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Lowe Calls For Tax Breaks For Hybrid Car Drivers

13th July 2007

Actor ROB LOWE has called on the U.S. Government to hand out tax credits to people who make their cars more environmentally friendly. Lowe, who plays a member of Congress on TV show Brothers +...

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Rob Lowe Kills Bird During Golf Game

8th June 2007

Actor ROB LOWE was horrified during a recent golf game when he scored a birdie of a different kind - he accidentally killed a goldfinch with his golf ball. The former West Wing star was...

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Lowe Became An Alcoholic In His Teens

27th January 2007

Actor CHAD LOWE knew he has alcoholic tendencies when he was a teenager trying to drink away awkward moments. The 24 star has been sober for over three years, thanks to regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings,...

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Dempsey Still Anxious About Dyslexia

15th January 2007

GREY'S ANATOMY star PATRICK DEMPSEY struggles with his script on the hit medical drama - because he's dyslexic. The hunky actor, who landed the role of DR DEREK SHEPHERD on the show after ROB LOWE...

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Stars Join Injured Schwarzenegger For Inauguration Parties

6th January 2007

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's pals TOM ARNOLD and ROB LOWE were among the dignitaries, politicians and celebrities who celebrated the start of the former actor's second term as California Governor in Sacramento yesterday (05JAN07). Guitarist JOSE FELICIANO...

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Make-up Artist D'amore And Husband Found Dead

20th December 2006

Emmy award winning make-up artist HALLIE D'AMORE and her photographer husband RICHARD were found dead on Friday (15DEC06) at their home in Venice, California. Hallie D'Amore, 64, who was nominated for an Academy Award in...

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Lowe 'Flashed' By Co-star

12th December 2006

Actor ROB LOWE found it hard to concentrate when on stage in London - because his co-star JOHN BARROWMAN liked to display his intimate parts from the side of the stage. Barrowman, who appeared with...

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The Things They Say 3550

8th December 2006

"Motorcades! And security detail when we ski!" ROB LOWE describes the perks of being best pals with California governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER....

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Lowe Embarrassed By Big Hair

8th December 2006

ROB LOWE still can't shake his image as a 1980s heartthrob and hates being reminded of his hairdo from that era. Although it's been 25 years since he was a member of the 'Brat Pack'...

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Lowe Shocked By Amorous Audience Members

8th December 2006

Actor ROB LOWE was shocked while performing A FEW GOOD MEN on the London stage, when he looked out into the audience and saw two people having sex. THE WEST WING star recently returned to...

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Lowe Devastated He Missed Out On 'Mcdreamy'

7th December 2006

Actor ROB LOWE was devastated when he turned down the role of DR DEREK SHEPHERD in hit TV medical drama GREY'S ANATOMY, insisting he felt like shooting himself after the show became a hit. Lowe...

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The Things They Say 3505

4th December 2006

"My brother's decorum and restraint... I only hope that I could be the kind of man that he is." ROB LOWE is proud of the way his brother CHAD is handling his divorce from double...

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Fascinating Fact 2540

2nd December 2006

ROB LOWE is such a huge fan of tense TV drama 24 he has the theme as his ringtone. Ironically, his brother CHAD will appear in the new season of the show next year (07)....

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Schiff To Star In London's West End

29th November 2006

THE WEST WING actor RICHARD SCHIFF has signed up to star on the London stage, after being inspired by former castmate ROB LOWE's successful West End run last year (05). Schiff, who played TOBY ZIEGLER...

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Streisand Ends Tour On A High Note

22nd November 2006

Newly-elected Democratic House Speaker NANCY PELOSI thanked BARBRA STREISAND personally for her support last night (20NOV06) when she attended the final night of the diva's US tour in Los Angeles. Streisand had campaigned for Californian...

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Lowe Returns To Television

2nd November 2006

ROB LOWE is joining the cast of hit TV drama BROTHERS + SISTERS for at least six episodes to romance CALISTA FLOCKHART's character. The part was written specifically for the star by the show's executive...

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Swank's Ex Gets 24 Role

16th October 2006

HILARY SWANK's estranged husband CHAD LOWE's flagging career has been given a boost - he'll join the cast of hit drama 24 next season. The acting brother of movie star ROB LOWE will play politician...

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Lowe Stunned By Audience Sex

1st July 2006

Actor ROB LOWE broke into fits of laughter onstage in London when he spotted a couple having sex in the audience. Lowe was alerted to the fornicating theatre-goers by other castmembers - during his stint...

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Lowe Given Go-ahead For Dream Home

23rd June 2006

THE WEST WING actor ROB LOWE has been given permission to build his ocean-view "dream home" in Santa Barbara, California. The 42-year-old was given the go-ahead by local authorities and, when the property has been...

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Swank And Lowe To Divorce

27th May 2006

LATEST: Two-time Oscar winner HILARY SWANK has ended all hope that she'll reconcile with husband CHAD LOWE after announcing she's planning to file for divorce. The couple split late last year (05) and Swank announced...

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The West Wing Calls In Lowe For Season Finale

1st March 2006

Former THE WEST WING star ROB LOWE is returning to the political drama alongside eight other ex-castmembers to ensure the US TV show ends on a high. The actor, who played speechwriter SAM SEABORN,...

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Stewart Wants More Americans On London Stages

24th November 2005

British actor PATRICK STEWART is urging more Hollywood stars to appear in stage productions in London's West End, because they draw more crowds to theatres. Despite ROB LOWE, VAL KILMER, WOODY HARRELSON and KIM...

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Lowe Praises Children's Bravery

7th October 2005

US actor ROB LOWE was astonished by his children's maturity when they were forced to leave their pets and friends behind to relocate to London. THE WEST WING heart-throb is currently starring in West...

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Lowe Shocked By West Wing Departure Response

6th October 2005

Actor ROB LOWE was stunned by the reaction of his fellow gym users when he announced he was quitting THE WEST WING. The handsome star, who played SAM SEABORN in the White House drama...

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Hall Condemns Theatre Producers For Casting Hollywood Stars

11th September 2005

English theatre director SIR PETER HALL has accused West End producers of using big names such as ROB LOWE and DAVID SCHWIMMER at the expense of homegrown talent. The esteemed director claims the artistic...

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Dillon Happy His Fame Not On Cruise Level

26th August 2005

MATT DILLON is relieved his fame never reached the superstardom levels of his THE OUTSIDERS co-star TOM CRUISE. The brooding actor, 41, was more famous than Cruise when they were both cast in the...

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Lowe: 'Sorkin's The Best'

16th August 2005

Former Brat Packer ROB LOWE is thrilled to be working with director AARON SORKIN on A FEW GOOD MEN in London's West End - as their stint on hit US series THE WEST WING saw...

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Blair Thanks Lowe For London Boost

4th August 2005

British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR paid to a backstage visit to ROB LOWE this week (begs01AUG05), to thank the actor for his support of Londoners following the terrorist attacks last month (07JUL05). Former THE...

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Lowe Turns Back On Brat Pack

2nd August 2005

Former Brat Packer ROB LOWE has ditched the wild lifestyle of his youth, insisting he is a family man from now on. Although the 41-year-old star, who is preparing for his West End debut...

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Lowe 'Contributes' To Terror-stricken London

1st August 2005

THE WEST WING star ROB LOWE is supporting Britain in the wake of the London bombings last month (07JUL05) - he's bringing his family to the English capital for his West End theatre run in...

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