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Duvall Stunned By Flying Feats Of His Wife's Family

19th June 2006

Movie legend ROBERT DUVALL has discovered he married into a family of great Argentine aviators, but has no plans of joining them in the skies. The GODFATHER star, who is married to his fourth wife,...

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Duvall Offered Job At Premiere

16th June 2006

Veteran actor ROBERT DUVALL was surprised when producer PAULA HEIL FISHER offered him a job while he was attending the New York premiere of his new TV mini-series BROKEN TRAIL. Fisher, who produced documentary FINDING...

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The Things They Say 2112

29th May 2006

"Those people are terrific on that... This is the way these people are. It might be better than THE GODFATHER." Movie icon ROBERT DUVALL, who played concigliere TOM HAGEN in The Godfathers I and II,...

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The Things They Say 2092

26th May 2006

"We talk about adoption, and then all of a sudden we don't talkabout it. It's a tough thing... You don't talk about it too much when you shoot blanks." Movie legend ROBERT DUVALL fears he'll...

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Duvall Impressed With Playboy Hoffman

26th May 2006

DUSTIN HOFFMAN used to impress New York flatmate ROBERT DUVALL with his sexual conquests, once even bedding the daughter of a top politician and robbing her of her virginity. Actor Duvall admits he still marvels...

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Gang Leaders Bribed To Appear In Colors

23rd May 2006

Movie star DON CHEADLE worked with some unsavoury characters on his first big film, COLORS - real-life criminals were coerced to join the cast of the Los Angeles gang warfare film by police. The HOTEL...

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Fascinating Fact 1495

9th May 2006

ROBERT DUVALL was originally cast to play KATHY BATES' husband in new MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and SARAH JESSICA PARKER romantic comedy FAILURE TO LAUNCH. He was replaced by American football legend TERRY BRADSHAW.

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Bates And Bradshaw Sizzle Off-screen

3rd April 2006

MISERY star KATHY BATES and her latest co-star TERRY BRADSHAW had such sizzling chemistry onscreen, people began to mistake them for a couple in real-life. The Oscar-winning actress has worked with legendary performers such as...

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Producer Dances With Duvall For Film Role

23rd February 2006

Movie producer DAVID SACHS found a novel way of persuading movie veteran ROBERT DUVALL to star in low-budget new indie film THANK YOU FOR SMOKING - he had his mother collect the autographs of his...

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Sideways Star's Special Gun Gift For Duvall

28th January 2006

SIDEWAYS star THOMAS HADEN CHURCH gave BROKEN TAIL co-star ROBERT DUVALL a special memento when the pair finished shooting the TV western together - as a thank you for turning him onto acting. Haden...

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Mcgovern: 'No Regrets Over Lost Hollywood Career'

4th January 2006

ONE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA star ELIZABETH McGOVERN has no regrets over quitting her Hollywood career for quiet family life in London. The Oscar-nominated actress had leading roles opposite BRAD PITT, KEANU REEVES,...

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Duvall's Argentine Inn Tops Romantic Getaway Poll

18th April 2005

The inn and spa ROBERT DUVALL and his film-maker girlfriend LUCIANA PEDRAZA have renovated in Salta, Argentina, has been dubbed one of the America's top romantic getaways. The couple's retreat, the House of Jasmines,...

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Coppola Upset About Godfather Videogame

14th April 2005

Director FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA is furious with the makers of a new THE GODFATHER videogame because they didn't consult him for permission to tamper with his epic film. KOCH, the makers of videogame THE...

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Stars Flock To White House Dinner

11th April 2005

The White House Correspondents dinner is set to be a star-studded affair, with Hollywood actresses JANE FONDA and SALLY FIELD attending as guests of publishing giant KNIGHT RIDDER later this month (30APR05). JOHN McLAUGHLIN's...

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Duvall + Bana Bet On Father + Son Roles

4th March 2005

ROBERT DUVALL and ERIC BANA are to play father and son in a new poker-playing drama. The pair will star in LUCKY YOU, in which father and son meet up in the finals of...

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Eastwood Steps Up For Dirty Harry Computer Game

24th February 2005

Legendary film-maker CLINT EASTWOOD has agreed to lend his image and voice to a new computer game based on classic 1971 movie DIRTY HARRY. Eastwood, who played vigilante cop HARRY CALLAHAN in Dirty Harry...

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Giamatti Plans Dream Project

2nd February 2005

Hollywood actor PAUL GIAMATTI's ultimate life ambition is to appear in a "crime caper" with actors ROBERT DUVALL and JOHN HURT. The 37-year-old star has vowed to contact the actors with his dream project...

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Clooney Shocked By Fans Oblivious To Duvall

10th October 2004

GEORGE CLOONEY is still amazed whenever he is surrounded by frenzied fans - especially when he's out dining with movie legends he feels deserve more attention than him. The OCEANS ELEVEN actor, 43, was...

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A Raisin In The Sun Director Dies

24th August 2004

A RAISIN IN THE SUN director DANIEL PETRIE has died from cancer at the age of 83. The Canadian-born film-maker, whose movies notoriously explored controversial subjects, died on Sunday (22AUG04) at his Los...

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Brando Tribute From Godfather Co-star Duvall

2nd July 2004

MARLON BRANDO's THE GODFATHER co-star ROBERT DUVALL has paid tribute to the late legend, calling him a "godfather" for hungry young stars. Duvall admits he was "sad" to hear of the passing of Brando,...

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Vinnie Jones Tells Duvall How To Act

5th April 2004

Hollywood veteran ROBERT DUVALL was given acting tips from an unlikely source on the set of 2000 action movie GONE IN 60 SECONDS - acting novice VINNIE JONES. Duvall, an ACADEMY AWARD winner and...

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Robert Duvall Sick Of Famous Line

25th March 2004

Veteran actor ROBERT DUVALL is tired of fans quoting his most famous movie line at him. The line, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning," was immortalised by Duvall when he played...

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Duvall: Hollywood Will Always Make Westerns

9th March 2004

Hollywood legend ROBERT DUVALL has lashed out at claims the western movie genre is outdated - insists the film format is America's answer to "SHAKESPEARE". The OSCAR-winning actor, 73, stars alongside KEVIN COSTNER and...

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Money Concerns Kept Duvall Out Of Godfather Iii

8th January 2004

Movie legend ROBERT DUVALL pulled out of the third THE GODFATHER movie after learning AL PACINO was being paid almost four times as much as he was. Pacino has been vocal about how dreadful...

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Duvall Blasts Spielberg Over Cuban Comments

7th January 2004

Veteran actor ROBERT DUVALL has launched a scathing attack on director STEVEN SPIELBERG - for befriending Cuban dictator FIDEL CASTRO. THE GODFATHER star is furious with MINORITY REPORT film-maker Spielberg after hearing a quote...

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Duvall Slams Us-bashing Stars

11th December 2003

Veteran actor ROBERT DUVALL has hit out at fellow American celebrities who slam their country overseas, dubbing them "self-appointed secretaries of state". The APOCALYPSE NOW star insists that while he may have grievances with...

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Duvall: 'Dustin, Gene And I Are Proper Actors'

27th October 2003

Acting veteran ROBERT DUVALL credits being a character actor like pals DUSTIN HOFFMAN and GENE HACKMAN for his long- lasting popularity. The GODFATHER legend found his early years in the business very frustrating because...

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Duvall Ponders Marriage

27th October 2003

Movie legend ROBERT DUVALL has hinted he is finally ready to marry his Argentinean girlfriend of seven years - LUCIANA PEDRAZA. The APOCALYPSE NOW star met Luciana - who is 41 years his junior...

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Robert Duvall Lands Soccer Role

20th October 2003

Hollywood veteran ROBERT DUVALL has landed a part alongside funnyman WILL FERRELL in an untitled soccer comedy which is due to start filming in January (04). Ferrell plays the coach of his young son's...

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Beyonce's Fighting Temptations Falls

24th September 2003

BEYONCE KNOWLES' new flick THE FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS has performed worse than analysts expected - it's second-place position has now been pushed down a spot to number three. Figures released on Sunday (21SEP03) had estimated...

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