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Zoe Saldana To Star In Out Of The Furnace

6th March 2012

Zoe Saldana is set to star in 'Out of the Furnace'.The 'Avatar' actress is in talks to appear alongside Christian Bale in the drama, which is being directed by 'Crazy Heart' helmer Scott Cooper.The dark...

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Mario Puzo Estate On Godfather Lawsuit: Absolute Baloney

22nd February 2012

Paramount Pictures are trying to put the kibosh on the release of a new Godfather-related novel from Mario Puzo estate. The New York Post have reported that the film company have claimed that the novel...

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Thornton's Dad Inspired Duvall Character

13th February 2012

Billy Bob Thornton will be giving movie fans an intimate look at his tough childhood in new movie Jayne Mansfield's Car - he modelled his onscreen dad, Robert Duvall, after his real-life father.The dark family...

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Katie Holmes And Suri Surprise Tom Cruise On Movie Set

7th October 2011

Katie Holmes stopped by the set of her husband Tom Cruise's new movie 'One Shot' in Pittsburgh this week. The 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' actress surprised the Hollywood star by arriving with 5-year-old...

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Robert Duvall & Melissa Leo Wowed By Businessman's Generosity On Film Set

31st August 2011

Veteran actors Robert Duvall and Melissa Leo had a wonderful time filming Seven Days In Utopia because they were taken in by a local millionaire.An unnamed businessman offered up his sprawling Utopia ranch to the...

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The Things They Say 22682

30th August 2011

"I think in the city here it was overrated." The Godfather star Robert Duvall was surprised by how tame Hurricane Irene was when it swept through New York over the weekend (27-28Aug11) after Mayor Michael...

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Elle Fanning Reveals Dakota's College Plans

9th June 2011

Elle Fanning, the 13-year-old star of Jj Abrams new movie 'Super 8', has revealed her sister Dakota Fanning's plans for the future, reports Access Hollywood. Elle Fanning's older sister recently graduated from high school in...

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Matt Damon Thanks Doctors Who Treated Father's Cancer

2nd June 2011

Matt Damon flew to Boston last night (01.06.11) to personally thank the doctors treating his cancer stricken father. Kent Damon has been diagnosed with the rare blood disease multiple myeloma and although he is currently...

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Halle Berry To Be Honoured At Style Awards

20th January 2011

Halle Berry is to be honoured at the Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards next month.The Oscar-winning actress will receive the newly titled Lacoste Spotlight Award at the stylish event at Los Angeles' Beverly Hilton Hotel...

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The Things They Say 19819

14th January 2011

"Here's what I've learned over the years. I'd tell him some dark secrets about something, a girl or something I did. We'd be alone at night, having a beer or coffee... and I'd say, 'Listen,...

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The Things They Say 19812

13th January 2011

"The tango is a never-ending thing, we still go. The older you get, it's more difficult to stay loose, stiff in the shoulders and all that stuff. My wife and I dance socially, that's what...

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Duvall Honoured With Top Palm Springs Award

9th January 2011

ROBERT DUVALL was celebrated for his longstanding contribution to Hollywood on Saturday (08Jan10) as he landed the Career Achievement Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival.The Godfather star found fame on the big screen in...

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Fascinating Fact 10596

6th January 2011

JAMES CAAN, BILLY BOB THORNTON and ANDY GARCIA all turned out to honour movie legend ROBERT DUVALL as he celebrated his 80th birthday on Wednesday (05Jan11) by cementing his place on the Hollywood Walk of...

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Duvall To Celebrate 80th With Walk Of Fame Honour

4th January 2011

Movie icon ROBERT DUVALL will celebrate his 80th birthday in style on Wednesday (05Jan10) by stamping his mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.The Godfather star will place his hands and feet in cement outside...

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The Things They Say 19411

8th December 2010

"Nikita Mikhalkov's father, who was Stalin's personal poet and wrote the national anthem, said we did a good job. That's the best review I've ever gotten." ROBERT DUVALL on playing Russian leader Josef Stalin in...

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The Things They Say 19381

6th December 2010

"Working with Jimmy Caan, there were a lot of jokes. He's the greatest guy in the world to work with. (Marlon) Brando's still trying to remember a joke Jimmy told 25 years ago." ROBERT DUVALL...

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Duvall Takes Issue With Fincher And Eisenberg's Perfectionism

6th December 2010

Movie veteran ROBERT DUVALL has challenged newcomer JESSE EISENBERG over THE SOCIAL NETWORK star's complicated filmmaking process in an awkward new roundtable interview.The two actors joined Colin Firth, Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Gosling for The...

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Duvall To Receive Palm Springs Honour

1st December 2010

ROBERT DUVALL is set to follow in the footsteps of CLINT EASTWOOD and MORGAN FREEMAN as the newest recipient of the prestigious Career Achievement Award at the upcoming Palm Springs Film Festival.The Godfather star, who...

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Duvall & Swank To Be Honoured At Gotham Film Awards

30th September 2010

ROBERT DUVALL, HILARY SWANK and filmmakers DARREN ARONOFSKY and JAMES SCHAMUS are to be honoured at the 20th annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York in November (10).All four will be presented with a...

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Murray Intimidated By 'Time Bomb' Duvall

23rd July 2010

ROBERT DUVALL had the cast and crew on new movie GET LOW cowering in fear whenever they were around him - because THE GODFATHER icon was an intimidating "time bomb", according to co-star BILL MURRAY.The...

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The Things They Say 16959

16th June 2010

"He's an inquisitive guy. He wanted to learn something about the tango, so my wife and I taught him a few tango steps. He's a talented guy." ROBERT DUVALL on GET LOW co-star BILL MURRAY.

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The Things They Say 16956

16th June 2010

"I like westerns, and I would like to do some more. But I have to prepare myself. I'm 79... I've got to ease myself back into it. When I did Lonesome Dove, I was riding...

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The Things They Say 16953

16th June 2010

"I don't know why they're doing that. Jeff is a wonderful actor but I don't know why they want to do a remake." ROBERT DUVALL can't understand why the Coen Brothers are remaking TRUE GRIT...

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The Things They Say 16947

16th June 2010

"I was at this club in Dallas for an event. Real crowded. I was kind of jammed against a wall and every so often this guy walks by and sort of nods, like he's not...

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Fascinating Fact 9397

2nd June 2010

ROBERT DUVALL is set to be honoured with the Compass Rose Award at the Nantucket Film Festival in Massachusetts. The award is given to actors who inspire screenwriters. The Oscar winner will be presented with...

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Duvall Thrilled With Mule Co-star

1st May 2010

ROBERT DUVALL's talented co-star in new movie GET LOW made an ass of herself - and the movie veteran couldn't have been more impressed.The actor was saddled with a mule called Gracie and he insists...

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Duvall Urges Pitt To Prioritise Movie Epic

29th April 2010

BRAD PITT is holding up plans to bring a gripping piece of American folklore to the big screen and movie great ROBERT DUVALL is urging him to prioritise the project.Duvall hopes to reteam with his...

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Duvall & Caans' $1 Million Giveaway

15th April 2010

ROBERT DUVALL, JAMES CAAN and his son SCOTT CAAN are giving away $1 million (£666,000) to help aspiring moviemakers achieve their dreams.The trio serve as Advisory Board Members and shareholders of, a company which...

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