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Brando Tops Gangster Poll

10th October 2004

Late actor MARLON BRANDO has been voted the best movie gangster of all time, for his role in 1972 classic THE GODFATHER. In a poll for British cinema chain UCI, Brando's portrayal of DON...

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Shark Tale Swims To The Top

4th October 2004

America's box office has gone to the animated fishes again thanks to a staggering $49 million (GBP27.2 million) opening for DREAMWORKS studio's SHARK TALE. The film, which features the voices of JACK BLACK, ROBERT...

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Danner Brands De Niro Her 'Second Best Husband'

30th September 2004

GWYNETH PALTROW's mother BLYTHE DANNER has paid ROBERT DE NIRO the ultimate compliment, by dubbing him "the second best husband" she's ever had. The veteran actress, whose real-life husband BRUCE PALTROW died in 2002,...

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De Niro Extends La Restaurant

27th August 2004

ROBERT DE NIRO and the WEINSTEIN brothers will be extending their Los Angeles restaurant AGO to a luxury new hotel in New York. The GOODFELLAS actor and MIRAMAX film bosses HARVEY and BOB,...

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Jack Black Terrified Of De Niro Meeting

24th August 2004

Movie funnyman JACK BLACK was delighted to hear he wouldn't be sharing a recording booth with ROBERT DE NIRO while laying down his voice for animated film SHARK TALE - because he'd be petrified....

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Goodfellas Cast Reunites

18th August 2004

Cast and filmmakers of GOODFELLAS have reunited for an Italian meal 15 years after they shot MARTIN SCORSESE's classic gangster movie. WARNER HOME VIDEO arranged Monday's (16AUG04) dinner party at Matteo's restaurant, Los Angeles,...

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Elephant Man Crowned The Most Extreme Screen Makeover

15th August 2004

Hollywood actor JOHN HURT's portrayal of THE ELEPHANT MAN has been voted the most extreme screen makeover of all time. Hurt was nominated for an Oscar in 1980 for his excruciating portrayal of tragically...

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De Niro's Italian Citizenship Dispute

15th August 2004

LATEST: Hollywood actor ROBERT DE NIRO will be granted Italian citizenship - despite objections from an Italian-American pressure group. The Order Sons of Italy in America wrote a letter to Prime Minister SILVIO BERLUSCONI...

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De Niro In Italian Citizenship Dispute

13th August 2004

Hollywood actor ROBERT DE NIRO's bid to become an Italian citizen has hit trouble after Italian-Americans complained his onscreen gangster roles have tarnished their image. The 60-year-old star - famous for playing mafia hardmen...

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De Niro To Remarry Ex Wife

11th August 2004

Legendary actor ROBERT DE NIRO is planning to re-marry his ex-wife, GRACE HIGHTOWER. The GOODFELLAS star, 60, - who married Hightower in 1997 but divorced in 1999 - has delighted their son ELLIOTT...

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Johansson Dreams Of Working With De Niro

5th August 2004

Movie stunner SCARLETT JOHANSSON is determined to work with screen legend ROBERT DE NIRO. The GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING star, 19, has already acted opposite BILL MURRAY, COLIN FIRTH and JOHN TRAVOLTA,...

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De Niro To Get Italian Citizenship

5th August 2004

Movie legend ROBERT DE NIRO will pick up the ultimate accolade at next month's (1-11SEP04) VENICE FILM FESTIVAL - honorary Italian citizenship. The GOODFELLAS star, 60, will travel to the aquatic Italian city to...

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The Heat Is On Heat Again As Copycat Bank Robberies Escalate

29th July 2004

ROBERT DENIRO and AL PACINO's cult heist drama HEAT is upsetting lawmakers in Washington D.C. and Maryland because they think the film is being used as a "training video" for bank robbers. Lawmen claim...

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Gibson And Glover Named Best Crime Partnership

18th July 2004

Hollywood actors MEL GIBSON and DANNY GLOVER's partnership in the LETHAL WEAPON series has been crowned the best crime fighting duo in movie history. The maverick flair of Gibson's wayward LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT...

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De Niro Goes Italian For Second Tribeca Of 2004

9th July 2004

GOODFELLAS star ROBERT DE NIRO is taking his TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL to Italy. The 60-year-old actor and his fellow Tribeca founders will be on hand at the inaugural event in Milan in October (04)....

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De Niro Gets Untouchable Again

5th July 2004

Movie legend ROBERT DE NIRO is reprising his role as gangster AL CAPONE in a spin-off of 1987 film THE UNTOUCHABLES. De Niro will appear alongside KEVIN COSTNER - reprising his role as policeman...

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Paltrow Gives Apple A Taste Of Hollywood

22nd June 2004

OSCAR-winning actress GWYNETH PALTROW has given her baby daughter APPLE her first taste of Hollywood, by taking the newborn on the set of her mother's movie MEET THE FOCKERS. The SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE beauty...

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De Niro Wishes He Was More Charismatic

15th June 2004

Hollywood star ROBERT DE NIRO wishes he was more charismatic off-screen. The actor is revered as one of the greatest acting talents of his generation - but he confesses he'd love to have the...

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De Niro's Movie Amnesia

15th June 2004

Film legend ROBERT DE NIRO is always a disappointment to film enthusiasts, because he can never remember shooting any of his movies. The GOODFELLAS OSCAR winner has made over 65 films since his big...

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De Niro: 'The Media Is A Dinosaur'

14th June 2004

Acting legend ROBERT DE NIRO is philosophical about press criticism of his movies, insisting it often has nothing to do with their quality. The OSCAR winner has been berated in recent years for choosing...

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Chan Wants To Be A 'True Actor' Like De Niro

14th June 2004

RUSH HOUR star JACKIE CHAN is desperate to ditch his signature action movies to follow in the footsteps of ROBERT DE NIRO and DUSTIN HOFFMAN as a "true actor". The 50-year-old Hong Kong native...

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Romijn-stamos: De Niro Intimidated Me

11th June 2004

Actress REBECCA ROMIJN-STAMOS was terrified when she first arrived on the set of forthcoming movie GODSEND - because she couldn't believe her co-star was ROBERT DE NIRO. But the 31-year-old beauty soon realised the...

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Danner Watches Baby Apple Across The Sea

2nd June 2004

Hollywood beauty GWYNETH PALTROW's actress mother BLYTHE DANNER is so desperate to see her London-based grand-daughter APPLE that she is buying a videophone so she can watch her daily from her Los Angeles home....

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Columbus Giving Timberlake No Special Treatment For Rent

27th May 2004

Director CHRIS COLUMBUS is refusing to give JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE special treatment in the forthcoming auditions for the big screen version of musical RENT - the pop star will have to prove he can act....

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Barbra Called 'Boob' On Fockers Set

21st May 2004

BARBRA STREISAND has picked up a bizarre nickname from actress TERI POLO while filming the sequel to MEET THE PARENTS - BOOB. Streisand stars as BEN STILLER's mother and DUSTIN HOFFMAN's wife in MEET...

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De Niro Named For Dga Honour

11th May 2004

Screen veteran ROBERT DE NIRO has been picked to receive a special award at the FIFTH DIRECTORS GUILD OF AMERICA (DGA) HONOURS on 29 September (04) in New York City. The DGA says it...

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Corbett Refuses To Freak Out For Sex Re-edit

6th May 2004

Hunky SEX + THE CITY star JOHN CORBETT has refused to re-edit his swearing on the racy show for re-runs on primetime TV in America because he doesn't think the series should be altered....

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Dushku's Bitter De Niro And Dicaprio Memories

4th May 2004

ELIZA DUSHKU has bad memories of starring in 1993 movie THIS BOY'S LIFE - co-star ROBERT DE NIRO was "weird" and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO bullied her. The BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star made just her...

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Mean Girls Tops American Box Office

3rd May 2004

Teen actress LINDSAY LOHAN's new movie MEAN GIRLS has topped the American box office after taking $25 million (GBP13.8 million). Two of last week's (ends30APR04) top movies continued to perform strongly, with DENZEL WASHINGTON...

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Romijn-stamos' Disappointing Meeting With De Niro

20th April 2004

X-MEN beauty REBECCA ROMIJN-STAMOS was disappointed with ROBERT DE NIRO when she first met him, because he didn't live up to her immortal expectations. The statuesque actress worked alongside the screen veteran in new...

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