYLLE SZAGGARS in a ceremony in her native Germany.The veteran actor, 72, tied the knot with abstract painter Szaggars, 51, in front of 30 family...

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Robert Redford Marries

15th July 2009

Robert Redford has got married.The 71-year-old actor tied the knot with his 51-year-old partner Sibylle Szaggars in Hamburg, Germany, on Saturday (11.07.09).The couple married in a simple ceremony at the Louis C. Jacob Hotel in...

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Redford Weds In Germany - Report

15th July 2009

Hollywood legend ROBERT REDFORD has reportedly married his long-term partner SIBYLLE SZAGGARS at a ceremony in her native Germany.The veteran actor, 72, tied the knot with abstract painter Szaggars, 51, in front of 30 family...

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Redford's Car Prank On Motor-mad Newman

19th June 2009

ROBERT REDFORD once grew so fed up of pal PAUL NEWMAN's obsession with car racing, he had a smashed up vehicle delivered to the late star's home as a practical joke.The actor admits he would...

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Fascinating Fact 7501

10th June 2009

Hollywood veteran ROBERT REDFORD paid tribute to U.S. consumer advocate Joan Claybrook on Tuesday (09Jun09) when he attended a special dinner in Washington, D.C. to honour her work as the head of watchdog Public Citizen....

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Fascinating Fact 7364

15th May 2009

ROBERT REDFORD has launched an initiative called Sundance in New Mexico, which will help train aspiring Native American and Hispanic directors through a series of workshops and panel discussions....

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Peters Accuses Ex Streisand Of Seducing Co-stars

14th May 2009

BARBRA STREISAND enjoyed affairs with her movie co-stars ROBERT REDFORD, RYAN O'NEAL and KRIS KRISTOFFERSON at the height of her fame, according to the singer/actress' ex-boyfriend, Hollywood producer JON PETERS. Peters, who produced Superman Returns and...

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Butch & Sundance Top Bromance Poll

12th May 2009

PAUL NEWMAN and ROBERT REDFORD have topped a new Internet poll listing the top 10 Movie Bromances of all time. The pair's Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid roles beat Lethal Weapon's Murtaugh and Riggs, portrayed...

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Spacey Lands Arts Award

13th March 2009

KEVIN SPACEY is to follow in the footsteps of legendary playwright ARTHUR MILLER and movie star ROBERT REDFORD - he will be honoured with America's National Pell Award for his contribution to the arts. The Oscar-winning...

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Redford To Be Honoured In San Francisco

11th March 2009

ROBERT REDFORD is to be honoured with the Peter J. Owens Award at the upcoming 52nd San Francisco International Film Festival in April (09). The Owens Award, named for the longtime San Francisco art benefactor, honours...

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Fascinating Fact 6947

3rd March 2009

Veteran screen icon ROBERT REDFORD will be honoured at the 2009 ROBIE Awards for his contributions to the film industry. The prize, from humanitarian organisation the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF), will be presented to the...

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Redford Says Times Are Tough For Indie Filmmakers

23rd January 2009

Robert Redford has suggested that these are dire times for independent filmmakers. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal , the founder of the Sundance Film Festival said that the struggle to find financing...

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Redford Wants To Launch Sundance In Middle East

18th January 2009

Veteran actor ROBERT REDFORD is in talks to bring his Sundance Film Festival to the Middle East. The star co-founded the annual event in 1978 in a bid to bring attention to independent films, and...

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Redford 'Excited' About Saying Bye To Bush

16th January 2009

ROBERT REDFORD is looking forward to U.S. President-elect BARACK OBAMA's imminent inauguration more than most - because he can't wait to see "lame-duck" GEORGE W. BUSH leave the White House. The Hollywood legend spoke of...

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Sundance -- From Cold Of Utah To Heat Of Abu Dhabi?

13th January 2009

As part of its effort to become a cultural hub of the Middle East, Abu Dhabi is planning to launch an international film festival in partnership with the Sundance Film Festival, Daily Variety reported today...

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