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Coppola To Release Extended Cut Of The Outsiders

15th June 2005

Acclaimed film-maker FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA is set to re-release his movie THE OUTSIDERS - 22 years after its debut. The director has recut the 1983 film, adding 22 minutes in an effort to be...

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Lowe Hits London Stage

25th April 2005

ROB LOWE is the latest Hollywood actor to storm the London stage - in a theatre version of A FEW GOOD MEN. The WEST WING star has signed a deal with West End mogul...

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Lowe Spends $6 Million On 'Temporary' Home

4th April 2005

ROB LOWE and his wife SHERYL have spent $6 million (GBP3.1 million) on a "temporary" home in Montecito, California, as they wait for their dream house to be built. The couple are in the...

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Lowe Stays Dry To Keep Young

5th January 2005

Actor ROB LOWE has maintained his youthful good looks by staying off alcohol for 14 years. The 40-year-old, who now stars in TV hit THE WEST WING, has barely aged since his brat pack...

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Lowe's Show Put On Hiatus

3rd November 2004

ROB LOWE's new drama DR VEGAS has been put on indefinite hiatus by TV bosses - potentially marking the star's second failed show in as many years. Bosses at American network CBS have not...

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Carousel Of Hope Brings Out The Stars

25th October 2004

The 16th annual CAROUSEL OF HOPE charity gala in Hollywood was awash with stars at the weekend (23OCT04) as HALLE BERRY, OPRAH WINFREY, JAMIE-LYNN DISCALA, KRISTIN DAVIS and ROB LOWE helped raise $6 million (GBP3.3...

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Lowe's Fans Wanted Him To Get West Wing 'Action'

27th September 2004

Hunky actor ROB LOWE was the focus of a high number of complaints when he appeared on hit drama THE WEST WING - because they wanted his character to have sex onscreen. Lowe played...

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Lowe Ordered Out Of Operating Theatre

23rd September 2004

ROB LOWE became so emotional while researching his latest role as a surgeon he was told to leave the operating theatre after breaking down in tears. The Hollywood actor, 40, who will play a...

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Stars Team Up For Environmental Campaign

30th August 2004

DARYL HANNAH, CHRISTIAN SLATER, DEAN CAIN and ROB LOWE are among a host of stars who have teamed up to pledge their support for environmental awareness. The stars are taking part in the EXPLORE...

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Locklear Tops Ageless List

30th July 2004

Gorgeous actress HEATHER LOCKLEAR has topped a new Hollywood list of the most ageless people in Tinseltown. The 42-year-old TJ HOOKER star, who is married to rocker RICHIE SAMBORA, beat MICHELLE PFEIFFER, KIM CATTRALL...

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Spade Gets Stars Singing For 40th Birthday

29th July 2004

ASHTON KUTCHER, PARIS HILTON and BIJOU PHILLIPS all took on the role of karaoke singers to mark the 40th birthday of comedian DAVID SPADE. At Hollywood hot-spot CONCORDE on Saturday (24JUL04) JON LOVITZ got...

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Lowe Kisses Mathis 'A Thousand Times'

30th June 2004

Actor hunk ROB LOWE has made-up for his asexual character SAM SEABORN in American series THE WEST WING by kissing his new co-star SAMANTHA MATHIS nearly "a thousand times". The 40-year-old complains he "became...

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Rob Lowe Stunned By Griffiths' Wet Dream Confession

21st June 2004

Movie star ROB LOWE can't wait to meet Aussie actress and new mum RACHEL GRIFFITHS after learning he was the subject of her first wet dream. The former THE WEST WING heart-throb was stunned...

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Swayze's No Fan Of Cool Dillon

15th June 2004

MATT DILLON failed to impress his co-star PATRICK SWAYZE on the set of THE OUTSIDERS - because he was "too cool". Swayze lived with Dillon and co-stars TOM CRUISE, ROB LOWE and EMILIO ESTEVEZ...

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Lowe's Son Certified For Scuba Diving - At 10

15th June 2004

Actor ROB LOWE is beaming with pride after his son EDWARD became certified for scuba diving - at the tender age of 10. And the 40-year-old screen star's offspring has wasted no time in...

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Sizemore Handed A Little Leniency

1st April 2004

BLACK HAWK DOWN star TOM SIZEMORE has been given a big break in his ongoing legal troubles - a California judge has granted him permission to leave the state to work on new TV and...

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Bruce + Rob Celebrate In Style

16th March 2004

BRUCE WILLIS and ROB LOWE celebrated their 40s in style at the weekend with two glitzy Hollywood Saturday night (13MAR04) parties. DIE HARD star Willis celebrated his 49th birthday with girlfriend BROOKE BURNS, ex-wife...

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Rob Lowe's Show Officially Over

8th January 2004

ROB LOWE's new TV show THE LYON'S DEN has officially come to an end, following weeks of speculation over its fate. The series - which debuted in the autumn (03) - has been out of...

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Lowe Returns As Vampire Hunter

7th January 2004

ROB LOWE has saved his TV career thanks to STEPHEN KING's horror classic SALEM'S LOT. The cult 1979 TV series starred DAVID SOUL as a vampire hunter and JAMES MASON as a ghoul, and...

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Rob Lowe Mourns Mother's Death

19th December 2003

ROB LOWE has been dealt a devastating blow as he tries to save his flop TV drama LYON'S DEN - his mother has lost her battle with cancer. The actor felt things couldn't get...

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Jewel Brought In To Save Lowe Drama

28th November 2003

Pop star JEWEL has been added to the cast of ROB LOWE's new TV drama THE LYON'S DEN in a bid to save the show. Despite the sexy singer's romantic scenes with Lowe reportedly...

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Jewel Loses Lyon's Den Role

17th October 2003

Pop star JEWEL has reportedly been ditched from new American TV drama THE LYON'S DEN after just one episode - for failing to impress producers. The INTUITION singer landed the role of ROB LOWE's...

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Sheen Asks Lowe To Return To The West Wing

6th October 2003

MARTIN SHEEN has asked former co-star ROB LOWE to return to hit show THE WEST WING - on live TV. Lowe left the EMMY-winning series earlier this year (03) amid conflict over the size...

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Lowe Slams Sorkin

6th October 2003

Actor ROB LOWE quit drama series THE WEST WING because he felt slighted by the show's creator, AARON SORKIN, over the size of his role and the money he was making. Lowe was irked...

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Belushi Organises Arnie Bash

4th September 2003

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's RED HEAT co-star JAMES BELUSHI is helping the movie superstar raise cash for his campaign to run for Governor of California - by charging businessmen to meet him. Belushi has co-organised a...

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Tv President Pokes Fun At Arnie + Rob

24th August 2003

TV president MARTIN SHEEN has poured scorn on ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's run for California Governor - because he's sure there's nothing the big guy can do if he wins the political race. Sheen, a fervent...

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Rob Lowe Joins Arnie

18th August 2003

LATEST: ROB LOWE has agreed to become ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's running mate in the upcoming recall election for California Governor because he believes the action hero is a born leader. The former WEST WING star...

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Arnie May Bring Lowe Into Campaign

15th August 2003

WEST WING star ROB LOWE is expected to join ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's campaign team as the screen tough guy seeks to become California's Governor. Republican Schwarzenegger has already recruited WARREN BUFFET, one of the richest...

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Lowe Supports Schwarzenegger's Political Plans

27th July 2003

ROB LOWE is in full support of fellow actor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's ambitions to become the Governor of California. The TERMINATOR star is expected to make his decision on whether he'll run for the position...

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