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Will Smith's Shark Movie Renamed

1st October 2003

WILL SMITH's animated underwater Mob movie SHARKSLAYER has been renamed SHARK TALE to make it more family friendly. As well as going through a name change, the film has also been moved forward a...

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The Godfather Is The Greatest

17th September 2003

Classic gangster movie THE GODFATHER has topped yet another poll to find the best film ever. Readers of men's magazine ESQUIRE voted the MARLON BRANDO cult favourite the Best Film in the magazine's current...

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De Niro Wanted For De Niro Tribute

15th September 2003

ROBERT DE NIRO is in negotiations to star in a movie which pays tribute to him. Producers of independent film SEARCHING FOR BOBBY DE NIRO are keen to sign the movie star up for...

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Mandela Plays Agony Aunt For Troubled Campbell

11th September 2003

Fiery British supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL knows where to turn when her love life gets complicated - former SOUTH AFRICAN president NELSON MANDELA. Campbell became pals with her unlikely agony uncle when she was introduced...

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Raging Bull Cools Off

25th August 2003

After a long and expensive divorce, film icon ROBERT DE NIRO and his ex-wife may be moving in together. GRACE HIGHTOWER, who married RAGING BULL actor De Niro in 1997, fought the Hollywood legend...

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Kutcher Backs Away From Dude

21st August 2003

Movie hunk ASHTON KUTCHER had fans in stitches in DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? - but there's no way he'll consider returning for a sequel unless it's seriously star-studded. The Hollywood heart-throb, currently dating resurrected...

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Billy Connolly's Fear Of Premieres

13th August 2003

Scottish actor BILLY CONNOLLY is dreading promoting his new movie - because he loathes attending film premieres. The comedian unveils his new project THE MAN WHO SUED GOD at a London screening tonight (13AUG03),...

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Robert De Niro Plays Hide + Seek

7th August 2003

Hollywood legend ROBERT DE NIRO is in talks to star in director ALBERT HUGHES's debut solo project HIDE + SEEK. The production will be Hughes's first movie-making job without the assistance of his twin...

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Leonardo Dicaprio's Mischievous Youth

21st July 2003

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and ELIZA DUSHKA were a pair of tearaways as youngsters on the set of THIS BOY'S LIFE. The attractive co-stars filmed with ROBERT DE NIRO in 1993 and wreaked merry hell while...

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Naomi Campbell's Baby Plans

10th July 2003

Sexy supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL would love kids - but she plans to wait for the right man. The 33-year-old catwalk queen, who counts MIKE TYSON and ROBERT DE NIRO among former flames, insists...

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Spears' Hollywood Star Upsets Movie Fans

23rd June 2003

Pop queen BRITNEY SPEARS is being honoured with a star on Hollywood's legendary WALK OF FAME - even though she's only appeared in one film. Film fans are infuriated by the move to give...

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De Niro Honoured In Hollywood

15th June 2003

Hollywood turned unto DE NIRO TOWN on Thursday night (12JUN03) when the AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE honoured ROBERT DE NIRO. Pals like JAMES WOODS, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, JULIETTE LEWIS, HARVEY KEITEL and BILLY CRYSTAL turned out...

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Connery Tops Parenting Poll

15th June 2003

Ageing actor SEAN CONNERY has won rapturous praise for his role as HARRISON FORD'S father in INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE - voted best portrayal of a movie dad ever. The poll, for...

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De Niro To Receive Lifetime Honour

12th June 2003

Legendary actor ROBERT DE NIRO will receive a lifetime achievement award at a star-studded dinner tonight (12JUN03). The AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE (AFI) is paying tribute to the MEET THE PARENTS star for his three...

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Woody Allen Offers French Support

11th June 2003

Legendary director WOODY ALLEN is fronting a new film to help boost France's image in America - and he plans to show off his appreciation of French fries and French kissing. LET'S FALL IN...

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Ford Fought De Niro For Movie Villain

10th June 2003

HARRISON FORD missed out on playing his dream role in MARTIN SCORSESE's CAPE FEAR because ROBERT DE NIRO wasn't interested in playing the good guy. Scorsese wanted Ford to play good guy SAM BOWDEN...

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Hoffman For Wag The Dog 2?

11th May 2003

It's been six years since ROBERT DE NIRO and DUSTIN HOFFMAN starred in sharp satirical comedy WAG THE DOG - and now a sequel is in the pipelines. According to OSCAR winner Hoffman, a...

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Campbell Keen For De Niro's Babies?

8th May 2003

NAOMI CAMPBELL is reportedly keen to rekindle her romance with acting legend ROBERT DE NIRO, so she can have children with him. According to American tabloid US WEEKLY, the pair - who dated in...

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Mcgregor Launches Tribeca Film Festival

7th May 2003

STAR WARS hunk EWAN McGREGOR and pop supremo BONO have launched this year's (03) TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL in New York. The duo were joined by festival creator ROBERT DE NIRO in downtown Manhattan for...

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Pacino Crowned Best Ever Movie Star

6th May 2003

GODFATHER star AL PACINO is the greatest ever movie star - according to the British public. The method actor was handed the accolade after British television's CHANNEL 4 compiled a list of the top...

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Robert De Niro Gives Williams A Platform

4th May 2003

Movie veteran ROBERT DE NIRO has invited British popstar ROBBIE WILLIAMS to perform at his film festival later this week (begs4MAY03). The COME UNDONE singer will play a thirty minute set at the TRIBECA...

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Tony's Film Wish

2nd May 2003

Legendary crooner TONY BENNETT aspires to act in a film about his own life. The I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO hitmaker aims to play himself in is later life, but hopes SEAN...

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Wolverine's Treat At De Niro's Place

1st May 2003

Playing WOLVERINE in the X-MEN movies helps HUGH JACKMAN get preferential treatment at ROBERT DE NIRO's New York restaurant - because the manager is a huge fan. The Aussie actor admits he feels like...

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Queen Musical Takes Off In Spain

23rd April 2003

ROBERT DE NIRO's musical tribute to rock group QUEEN is heading for Spain after auditions in Madrid brought guitarist BRIAN MAY to tears. The group's musical, WE WILL ROCK YOU, which is backed by...

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Ziggy Marley Takes On Jellyfish Role

16th April 2003

ZIGGY MARLEY has become the latest of BOB MARLEY's offspring to sign up for a movie role - as a Rastafarian jellyfish. Ziggy will join the cast of DREAMWORKS' animated feature SHARKSLAYER, where he'll...

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Ali Director Mann Back With Romeo Superhero Flick

7th April 2003

Veteran movie director MICHAEL MANN has signed on for his first post-ALI project - a film about an unfit superhero who tries to get back in shape by bedding babes. TONIGHT, HE COMES tells...

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De Niro.s New Religious Role

4th April 2003

Screen veteran ROBERT DE NIRO is to begin work on a film where he plays a priest in the Spanish Inquisition. The TAXI DRIVER great will star alongside HARVEY KEITEL and KATHY BATES in...

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Furious Naomi Blasts Film Plan

21st March 2003

Feisty supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL is furious after finding out that plans are underway to turn an unofficial biography about her into a film. The stunning star will have no control over the project -...

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