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Fascinating Fact 4299

14th November 2007

Oscar winners ROBERT DUVALL and REESE WITHERSPOON are set to team up for a new festive film. FOUR CHRISTMASES will also star VINCE VAUGHN, who is tasting success with his first yuletide film, FRED CLAUS.

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Duvall Criticises Serious Actors

26th October 2007

Veteran star ROBERT DUVALL has lashed out at actors who take themselves too seriously. The 66-year-old The Godfather star insists acting is a lighthearted career and shouldn't be taken He says, "Acting is a game....

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The Things They Say 5936

23rd October 2007

"I call him Wacko. He worked hard at being crazy." ROBERT DUVALL quickly coined a nickname for his prank-loving WE OWN THE NIGHT co-star, JOAQUIN PHOENIX.

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Fascinating Fact 4101

15th October 2007

Movie great ROBERT DUVALL once owned opera legend ENRICO CARUSO's old apartment in New York....

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Duvall Saddles Up The Pony Express

13th October 2007

Western fan ROBERT DUVALL is developing a new period TV drama about the riders of the Pony Express. The Open Range star has always been fascinated by America's primitive telegram service, which featured young boys...

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Phoenix Made Fun Of Duvall 'Non-stop'

3rd October 2007

JOAQUIN PHOENIX shocked his co-star MARK WAHLBERG on the set of new movie WE OWN THE NIGHT - by mercilessly making fun of veteran actor ROBERT DUVALL. No subject was off limits for Phoenix when...

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Phoenix Taunted Duvall On Set

2nd October 2007

JOAQUIN PHOENIX taunted fellow Oscar winner ROBERT DUVALL on the set of their new movie to build up on-set tension. And Godfather star Duvall admits he fell for the trick. He says, "He was always...

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Fascinating Fact 3952

18th September 2007

ROBERT DUVALL and his wife LUCIANA own a seven-suite hotel in northern Argentina....

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Fascinating Fact 3948

17th September 2007

Movie veteran ROBERT DUVALL's Outstanding Lead Actor in A Miniseries or TV Movie award (for BROKEN TRAIL) was the actor's first Emmy....

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Fascinating Fact 3941

17th September 2007

Movie veteran ROBERT DUVALL's Outstanding Lead Actor in A Miniseries or TV Movie award (for BROKEN TRAIL) was the actor's first Emmy....

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Duvall Devastated By College Massacre

18th April 2007

Movie veteran ROBERT DUVALL has been left devastated by Monday's (16Apr07) college massacre in Blacksburg, Virginia - because he has a home nearby and is a regular visitor to the campus. The Godfather star calls...

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Duvall: 'I Must Be Infertile'

20th March 2007

Veteran actor ROBERT DUVALL is bemused he has never become a father, and presumes he must be infertile. The 76-year-old is on his fourth marriage, to 35-year-old Argentine actress LUCIANA PEDRAZA - but has never...

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The Things They Say 4213

3rd March 2007

"I was holding on to the side of that 'copter, because I'm afraid of heights. It was horrible - my nuts were up in my throat." Movie tough guy ROBERT DUVALL admits he was terrified...

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The Things They Say 4204

2nd March 2007

"Maybe the best movie I've seen in 25 years is APOCALYPTO... When I saw that film, I'd never seen anything like it." Hollywood great ROBERT DUVALL is a big fan of MEL GIBSON's new epic....

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Secondhand Lions Set For Broadway Bow

21st August 2006

MICHAEL CAINE movie SECONDHAND LIONS is to be adapted for the Broadway, New York stage as a new musical. ESCAPE (THE PINA COLADA SONG) hitmaker RUPERT HOLMES is among the brains behind the project. The...

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Apocalypse Now Voted Top Film

23rd July 2006

Vietnam epic APOCALYPSE NOW has topped a list of the top 50 films to see before you die. The war drama, starring ROBERT DUVALL, was selected ahead of JACK NICHOLSON classic CHINATOWN, which came in...

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Duvall Chides Church For Cat Collection

23rd June 2006

SIDEWAYS star THOMAS HADEN CHURCH was mortified when co-star ROBERT DUVALL made fun of him for owning five female cats. The pair were filming the western mini-series BROKEN TRAIL when his gruff co-star questioned him...

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Duvall Stunned By Flying Feats Of His Wife's Family

19th June 2006

Movie legend ROBERT DUVALL has discovered he married into a family of great Argentine aviators, but has no plans of joining them in the skies. The GODFATHER star, who is married to his fourth wife,...

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Duvall Offered Job At Premiere

16th June 2006

Veteran actor ROBERT DUVALL was surprised when producer PAULA HEIL FISHER offered him a job while he was attending the New York premiere of his new TV mini-series BROKEN TRAIL. Fisher, who produced documentary FINDING...

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The Things They Say 2112

29th May 2006

"Those people are terrific on that... This is the way these people are. It might be better than THE GODFATHER." Movie icon ROBERT DUVALL, who played concigliere TOM HAGEN in The Godfathers I and II,...

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The Things They Say 2092

26th May 2006

"We talk about adoption, and then all of a sudden we don't talkabout it. It's a tough thing... You don't talk about it too much when you shoot blanks." Movie legend ROBERT DUVALL fears he'll...

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Duvall Impressed With Playboy Hoffman

26th May 2006

DUSTIN HOFFMAN used to impress New York flatmate ROBERT DUVALL with his sexual conquests, once even bedding the daughter of a top politician and robbing her of her virginity. Actor Duvall admits he still marvels...

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Gang Leaders Bribed To Appear In Colors

23rd May 2006

Movie star DON CHEADLE worked with some unsavoury characters on his first big film, COLORS - real-life criminals were coerced to join the cast of the Los Angeles gang warfare film by police. The HOTEL...

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Fascinating Fact 1495

9th May 2006

ROBERT DUVALL was originally cast to play KATHY BATES' husband in new MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and SARAH JESSICA PARKER romantic comedy FAILURE TO LAUNCH. He was replaced by American football legend TERRY BRADSHAW.

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Bates And Bradshaw Sizzle Off-screen

3rd April 2006

MISERY star KATHY BATES and her latest co-star TERRY BRADSHAW had such sizzling chemistry onscreen, people began to mistake them for a couple in real-life. The Oscar-winning actress has worked with legendary performers such as...

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Producer Dances With Duvall For Film Role

23rd February 2006

Movie producer DAVID SACHS found a novel way of persuading movie veteran ROBERT DUVALL to star in low-budget new indie film THANK YOU FOR SMOKING - he had his mother collect the autographs of his...

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Sideways Star's Special Gun Gift For Duvall

28th January 2006

SIDEWAYS star THOMAS HADEN CHURCH gave BROKEN TAIL co-star ROBERT DUVALL a special memento when the pair finished shooting the TV western together - as a thank you for turning him onto acting. Haden...

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Mcgovern: 'No Regrets Over Lost Hollywood Career'

4th January 2006

ONE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA star ELIZABETH McGOVERN has no regrets over quitting her Hollywood career for quiet family life in London. The Oscar-nominated actress had leading roles opposite BRAD PITT, KEANU REEVES,...

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Duvall's Argentine Inn Tops Romantic Getaway Poll

18th April 2005

The inn and spa ROBERT DUVALL and his film-maker girlfriend LUCIANA PEDRAZA have renovated in Salta, Argentina, has been dubbed one of the America's top romantic getaways. The couple's retreat, the House of Jasmines,...

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Coppola Upset About Godfather Videogame

14th April 2005

Director FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA is furious with the makers of a new THE GODFATHER videogame because they didn't consult him for permission to tamper with his epic film. KOCH, the makers of videogame THE...

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