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Redford: 'I'm Not Leaving America'

5th November 2004

LATEST: ROBERT REDFORD is laughing off English press reports he's set to leave America for Ireland after GEORGE W BUSH's election win on Wednesday (03NOV04). Redford is a staunch Democrat and was keen to...

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Redford To Flee America To Escape Bush

4th November 2004

Hollywood star ROBERT REDFORD is expected to move to Ireland now GEORGE W BUSH has been re-elected as America's 43rd President. The HORSE WHISPERER actor, who is a committed Democrat, announced before the election...

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Stars Saddle Up For Horse Photo Book

8th October 2004

Supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN, MORGAN FREEMAN, RICHARD GERE and ROBERT REDFORD are among the 30 stars saddling up for a new horse-lovers picture book. The stars talk about their love of horses while posing with...

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J.lo's Role Slimmed Down In Upcoming Movie

24th September 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ's role in ROBERT REDFORD's upcoming movie AN UNFINISHED LIFE has been drastically reduced, after bosses left most of her scenes on the cutting room floor. The singer and actress, whose movie GIGLI...

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Mirren's Crush On Redford

9th September 2004

DAME HELEN MIRREN fell for co-star ROBERT REDFORD during the making of their latest film. The British actress, 59, has a lot of "admiration" for the Hollywood actor after playing his wife in upcoming...

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Redford Plans To Continue At Sundance

23rd August 2004

Hollywood legend, ROBERT REDFORD has blasted reports he plans to quit the SUNDANCE INSTITUTE. The INDECENT PROPOSAL star, 67, founded Utah, America's independent film festival in 1980, and insists he will continue playing...

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Damon: Acting Is About The Experience

12th August 2004

Hollywood actor MATT DAMON refuses to be disappointed if movies he stars in turn out worse than expected - because it's the learning experience that's important. The BOURNE SUPREMACY star often selects roles he...

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Newman + Redford Ride Again

6th August 2004

Movie veterans PAUL NEWMAN and ROBERT REDFORD are set to team up again 35 years after coming together for BUTCH CASSIDY + THE SUNDANCE KID. The two movie greats will take part in a...

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Damon Sad About Bagger Vance Flop

22nd July 2004

Hollywood heart-throb MATT DAMON is still upset his 2000 film THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE was such a box office flop. Despite an all-star lineup including CHARLIZE THERON and WILL SMITH, the film failed...

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Redford Wants To Show A Mature Love Story

18th July 2004

Veteran actor ROBERT REDFORD will challenge Hollywood's age prejudices by making a raunchy love story involving two people in "their late 60s". The BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID actor, 66, is desperate to...

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Robert Redford: 'J.lo's A Natural'

8th July 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ is a "great" and "natural" actress according to her latest co-star - movie legend ROBERT REDFORD. Lopez was ridiculed after her appearance alongside former fiance BEN AFFLECK in last year's (03) flop...

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Redford Wants To Work With Newman Again

4th July 2004

Legendary screen double act ROBERT REDFORD and PAUL NEWMAN want to appear together in one last film. Redford talks to Newman "all the time" about recreating their screen magic - after having last starred...

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Redford Praises J.lo's Acting Skills

30th June 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ has received praise for her acting skills - from screen veteran ROBERT REDFORD. Redford stars alongside J.LO in the upcoming movie AN UNFINISHED LIFE, and he chose to ignore all of the...

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Redford Hits Out At Sundance's Commercial Tag

30th June 2004

Veteran actor ROBERT REDFORD has blamed the arrival of BRITNEY SPEARS at his SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL for attracting an unwanted "commercial" tag for the annual event. The annual festival will celebrate 25 years of...

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Hawke: I'm Fake In Interviews

23rd June 2004

Hollywood star ETHAN HAWKE admits he is "fake" in interviews and is desperate to follow his movie idols' examples by boycotting the promotion of films. The TAKING LIVES actor, 33, admires veteran actors like...

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Redford Turns To Indie Movies To Keep Afloat

21st June 2004

Screen legend ROBERT REDFORD has turned his back on Hollywood to embrace the independent movie scene - because he's now too old to have an impact in mainstream cinema. The BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE...

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Redford: I Dislike Remakes And Sequels

21st June 2004

Veteran actor ROBERT REDFORD has blasted Hollywood bosses for taking the easy route by releasing sequels and remakes - but admits he'd like to film a follow-up to his 1972 movie THE CANDIDATE. The...

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Hoffman And Redford Drama Tops Political Poll

1st June 2004

ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN has been crowned the best political thriller of all time, after garnering the most votes in a new British poll. The 1976 movie - directed by ALAN J PAKULA -...

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J.lo And Paltrow Eye Box Office And Oscar Battle

14th May 2004

Arch rivals JENNIFER LOPEZ and GWYNETH PALTROW are set to start 2005 with a battle for the box office - and the Best Actress OSCAR. Both actresses have films produced by MIRAMAX coming out...

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Tracey And Hepburn Named As Best On-screen Pairing

27th April 2004

SPENCER TRACEY and KATHARINE HEPBURN had the greatest on-screen chemistry in the history of cinema, according to a group of British scientists. The couple, whose chemistry extended off screen as they filmed nine movies...

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Robert Redford Looks To Animals For Calm

14th April 2004

Hollywood veteran ROBERT REDFORD has turned to the soothing practice of animal husbandry as a means of maintaining his inner peace. The SPY GAME star was relieved to discover milking cows was the perfect...

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Redford Praised By Guevara Family

26th January 2004

Hollywood veteran ROBERT REDFORD has been hailed by the family of CHE GUEVARA, after making an "excellent" movie about the late revolutionary's life. The 66-year-old - who acted as executive producer on THE MOTORCYCLE...

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Redford Returns To The Stage

26th January 2004

Movie legend ROBERT REDFORD will stun fans by returning to the stage after a 42-year absence. The 66-year-old screen veteran, who last wowed theatre audiences in the 1962 Broadway, New York play BAREFOOT IN...

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Redford Meets With Che Widow

20th January 2004

Hollywood veteran ROBERT REDFORD is poised to spark controversy when he visits Cuba to meet the wife of infamous revolutionary ERNESTO 'CHE' GUEVARA. The OSCAR winner shocked Tinseltown by meeting communist leader FIDEL CASTRO,...

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Affleck: J.lo And I Are Cool With On-screen Love Scenes

5th January 2004

Hollywood supercouple BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ happily allow each other to shoot sexy love scenes with other on-screen partners - because they share a deep trust. The engaged couple met on the set...

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Tomei Lights Herself Up

5th January 2004

IN THE BEDROOM star MARISA TOMEI is reportedly so worried about her looks she brings special lighting with her whenever she is interviewed for television. The OSCAR-winning actress, 39, allegedly opts to disguise any...

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Redford Airs New Movie At Sundance For The First Time

12th December 2003

ROBERT REDFORD has submitted his own movie to his SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL for the opening film. The movie mogul, who set up the independent movie festival in Utah in 1985 and oversees it annually,...

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Redford Blasts Bush's Energy Bill

9th December 2003

Concerned Hollywood star ROBERT REDFORD has attacked the American government's energy legislation, calling it one of the worst bills he's ever seen. The longtime conservationist, 66, says the bill - put in place by...

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Et Bike Flight Voted Most Magical Moment

1st December 2003

The bike flight finale to ET: THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL has topped a poll of magical movie moments. The scene from the STEVEN SPIELBERG-directed blockbuster where ELLIOTT and his alien pal pedal into the night...

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Redford Honoured With New Green Centre

18th November 2003

ROBERT REDFORD has been honoured in Santa Monica, California, for his lifelong environmental efforts - he's had a new 'green' resource centre named after him. The NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL has named its new...

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