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Iron Man 3 Moves Into Top 5 All-time Grossing Films, Not Including Inflation

By Jack de Aguilar | 28th May 2013

It’s official: Iron Man 3 is one of the most successful films of all time. IN fact, it’s one of the top 5 most successful film of all time, sharing list space with the likes...

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Forget 'The Hangover', Zach Galifianakis Top 5 (Other) Roles

By Contributor | 23rd May 2013

Zach Galifianakis may well be back for another stab at The Hangover franchise, with the rest of the goofy gang who constantly managed to find ways to get more boozed up than anyone thought possibly...

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Iron Man 3 Breaks Into The Top 20 All-time Grossing List With $1b In Under A Month

By Jack de Aguilar | 18th May 2013

The Iron Man success story continues; a worldwide gross of $1.0008 billion in just under a month has seen Iron Man three move in to the top 20 all-time grossing films.The superhero sequel has also...

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Marvel's Phase Three: Don't Worry, Avengers 2 Is Far From The End

By Victoria Pavlova | 17th May 2013

Big things are happening over at Marvel, but you already knew that. What’s more important is that big things will continue to happen for several years to come, according to studio insiders, via Entertainment Weekly....

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Iron Man 3 Stunt Goes Wrong As Missouri Cinemagoers Dial 911

By Michael West | 14th May 2013

When you hear of an Iron Man 3 stunt going wrong, you immediately think safety harnesses breaking on-set, a car-crash scene taking a turn for a worst or Robert Downey Jr putting his body on...

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Lindsay Lohan 'Determined' To Leave The Betty Ford Center

By Michael West | 13th May 2013

Lindsay Lohan is apparently "determined" to leave The Betty Ford Center though prosecutors are having absolutely none of it. According to, doctors at the famous rehabilitation center have cut Lindsay off her precious Adderall,...

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Iron Man 3 Manages To Keep No.1 At Us Box Office Despite Great Gatsby Competition

By Joe Wilde | 13th May 2013

The third instalment of Iron Man kept on track to earn a billion dollars at the box office following a second hugely successful week on the American movie charts. Iron Man 3 even beat off...

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Is Joss Whedon Really Getting $100 Million For Avengers 2?

By Michael West | 10th May 2013

The internet lit up on Tuesday after reported director Joss Whedon is getting a deal worth $100 million from Disney for the Avengers sequel and various other projects. It effectively meant Whedon was the...

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Less Than A Week After Its Release 'Iron Man 3' Is Already On Its Way To Smashing Box Office Records

By Victoria Pavlova | 3rd May 2013

It’s becoming pretty obvious that Marvel’s Iron Man 3 will have no contest this summer in terms of box office revenue. The third installment in the franchise grossed close to $170 million its first week...

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Gatsby, Iron Man 3 Or World War Z? Your Summer Movie Guide 2013

By Michael West | 3rd May 2013

Summer's here! But forget about getting your beach towel ready or planning your trip around Europe, because you've got one hell of a movie season to negotiate. Movie fans around the United States lined up...

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A Week In Movies: Iron Man 3 Goes Global, Thor: The Dark World Trailer Strikes And Emma Roberts Stuns In Blue

By Staff Writer | 26th April 2013

The big news in cinemas globally is the release of Iron Man 3, which doesn't open in the USA until next week. But audiences around the world are already watching Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth...

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Stars Talk Iron Man 3 Ahead Of Hollywood Premiere [Video]

By Contributor | 24th April 2013

The Hollywood red carpet premiere for one of the most anticipated films of the year, Iron Man 3, takes place tonight (April 24, 2013) and ahead of the big evening, several of the cast's stars...

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A Week In Movies: Cruise's Oblivion & Butler's Olympus Have Their Worldwide Release & The Lone Ranger, The Hunger Games & Man Of Steel Launch New Trailers

By Staff Writer | 19th April 2013

Cinemas are now fully in the grip of blockbuster season, with Tom Cruise's Oblivion and Gerard Butler's Olympus Has Fallen expanding their reach into new countries this week. And next week sees Iron Man 3...

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Robert Downey Jr, Rebecca Hall, Stanley Tucci Among Guests At 'Iron Man 3' Premiere [Pictures]

By Michael West | 19th April 2013

Robert Downey Jr, Rebecca Hall and Stanley Tucci were among the high profile attendees at the Iron Man 3 premiere in London on Thursday (April 18, 2013). After an initial postponement following the death of...

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Iron Man Meets Grand Theft Auto – We’Re Sold! (Video)

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th April 2013

What do you get when you mix one of the coolest superheroes with one of the best selling game franchises of all time? Something amazing – that’s what. Of course, as is the case with...

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A Week In Movies: Max Irons And Jake Abel Talk The Host While Percy Jackson, 2 Guns And We Steal Secrets Trailers Hit The Web

By Staff Writer | 5th April 2013

It's a relatively quiet week for the movies, with no major releases this week as everyone braces for the true launch of the summer blockbuster season with Tom Cruise sci-fi action Oblivion on 12th April,...

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'The Avengers 2' Heads To UK's Pinewood Studios

By Holly Williams | 3rd April 2013

Hollywood comes to London for the shooting of 'The Avengers' sequel which has a release date of May 1st 2015.Despite 'The Avengers' being shot completely in the US, 'The Avengers 2' will cross overseas to...

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Iron Man 3 Stills Show Robert Downey Jr In Full Armour (Pictures)

By Michael West | 25th March 2013

It's been a big week for fans of Iron Man 3, with a brand new TV spot airing during the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, confirmation that Gywneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts will be suiting up alongside...

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Marvel Give Away Free First Edition Comics!

By Contributor | 11th March 2013

Here’s a ruddy nice gesture: Marvel Comics are to give away 700 free first editions of their much celebrated back catalogue to eager comic fans.Before you all get too excited though (because print first editions...

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A Week In Movies: Star Wars Episode Vii Shapes Up, Harrison Ford Joins Anchorman: The Legend Continues And Oz The Great And Powerful Hits Theatres

By Staff Writer | 8th March 2013

The movie casting rumour mill has gone into overdrive this week when Carrie Fisher seemed to confirm that she will indeed be back for Star Wars Episode VII. And then George Lucas chimed in to...

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Wait, Does Iron Man 3'S Lego Range Provide Massive Spoilers?

By Michael West | 7th March 2013

Fans rejoiced as the alternate and more action packed trailer for 'Iron Man 3' emerged online this week, showing Tony Stark doing battle with nemesis Mandarin. Eagle-eyed comic book enthusiasts pieced together the promo and...

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Iron Man 3 Trailer: "I Build Neat Stuff, I've Got A Great Girl, I Save The World" (Video)

By Michael West | 6th March 2013

"I build neat stuff, I've got a great girl, and occasionally save the world. So why can't I sleep?" asks Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark in the opening sequence of the new Iron Man 3...

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As 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Hits, Terrence Howard Blames Franchise For 'Killing His Career'

By Joe Wilde | 6th March 2013

With the third instalment of the Iron Man franchise fast approaching you could be forgiven for forgetting that Oscar nominee Terrence Howard was actually one of the stars of the first instalment of the comic...

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Marvel At The New Iron Man 3 Trailer

By Contributor | 5th March 2013

“I’m Tony Stark. I build neat stuff, I’ve got a great girl. Occasionally I save the world. So why can’t I sleep?” asks Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man at the beginning of the just released...

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Black Mirror: How Britain (And Hollywood) Fell In Love With Charlie Brooker

By Michael West | 12th February 2013

Charlie Brooker's Channel 4 anthology series Black Mirror returned this week, with an altogether more dramatic and engaging season opener. Though praised for its uniqueness, the first installment of the show was dubbed unwatchable by...

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Black Mirror Reviews - Charlie Brooker Series So Compelling, Robert Downey Jr's Snapped It Up

By Jack de Aguilar | 12th February 2013

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror has always been an unflinching sideways look at the way us humans conduct our lives. So where has Brooker - the perennial grump – taken us this time? And more importantly,...

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A Week In Movies: Wreck-it Ralph, No And Hitchcock Hit Cinemas While A Good Day To Die Hard, Fast & Furious 6 And Iron Man 3 Trailers Hit The Web

By Staff Writer | 8th February 2013

We look at Oscar-nominated animated romp Wreck-it Ralph and Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren in HitchcockAwards season continues to crank up with Argo taking the lead in the homestretch. Ben Affleck's true 1970s thriller has...

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The Avengers Set To Save Us From A Boring Academy Awards Ceremony

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th February 2013

The cast of The Avengers will swoop in and hand out some awards at The Oscars later this month, saving us from a boring ceremony, and the careers of some nominees, too. "We are happy...

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New Iron Man 3 Trailer Set To Leave Us Guessing (Trailer)

By Contributor | 5th February 2013

Hooray for another new Iron Man 3 trailer! Admittedly it seems to re-tread much of what the last trailer was hinting at, but it’s nevertheless another chance to see some big explosions, a load of...

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Tony Stark Returns: Iron Man 3 Super Bowl Teaser Reveals Airborne Thrill-ride

By Hayley Avron | 4th February 2013

Robert Downey Jr returns as Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 and if the Super Bowl trailer is anything to go by, it’s going to be one hell of a thrill-ride. And probably not terribly...

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