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Robert Downey Jr Happy With Marriage

9th April 2010

Robert Downey Jr. is amazed at how "fantastic" married life is.The 'Iron Man 2' star - who married the movie's producer Susan Levin in 2005 - credits his spouse for helping him turn his back...

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Iron Man 2 To 'Surprise' Viewers

8th April 2010

Robert Downey Jr. thinks 'Iron Man 2' will "flip expectations". The 45-year-old actor, who plays the Tony Stark and his alter-ego Iron Man in the movie, admits some cinemagoers may be surprised by the storyline...

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The Things They Say 15980

3rd April 2010

"The word to describe Robert is hard... He can really scrap. He's done time in jail, which didn't exactly soften him up. He has a real physicality that is pretty f**king amazing." GUY RITCHIE on...

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Jamie Foxx Writing Laverne And Shirley

24th March 2010

Jamie Foxx is writing a movie version of 70s US comedy 'Laverne and Shirley'. The 42-year-old actor is creating a big screen version of the TV series with his 'Valentine's Day' co-stars Jessica Biel and...

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Kids' Choice Robert Downey Jr

23rd March 2010

Robert Downey Jr. and Katy Perry are set to present prizes at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday (27.03.10).The famous pair are among a host of stars, including Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Chris Rock,...

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Marvel Dependant On Iron Man 2

22nd March 2010

Jon Favreau believes the success of 'Iron Man 2' will affect all other Marvel movies. The director says the film, which stars Robert Downey Jr. as the titular character, needs to be well received for...

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Judd Apatow Against 3-D Sex Scenes

16th March 2010

Judd Apatow doesn't want to see sex in 3-D. The movie director, who has previously worked on films including 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' - where Jason Segal exposed his manhood - and 'Knocked Up', believes intimate...

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The Things They Say 15665

8th March 2010

"I would like him to play me in a movie as well." ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. on news OZZY OSBOURNE wants the IRON MAN star to play him in a biopic.

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Charlize Theron To Present Oscar

2nd March 2010

Charlize Theron, Kathy Bates and Barbra Streisand are the latest stars to become presenters at the Oscars on Sunday (07.03.10). The three actresses, who have all previously won Academy Awards, will also be joined by...

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Avatar And Inglourious Lead Empire Awards

25th February 2010

'Inglourious Basterds' and 'Avatar' lead this year's 15th annual Jameson Empire Film Award nominations. The blockbuster films, directed by Quentin Tarantino and James Cameron respectively, were named in five categories each, including the coveted Best...

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Downey, Jr. & Efron Linked To Warner Bros. Deals

19th February 2010

ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. and ZAC EFRON are the latest stars connected to producing deals with movie studio Warner Bros.The Iron Man actor and his wife, producer Susan Downey, are reportedly in negotiations to sign a...

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Guess Who Are The Top-paid Actors

5th February 2010

Robert Downey Jr. may have starred in two films in 2009 ( The Soloist, Sherlock Holmes ); Matt Damon may also have starred in two films ( Invictus, The Informant ); George Clooney may have...

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Action Man Robert Downey Jr.

29th January 2010

Robert Downey Jr. has no plans to swap action roles for more serious ones as he gets older.The actor - who can be seen bare-knuckle boxing in 'Sherlock Holmes' and performs many of his own...

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Downey Jr. And Beyonce Wanted For A Star Is Born

22nd January 2010

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. and BEYONCE are tipped to take the lead roles in a new remake of 1930s movie classic A STAR IS BORN.First released in 1937, the musical has been reworked twice in the...

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Populism Fails To Make Globes More Popular

18th January 2010

Following years of declining awards-show ratings often blamed on the fact that movies that few people see turn out to be the winners, the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Sunday awarded its top...

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The Things They Say 15057

18th January 2010

"I'd like to thank Susan Downey for telling me that Matt Damon was going to win, so 'don't bother to prepare a speech...' I really don't wanna thank my wife because I could be bussing...

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James Bond To Replace Sherlock Holmes In Cowboys & Aliens?

14th January 2010

JAMES BOND DANIEL CRAIG is in talks to replace SHERLOCK HOLMES star ROBERT DOWNEY JR. in new movie COWBOYS & ALIENS.Downey Jr. reportedly quit the project, directed by Iron Man filmmaker Jon Favreau, to concentrate...

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The Things They Say 14973

13th January 2010

"I was a little embarrassed coming back to the States. It's 'Work! Work! Work! Die! Die! Die working!' in the U.S., but in England it's more, 'Would you like a spot of tea?'" ROBERT DOWNEY...

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The Things They Say 14962

12th January 2010

"He's a big bada** Englishman. We'd show him a piece of fight choreography and he'd be like, 'No, no!' And then show us how to choke someone out with their own jacket, because he's this...

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Downey Jr. Quits Cowboys For Holmes

12th January 2010

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. has dropped out of new movie COWBOYS AND ALIENS to concentrate on the SHERLOCK HOLMES sequel, according to reports.The Hollywood actor was set to re-team with Iron Man director Jon Favreau for...

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How Gay Will Sherlock Holmes Get?

5th January 2010

For reasons of his own, Robert Downey Jr. has chosen to embellish what some critics have seen as a "homoerotic subtext" in the new Sherlock Holmes movie. In one interview last month, Downey said that...

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Jude Law Discovers Holmes

5th January 2010

Jude Law didn't know anything about Sherlock Holmes.The actor plays the fictional English detective's sidekick Dr. Watson in the new film of the same name but confesses he was unaware of the literary character created...

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Sherlock Holmes 2 In Jeopardy

4th January 2010

Guy Ritchie's plans for a 'Sherlock Holmes' sequel are in jeopardy after Robert Downey Jr. claimed the character could be portrayed as gay.Andrea Plunket, who holds the US copyright to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's literary...

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Holmes Is A Christmas Day Hit

26th December 2009

ROBERT DOWNEY JR's SHERLOCK HOLMES appears to be a hit in America - the film took in almost $25 million (GBP15.6 million) on Christmas Day (25Dec09).Film fans flocked the cinema to see the Guy Ritchie...

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The Return Of Sherlock Holmes

25th December 2009

They've been making movies about Sherlock Holmes almost from the dawn of filmed entertainment. The first one appeared in 1905, and a slew of them appeared in both the silent era and the beginning of...

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The Things They Say 14783

24th December 2009

"We came back from the U.K., and having been speaking proper-perceived pronunciation, the Queen's English as they call it, it was the most grating thing I ever heard in my life - and that's my...

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Downey, Jr. Enjoys Working With Producer Wife

22nd December 2009

ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. cherishes working with his film producer wife SUSAN DOWNEY - because he would rarely see her if she was not in the movie industry.The couple, which has been married since 2005, has...

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Downey Jr. Fell In Love With London

22nd December 2009

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. was gutted when he discovered he'd have to move to London to shoot SHERLOCK HOLMES, but he soon grew to love the British capital.The actor admits he had a miserable time filming...

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Hungry Watson Jude Law

22nd December 2009

Jude Law's 'Sherlock Holmes' costume felt like a "razor blade" against his throat.The British actor - who portrays the title character's sidekick Watson in the Guy Ritchie blockbuster - was left uncomfortable and hungry while...

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The Things They Say 14759

21st December 2009

"He would, easily. He'd cream (beat) me! He's a black belt in three martial arts! I'm a pretty good runner though, I'd run away!" JUDE LAW is certain he would lose in a fight against...

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