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Criminal Justice: It's About Time Robert De Niro Turned To Television

By Michael West | 27th September 2013

Robert De Niro has been hired to replace James Gandolfini in a new HBO mini-series Criminal Justice, following the death of The Sopranos star in June. De Niro will play a New York lawyer in...

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Robert De Niro Steps Into Criminal Justice To Replace James Gandolfini

By Jack de Aguilar | 26th September 2013

Although rarely seen on the small screen, Robert De Niro has taken the late James Gandolfini’s place in HBO’s Criminal Justice. Gandolfini died after filming the pilot for the show, and will receive a posthumous...

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Robert De Niro Steps In To Replace James Gandolfini On Hbo's 'Criminal Justice'

By Joe Wilde | 26th September 2013

Robert De Niro has been appointed as the lead actor in the upcoming HBO mini-series Criminal Justice, a seven-episode stretch that the late James Gandolfini was initially slated to star in. The passing of Gandolfini...

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Robert De Niro Replaces The Late James Gandolfini In Hbo's Miniseries 'Criminal Justice'

By Nick Hill | 26th September 2013

‘Criminal Justice’ HBO will be continuing with plans to make a seven-part miniseries called ‘Criminal Justice’ that was originally meant to star the late actor James Gandolfini.In late June of this year (2013) the 51...

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Robert De Niro To Replace Gandolfini In Tv Drama

26th September 2013

Robert De Niro will replace his late friend James Gandolfini in new Tv mini-series Criminal Justice.The Sopranos star, who died in Italy in June (13), developed the seven-part series and signed on to star. He'll...

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James Mcavoy In 'Filth' > Robert De Niro In 'Taxi Driver'? Big Claim

By Jack de Aguilar | 25th September 2013

The temptation to place classic performances, films and music on a pedestal and never let your mind’s eye topple them is strong. We hold a robust affection for culture gone by, and often struggle to...

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Fascinating Fact: 3875716

21st September 2013

Robert De Niro's wife Grace Hightower plans to launch her own coffee brand, Coffees of Rwanda, by handing out free brews from a truck touring around Manhattan, New York next weekend (27-29Sep13).

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A Week In Movies: Slavery Drama Wins In Toronto, Gordon-levitt Makes Filmmaking Debut, Diana Hits UK

By Rich Cline | 20th September 2013

As the Toronto Film Festival wrapped up earlier this week, 12 Years a Slave, the new film from Steve McQueen (Shame), took home the top prize, which makes it the frontrunner for Oscar nominations. It...

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Grudge Match: Robert De Niro Versus Sly Stallone - But Who Wins? [Trailer]

By Michael West | 16th September 2013

It's one of those silly hypothetical pop culture questions isn't it? Who'd win in a fight between Rocky and Jake LaMotta? Sylvester Stallone's Philadelphia brawler, or Robert De Niro's swashbuckling middleweight? The Italian Stallion or...

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Robert De Niro Not Interested In Autobiography

16th September 2013

Hollywood veteran Robert De Niro has been turned off the idea of writing his memoirs because he has no idea where he would begin.The Raging Bull star, 70, admits putting pen to paper to document...

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Michelle Pfeiffer Auditioned For Raging Bull

16th September 2013

Michelle Pfeiffer's new role alongside Robert De Niro in mob comedy The Family has been over 30 years in the making - she originally auditioned to work with him in 1980 classic Raging Bull.The actress...

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Woody Allen Will Be Honoured At Golden Globes With Lifetime Achievement Award

By Joe Wilde | 14th September 2013

Woody Allen is to be awarded the Golden Globes' Cecil B. De Mille Award at next years awards show, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) announced on Friday, 13 September. The prolific writer, director, producer...

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What Is It About "The Family" That Makes It So Unloved By Critics?

By Victoria Pavlova | 13th September 2013

The Family sounds great on paper – a Luc Besson film, set in France, starring Robert de Niro, Michelle Pfeifer, Tommy Lee Jones and Diana Argon – it would take a… the opposite of a...

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Peter Segal Shoots Multiple Endings For Grudge Match

13th September 2013

Director Peter Segal has filmed multiple endings for his new boxing movie with Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone in a bid to keep the movie's conclusion under wraps ahead of its release.De Niro, who...

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'The Family': Who Says Robert De Niro Doesn't Make Good Movies Anymore?

By Michael West | 13th September 2013

Thinking of heading to the theater this weekend to catch a new release? Well, as the major studios prepare their premium Oscar-bait for the November and December release dates, there isn't a whole lot to...

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Robert De Niro: 'I Wish Gandolfini Had Been Healthier'

5th September 2013

Robert De Niro has opened up about the death of James Gandolfini, revealing he wishes the heavyweight The Sopranos star had been more healthy.Gandolfini was reportedly in talks to join De Niro in the film...

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Michelle Pfeiffer Glad To Finally Act With De Niro

26th August 2013

Michelle Pfeiffer was thrilled to actually get the chance to act opposite Robert De Niro in new film The Family after appearing in two movies with the actor and never meeting him on set.The actress...

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Robert De Niro Celebrates 70th With Famous Friends

19th August 2013

Robert De Niro celebrated his 70th birthday with a host of famous friends, including Christopher Walken, Keith Richards and Harvey Keitel.The Hollywood icon reached the landmark age on Saturday (17.08.13) and to mark the occasion...

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Robert De Niro Parties In Style For 70th Birthday

19th August 2013

Hollywood legend Robert De Niro turned 70 in style over the weekend (17-18Aug13) by partying with stars including his director friend Martin Scorsese, rocker Keith Richards, and screen idol LEONARDO DiCaprio.The double Oscar winner reached...

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Meryl Streep And Robert De Niro Back For One Last Job In 'The Good House'

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th August 2013

After more than twelve years, Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro will rekindle the on-screen partnership in The Good House, the Ann Leary novel that has its right recently acquired by FilmNation, Deadline report. Michael...

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Meryl Streep And Robert De Niro Move Into The Good House

7th August 2013

Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro will reunite for 'The Good House'.The Oscar-winning legends are set to star opposite each other on the big screen for a fourth time after accepting the lead roles in...

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After 20 Years, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep Reunite For 'The Good House'

By Michael West | 7th August 2013

Twenty years since their last movie role together, Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep - two giants of Hollywood - are to reunite for an adaptation of Ann Leary's novel The Good House.The darkly comic...

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Meryl Streep & Robert De Niro To Reteam For The Good House

6th August 2013

Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro are teaming up on the big screen again for the movie adaptation of Ann Leary's bestseller The Good House.The project - which will be adapted for the cinema by...

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Harvey Weinstein Dusts Off 'Artemis Fowl' From Disney's Bottom Drawer

By Michael West | 31st July 2013

Well, this has come from leftfield. After leaving Disney in 2005 to set up The Weinstein Company, the most powerful man in Hollywood is re-teaming with his old employer for an intriguing little animation.Harvey Weinstein...

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Disney Announces Artemis Fowl Movie

30th July 2013

Disney has announced it is developing Eoin Colfer's 'Artemis Fowl' novels for the big screen.The live action film - which will be produced by Harvey Weinstein - will be based on the first and second...

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Sacha Baron Cohen Leaves Freddie Mercury Movie As Attention Turns To Depp

By Michael West | 23rd July 2013

Sacha Baron Cohen has left the movie biopic of iconic Queen frontman Freddie Mercury after a disagreement over the direction of the project. Cohen - who bears a dramatic resemblance to the singer - had...

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Jay-z Suggests Robert De Niro Fall Out Was All About Respect

11th July 2013

Jay Z has spoken out about his old feud with Robert De Niro, suggesting the acting veteran showed him a lack of respect after asking the rap mogul to get involved in his New York...

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Jay-z Won't Forgive Robert De Niro

11th July 2013

Jay-Z has no plans to bury the hatchet with Robert De Niro.The rapper, 43, who is married to Beyonce Knowles, fell out with the 'Silver Linings Playbook' star at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday last November, after...

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Is 'The Counselor' Set For The Oscars? [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 26th June 2013

The trailer for Ridley Scott's upcoming gritty thriller The Counselor dropped yesterday, after the initial teaser was circulated in cryptic Russian. With a November release date, there's certainly enough time to build up anticipation for...

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Police Search Home Of Mobster Made Famous By Robert De Niro

18th June 2013

The former home of Robert De Niro's mobster character in Goodfellas has become the scene of an investigation by New York City police officials following allegations a body was buried at the residence.Acting on an...

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