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Legendary Casting Director Dougherty Dies

6th December 2011

The casting director who helped launch the careers of Warren Beatty, James Dean, Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman has passed away.Marion Dougherty died in New York from natural causes on Sunday (04Dec11). She was 88....

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Fascinating Fact 12472

29th November 2011

Rockers Placebo will play a one-off gig at London's O2 Indigo venue next year (12) to mark the launch of Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival in the U.K. capital. The show will take place on...

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Robert Redford To Launch Sundance Festival In London

24th November 2011

Robert Redford is launching his Sundance Film Festival in London next spring (12).The film icon has been staging his annual independent festival in Utah since 1978 and now he's taking the show to Britain for...

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Robert Redford To Launch Sundance London

23rd November 2011

Robert Redford will launch Sundance London on April 26.The event - a partnership between the legendary actor, Sundance Institute and AEG Europe - will begin with 'An Evening with Robert Redford and T Bone Burnett'...

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Robert Redford Thanks Barack Obama For Oil Pipe Delay

11th November 2011

Eco-warrior Robert Redford has thanked U.S. President Barack Obama for "standing up" to oil giants by refusing to sign off on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline plan.Environmental campaigners have been aiming to prevent the building...

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The Things They Say 23389

7th November 2011

"We're riding in the car the other day and Amy, my younger daughter, says to (her stepmother) Billy, 'Billy, why don't you tell dad to stop dyeing his hair?' And I said, 'What?' They said,...

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Dennis Quaid Sells A River Runs Through It Estate

21st October 2011

Footloose star Dennis Quaid has put the Montana ranch where Robert Redford filmed both A River Runs Through It and The Horse Whisperer up for sale.The 418-acre property in Emigrant is on the market at...

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Shia Labeouf Threatened Singer With Knife After Brawl

20th October 2011

A Vancouver man claims Shia Labeouf threatened to pull a knife on him when he tried to help the Hollywood actor following a brawl last week. Shea Carter, a local hip hop artist, attempted to...

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Shia Labeouf Takes Bike Ride After Vancouver Beating

19th October 2011

Shia Labeouf showed no signs of the beating he took outside a Vancouver bar last week, while spotted cycling around the city on Tuesday (18th October 2011). Wearing a blue t-shirt with matching rucksack and...

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Shia Labeouf's Attack By 'Shirtless Man' Caught On Camera

18th October 2011

Shia Labeouf, the American actor best known for his roles in the Transformers franchise, was repeatedly punched in the head by a "shirtless, hairy-bellied man" on a sidewalk in Vancouver last week. According to,...

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Evan Rachel Wood Toasted By Nude Coach Winslet

12th October 2011

Evan Rachel Wood's first fully frontal nude scene was toasted by Kate Winslet.The 24-year-old actress stripped off for her role in Oscar-winning HBO mini-series 'Mildred Pierce' and although she was going to "chicken out" her...

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Moneyball Had Uncertain Future

20th September 2011

'Moneyball' director Bennett Miller was unsure if the movie would ever be completed. The new film stars Brad Pitt as former Major League player and Oakland Athletics manager Billy Beane but Bennett - who replaced...

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Brad Pitt Tight Lipped About New Angelina Jolie Movie

15th September 2011

Brad Pitt has remained tight lipped about new movie The Land of Blood and Honey which is his wife's directorial debut.The Land of Blood and Honey is a love story between a Serbian man and...

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Scarlett Johansson Latest Celebrity Hacked

14th September 2011

Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity to have had their phoned hacked according to 26-year-old actress has contacted the Fbi to investigate the hacking after a series of self-taken naked photographs of her have...

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Robert Redford Calls On Barack Obama To 'Stand Up' For The Environment

7th September 2011

Hollywood veteran Robert Redford has called on U.S. President Barack Obama to "stand up" and honour his pre-election pledge to get tough on environmental issues.The Sting star is a vocal campaigner for green issues and...

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Fascinating Fact 11955

19th August 2011

Life magazine editors celebrated Robert Redford's 75th birthday on Thursday (18Aug11) by releasing a series of unseen John Dominius photos from a 1970 cover story online.

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Robert Redford Celebrating 75th Birthday

18th August 2011

Robert Redford, the legendary American actor, is celebrating his 75th birthday today (18th August 2011). Redford has had a long and distinguished career in Hollywood, starring in classics such as 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance...

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Susan Sarandon Joins Company Film

12th August 2011

Susan Sarandon has joined the cast of 'The Company You Might Keep'.The 'Lovely Bones' actress, Richard Jenkins and Julie Christie are the latest additions to the cast of the movie, which also stars Shia LaBeouf,...

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Joe Jonas Ignores Shia Labeouf On Sunset Plaza

10th August 2011

Joe Jonas, the Hollywood heartthrob and lead singer of the Jonas Brothers, was snapped walking in the Sunset Plaza area of Hollywood on Monday (18th August 2011). Wearing dark sunglasses with an 'I Love Rock...

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Shia Labeouf To Star With Redford In Political Thriller

20th July 2011

Shia LaBeouf has signed up to star in 'The Company You Keep' with Robert Redford. The 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' actor will play a journalist who exposes the identity of a former militant member...

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Redford Shuns Comic-book Movies

27th June 2011

Robert Redford maintains that he has little interest in the big-budget blockbusters that currently sustain Hollywood, telling the Sydney Morning Herald that he wants to keep making films about ideas he cares about. He is...

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Scarlett Johansson Is Comfortable With Sexuality

6th June 2011

Scarlett Johansson is "comfortable" with her sexuality. The 26-year-old actress - who recently ended a relationship with Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn, which began just months after she filed for divorce from her husband of two...

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Arthur Laurents West Side Story Writer Dies Aged 93

6th May 2011

Arthur Laurents, the legendary American playwright best known for penning the classic musical 'West Side Story', has passed away at the aged of 93, reports the Associated Press. Arthur Laurents died at his home in...

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Robert Redford Campaigning Against Alaskan Mega-mine

21st April 2011

Hollywood star Robert Redford is rallying support to fight against the proposed development of a huge mine in Alaska.The actor/director has stepped up to voice his disapproval at plans to begin digging for copper and...

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Sundance Made Mark Ruffalo Rethink Plans To Quit Acting

15th April 2011

Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival saved Mark Ruffalo from quitting the business.The actor visited the event to promote Oscar-nominated movie The Kids Are All Right, in which he plays a sperm donor dad - and...

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Robin Wright Steals The Show At New York Premiere

15th April 2011

Robin Wright - The 45-year-old American actress Robin Wright wowed photographers on the red carpet when she appeared at the premiere of her new movie 'The Conspirator' this week. Wright posed with co-stars Robert Redford...

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The Things They Say 21220

13th April 2011

"I'm gonna have to say Butch Cassidy (is my favourite Robert Redford film). I grew up with Westerns and riding horses and it inspired me to write a song based on the film. I never...

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Robert Redford 'Not Comfortable' Watching His Movies

12th April 2011

Veteran actor Robert Redford rarely watches his classic movies, including multi-Oscar winner The Sting - because he feels uncomfortable "looking back" at his films.The star admits he's never been a fan of seeing himself onscreen,...

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Robert Redford Landed Dream Cast With James Mcavoy And Wright

12th April 2011

Robert Redford was determined to land James Mcavoy and Robin Wright as the stars of his new film The Conspirator, insisting "there was no other consideration" for the lead roles.The Hollywood actor directs the new...

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The Things They Say 21197

12th April 2011

"Seeing that reminds me of my good friend Paul and the sadness I feel at his loss." Robert Redford thinks of his late pal, actor Paul Newman, whenever he sees their film Butch Cassidy And...

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