Rixton's Charley Bagnall has a crush on Tom Hardy.

The band's guitarist admitted he has a soft spot for the 37-year-old actor, while bandmate Jake Roche insisted his girlfriend, Little Mix's Jesy Nelson, is the only woman for him.

When asked about his celebrity crush, Charley told BANG Showbiz: ''Mine are male, which is odd. Tom Hardy, he is attractive.''

Jake added: ''Mine's Jesy from Little Mix. She is lovely she is.''

The musicians made the comments in support of Cornetto's Dare in Love campaign - for which they have made a video for their single 'We All Want the Same Thing' - encouraging teens to find the confidence to ask out their love interests on dates..

However, Jake, 24, admitted he still finds dating difficult, despite being a lot more experienced than when he first asked a girl out.

He said: ''It doesn't get easier when you get older. Mine will always be on the phone or a text. When I was at school, it would be like, 'Do you fancy anyone here?'''

The band added they were keen to release the song as their new single because they believe it is perfect for the summer season.

Jake added: ''It's our summer jam. As a band, it's more our sound. We wanted it to come after 'Me and My Broken Heart' to show what we are about.

''It's just a happy, feel good song about getting lairy with your mates and having a good thing.''

Cornetto will be running a competition to win the ultimate after prom party, where Rixton will perform for the lucky winner's year group. To watch their music video for 'We All Want The Same Thing' go to www.youtube.com/user/cornettouk