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Robert Redford's Rural English Pub Visit Stuns Locals

18th March 2011

Hollywood legend Robert Redford stunned locals in a quaint English pub when he walked in for a beer and happily signed autographs.The Oscar winning actor is in the U.K. to announce plans to bring his...

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Sundance Film Festival Heading To London In 2012

16th March 2011

Robert Redford is taking the Sundance Film Festival to London.The 74-year-old actor - who set up the Sundance Institute for aspiring filmmakers in 1980 - has announced a four-day festival including screenings, music performances and...

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Fascinating Fact 11102

15th March 2011

Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival is heading to London thanks to Aeg Europe and The Sundance Institute. The festival will debut in April 2012 at The O2, three months after the Sundance Film Festival takes...

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The Things They Say 20703

9th March 2011

"I own a car that I shouldn't be talking about because I'm an environmentalist. The 1955 Porsche 550 Rs Spyder is the finest sports car ever made." Eco warrior Robert Redford refuses to get rid...

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Redford: 'I Still Want To Act'

26th January 2011

ROBERT REDFORD is keen to let Hollywood producers know he's still an actor for hire, because he fears many casting chiefs think he's retired.The movie great admits he's often perplexed when he approaches studios about...

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The Things They Say 19966

24th January 2011

"He's got a helluva head of hair. He's got that gene pool. Certain people, they have the genes. Like Brad Pitt, he's going to have that same head of hair when he's 90. Leo DiCaprio...

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Redford Will Never Heal From 'Scar' Of Losing Son

22nd January 2011

ROBERT REDFORD doubts he will ever fully recover from the tragedy of losing his infant son more than 50 years ago.The Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid star was just 23 when he and his...

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Robert Redford Reinvigorated By Wife

21st January 2011

Robert Redford's second wife has given him a "whole new life".The 74-year-old actor tied the knot with German-born artist Sibylle Szaggars, 55, two years ago and insists having a younger spouse keeps him very active.He...

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The Things They Say 19925

21st January 2011

"I'm gonna die but I haven't thought about retiring." ROBERT REDFORD has no plans to stop making movies.

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Redford Opens Sundance Film Festival With News Of New Indian Deal

20th January 2011

Movie icon ROBERT REDFORD has struck a deal with one of India's leading film companies to promote independent Asian cinema in America.Officials at Redford’s Sundance Institute announced they had joined forces with New Delhi's Mahindra...

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Fascinating Fact 10677

18th January 2011

Actress AMERICA FERRERA, director JASON REITMAN and THE SIMPSONS creator MATT GROENING are among the famous faces who will act as jury members at ROBERT REDFORD's 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Utah, which kicks off...

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Redford Recalls 'Awful' And 'Embarrassing' Quiz Show Appearance

13th January 2011

ROBERT REDFORD didn't have to do too much research for his hit 1994 movie QUIZ SHOW - he was once a contestant on a forgotten TV challenge.Speaking as part of last weekend's (07-08Jan11) New York...

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Redford Glad He Attended Ordinary People Get Together

10th January 2011

ROBERT REDFORD is glad he reluctantly agreed to attend a 30th anniversary photoshoot for his 1980 directorial debut ORDINARY PEOPLE - because all the stars of the film came out for the get together.Redford initially...

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Stars Urge Iran Officials To Free Stoning-sentence Woman

13th December 2010

Stars including STING, ROBERT REDFORD and ROBERT DE NIRO have signed an open letter to Iran's government calling for the release of a woman sentenced to death by stoning.Iranian woman Sakineh Ashtiani, a mum-of-two, made...

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Fascinating Fact 10456

2nd December 2010

ROBERT REDFORD's 2011 Sundance Film Festival is set to be a star-studded affair - AL PACINO, KATIE HOLMES, KEVIN SPACEY and TOBEY MAGUIRE are among the actors who will premiere movies at the January (11)...

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Streisand: 'I Wanted To Make The Way We Were Sequel'

17th November 2010

BARBRA STREISAND will always regret not convincing ROBERT REDFORD to make a THE WAY WE WERE sequel - because she had a great story in mind for the follow-up film.The two stars of the 37-year-old...

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Carey Mulligan Gets The Great Gatsby Role

16th November 2010

Carey Mulligan has won the lead role in Baz Luhrmann's version of the 'The Great Gatsby'. The 'Moulin Rouge' director has cast the British actress as Daisy Buchanan in his forthcoming adaptation of the F....

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Redford Stuns Streisand For Tv Special

16th November 2010

ROBERT REDFORD stunned his old pal BARBRA STREISAND during a recent taping of THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW when he made an appearance for their first ever joint TV interview.Streisand thought she was on the show...

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Justin Long Misses Film Festival After Car Crash

4th November 2010

JUSTIN LONG was unable to travel to the Savannah Film Festival to promote his new movie 'The Conspirator' after he was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles, reports People Magazine. The 32-year-old suffered...

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Redford Handed Top French Honour

15th October 2010

French President NICOLAS SARKOZY paid tribute to ROBERT REDFORD on Thursday (14Oct10) when he presented the movie icon with the nation's highest cultural honour.The Indecent Proposal star was bestowed with the prestigious Legion of Honor...

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Mcavoy Ignored Redford's Accent Order

17th September 2010

Scottish actor JAMES MCAVOY refused to follow director ROBERT REDFORD's instructions to drop his accent while filming THE CONSPIRATOR - because it would have sent him "mad".The Atonement star appears in Redford's upcoming movie about...

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Ernest Borgnine To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

20th August 2010

ERNEST BORGNINE, the veteran actor and star of the 1955 film Marty, is set to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild next year. The 93-year-old OSCAR winning actor has appeared in...

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Evan Rachel Wood Too Busy For Love

18th August 2010

Evan Rachel Wood will be too busy with her acting career to dwell on her split from Marilyn Manson.The 'Wrestler' actress and the goth rocker recently called off their engagement, and Marilyn was spotted out...

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Evan Rachel Wood To Appear In Abraham Lincoln Drama

18th August 2010

EVAN RACHEL WOOD, star of the vampire series True Blood, is set to appear in ROBERT REDFORD's forthcoming film The Conspirator, about the assassination of US President Abraham Lincoln. Wood plays Anna Surratt, the daughter...

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Robert Redford Hits 74 - Happy Birthday

18th August 2010

Hollywood superstar Robert Redford is celebrating his 74th birthday today. The award winning actor still doesn't look like he is going to be retiring any time soon. He is currently producing and directing The Conspirator...

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Redford Urges Obama To Use Oil Slick Mess As Spark For A Green Future

24th June 2010

Longtime celebrity eco-warrior ROBERT REDFORD has called on U.S. President BARACK OBAMA to use the oil slick crisis in the Gulf of Mexico as a springboard to making America a green nation.The movie star/director is...

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Stars Raise $1.3 Million For Oil Slick Clean-up

22nd June 2010

A star-studded TV telethon featuring CAMERON DIAZ, ROBERT REDFORD, JUSTIN BIEBER and STING has raised more than $1.3 million (£866, 667) to boost clean-up efforts along America's Gulf Coast in the wake of the oil...

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Movie Reviews Winter's Bone

21st June 2010

It's called Winter's Bone and judging from the reviews, it does seem like the kind of low-budget, meticulously made movie that is tossed out to us in the early days of winter to vie for...

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Hollywood Stars Rally For Oil Spill Telethon

19th June 2010

CAMERON DIAZ, ROBERT REDFORD, STING and LENNY KRAVITZ are lending their support to a star-studded TV telethon to raise funds for the state of Louisiana following the devastating BP oil spill in April (10).TV bosses...

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Redford Slams Politicians & Oil Chiefs Over Slick

7th June 2010

Veteran actor ROBERT REDFORD has accused U.S. politicians of blindly supporting oil chiefs in the aftermath of the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico.The Indecent Proposal star, who worked on oilfields as a teenager,...

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